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OS PDF Indexer ComponentPlugin

OS PDF Indexer is a Joomla 1.5, 2.5, 3.x native extension developed by Ossolution Team to allow indexing and searching base on content of pdf documents of your Joomla site.

Features :

1. Indexing pdf documents and save content of these documents into database for searching. These documents can be uploaded to different directories .
2. Indexing all documents stored in a folder and all it's sub-folders within one click. This will save time for you incase you have many documents stored in different folders.
3. Searching indexed documents via Joomla standard search .
4. Scan for deleted documents and delete them from indexed database .
5 . Automatic indexer plugin which index documents automatically. You can simply upload your documents via FTP and then the system will index these uploaded documents automatically.
6. Integrated with popular download extensions : Docman, EDocman
- Allow indexing PDF documents stored by these extensions.
- Allow searching for documents based on indexed content via standard search function of these components.
6. The extension can also be used to index word documents. However, because of limitation of the Word Indexer library which I am using, there are still problems with word documents content special character. I will try to find a better library and add it to next versions of the extension to improve indexing word documents feature

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Reviews: 2
The extension is not the most intuitive but support has been excellent! It works better than other PDF indexer extensions I have used and once setup is easier to maintain your documents.
Reviews: 1
I´ve bought the indexer and installed it. Installation is very easy and even the small documentation is ok. I had some troubles with my server, but the developer solved it quickly. 5 stars from me.
Reviews: 6
I purchased this component specifically to work with Docman 2. Upon installation I hit some errors and contacted support. The same day they responded and advised that although the component was not yet compatible off the shelf with Docman 2, they could install some code to get it working, which they did. Component works excellently, and allows me to allow only registered users to search PDF content (which was the requirement for the site I installed this on). The developer was also working directly with the developers of Docman to ensure that the next release included the modifications to the code, so there will be no 'hackery' in the future.

Their support gave me a lot of confidence that I was working with someone that wanted to deliver a good, solid solution that would not break the next time there was an update either to itself or a component it works with. Very pleased.
Reviews: 10
I really couldn't find any other reasonable way to convert the content of a lot of PDF files and get them into my Joomla data base. This component does this and does it well. It is even more powerful than I originally thought. And thank you Tuan for excellent services to find issues my application had.
Reviews: 1
works as designed and the best is, if you have problems tuan helps out in case of emergency.
Reviews: 4
We use the component for searching in 70 PDF files. It works perfectly and is simple to use. Support was very helpful and friendly.
Reviews: 7
Not sure why there are all the bad reviews. This plugin worked well for me. I normally wouldn't have tried it due to all the bad reviews but as it is really the only one out there i thought i would take a chance on it. The documentation could have been better but it does work. I think it is important to mention it can even scan the sub folders beneath the main folder you specify in the config. This again was not in the documentation so i had to raise a ticket to ask. The ticket was replied to promptly by the developer. All in all a good plugin.
Reviews: 1
Bought this extension. It said it would work with JDownloads, but it does not. I have been trying to reach support for days, no luck. Wasted money.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for an extension to index PDF files and when I find this extention I was pleased and bought it. Unfortunatly...

Installation was troublesome but fixed by support. Functionality in terms of settings is not very intuitive and the search results is presented in a very poor manner.

Libraries for this component are not developed by oss but is old public domain libraries, which should be updatet for a long time ago.

I just dont like this solution.
Reviews: 2
On there website they say it does work with Jdownloads, but it doesn't! I submitted a ticket and they replied that they want to help me, but no further response now for more then a week
Owner's reply

Hi Jonathan

I am sorry for lately response. It was our new year holiday ( and I just come back to office today. I will check support ticket and reply you very soon (lately 24 hours from now) .


Reviews: 5
I purchased this pdf indexer last week. search now crashes, I raised this 5 days ago, no answer. I have emailed, no answer. I have raised this on thier forum - no answer (yes I waited 3 days) For a paid extension this is not good enough.
Owner's reply


I am sorry for lately response. It was our new year holiday ( and I just come back to office today.

It must be something special with your site causing the issue. So please submit a support ticket on my site. I will check and reply you very soon (lately 24 hours from the time you submit support ticket).



Reviews: 4
Very happy with this extension! I have approximately 70 pdf's in an archive with JDownloads and needed a way for registered members to search and locate information contained within these. This extension works perfectly! I had a little problem with how my site was setup and therefore it wouldn't index from what I had input but the support provided helped and I was up and running right away! Keep up the great work!! Will use again
Reviews: 2
I really like this product. Whilst it cannot do everything because pdf files are single entities, and search tools cannot read minds, it functions perfectly well and works with DocMan and therefore access permissions. The best thing about this is the excellent customer service I have once again received from Mr Tuan (he helped with Events Booking a few months ago). This gives a huge amount of confidence for me especially when I also have to work for clients who need functionality.
Well done.
Reviews: 5
This is the second and last extension I've purchased from this developer. I set it up on my server and attempted to index. It would partially complete the process and then sputter and not get all the PDFs (only 200 and change). Of the ones it did index, it did not actually index the content just the file name... so searching doesn't work at all. Tried to get support from the developer through the support ticket system and over a week later... no response after several follow ups on my side, still no response. Similar support experience with the other extension.
Reviews: 2
That thing is doing great job. As many others have sed before me, it index many documents, and very fast. And they just become searchable in your site. It is simpe but fundamental for any site, that work with pdf files. Also i used it with another great extension- DOCman, the nice thing here is that PDFindexer implement himself with DOCman search, that is nice, because you will not have any problmes with accses level of diffrent groups in the search reviews!
Reviews: 19
I want to use this indexer in combination with a Joomla component of my own. Development is not finished yet, so I cannot give a final conclusion. What I can say however, is that it indexed about 3500 pdf's (!), many of which have 20+ pages, like a breeze. And support is good, which in my opinion is a very important factor when choosing an extension. Please keep up the good work!

Reviews: 1
Good stuff. Installed easily. So I can clearly recommend this extension. I do look forward to the automatic indexing which was stated will be in the next version within 3 or 4 weeks. Good work! The extension installed easily and indexed the files flawlessly. The questions I had prior to purchasing and after purchase were answered in very good time.
Reviews: 1
Good stuff. Installed easily, and indexed 99 .pdf and .doc files effortlessly. So I can clearly recommend this extension. However, I only give 4 stars, because the extension lacks support for automated indexing. It would probably be a small task to add a "magic" URL that could be accessed by something like Webcron and used to trigger periodic indexing. Other than that I can see no flaws - good work!
Reviews: 1
this extension works great to enable the download extension i use, remository, to search indexed pdf content in search results..

makes my site work just as i want, super work, great integration

developer works very hard to make it all successful

i'm glad i found this extension, great work!
Reviews: 2
I download this extension to index 300 PDF files of my clients. I needed a search tool to be able to search through the PDF file content. The extension installed easily and indexed the files flawlessly. I had one minor problem (my mistake) but Tuan got on chat with me and fixed the problem for me quickly. I highly recommend this extension or any others they create.
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