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Display Searched Keywords Module

DSK - Display Searched Keywords

DSK lists keywords with which the loaded page was found in a search engine!

It shows important search terms that were entered in a search engine (default is Google) to find the corresponding pages.


- Optimizing the site for search engines
- Increase the keyword density with appropriate keywords
- Analysis of the key search terms


- Shows important keywords for analyzes
- Increase quality and keyword density of the pages
- Find out which search terms are important for the users
- Search engine and search string variable selectable
- Limitation of search terms
- Text before the list
- List and text view
- Delimiter between search terms
- Black list - exclude unwanted search terms
- Identification by internal Joomla! URLs - independent of SEF settings
- Delete all search terms (advanced settings)
- Link to author optional (advanced settings)


Joomla! 3.x -

Joomla! 2.5 -


The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

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Reviews: 1
I tested this great Modul on different Websites. I don`t know wy but on some Websites, there are never Keyworts to show. This a really Problem if its sometime work and sometime not.
Reviews: 1
Hello, i have use this module for a Long time and ist great.

A Joomla 3 Version where perfect
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Great module and 4 stars? What is the reason for it?

You have to rate existing versions and don't devalue an extension because of versions which not exist...

Reviews: 4
Thanks for that plug, u rocks !
for free it's a real pleasure to use ;)
Maybe this plug need a bit more dev for blacklist words/letter that cut the words...(i know that's in forum but no answers since many month and not in todo list ;) )

Anyway, good job !
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 3
This extension is great. I use it for some time on my main project page and I'm thrilled.

Too bad that Google does not transfer information over https, but that is not the fault of the extension.

I'm still happy with the result. Thank you!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

Reviews: 6
The only few reasons I didn't rate full 5 stars is that,

» There is a Backlink to the Developer included in the free version, and its no where discreetly stated so..

» I myself didn't get to test the module's functionality, since the website on which i installed it is pretty new and still has long way to go, to get any considerable search engine ranking/traffic.

» Theres no link to an actual/working demo.

And now to the Reality,

The developer must be lauded/appreciated for the efforts he/she has taken & the work he has done, since its free.

And also, in my opinion this module is based on an excellent idea, having very few similar extensions on JED.

And users like "mickles" should learn how to show some appreciation to the devs, and if an extension doesn't meet a specific requirement(which the extension never claimed to) of a user it doesn't mean that it deserves low rating.

Thank you developer.
Keep Up!!
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review!

The link can be deactivated directly in the settings of the module like in every extension I offer. I would never force the users to show the link. It doesn't have to be stated because you can deactivate it with one click!

You could test it by changing the search engine into one of your domains and enter there the correct query in the address bar.

A demo will be added soon into the official demo website.

Reviews: 1
Very good work! I love your extension, i hope and wait some improvements.
Easy to install.
Owner's reply

Thank you! Improvements will be available soon (see suggestions in the forum).

Reviews: 1
Thanks for good idea and working implementation!

Unrortunately it is'n flawless. :(

Keywords in English and with other Latin-1 chars are succesfully extracted from the query.
But when it contains encoded symbols, DSK can't handle it.

I've looked over code and found that a source of the problem may be in the regex fuctions like preg_match

Those fuctions won't support multibyte chars.

It would be nice if author changed it to mb_ereg....
Owner's reply

I think your review is absolutely unfair.

I develop the extensions in my free time and give FREE support for them. Why didn't you ask me first in the support forum as everybody else?

How can you rate a function which was never asked before? How do you want to encourage me to write further extensions and update the extensions with the wished function? With this poor rating?

Please think about it and change / delete your poor rating. Come to my support form, we will sure find a solution together!

Thank you!

Reviews: 5
it's very good module with perfect and easy usability.
Owner's reply

Thank you!