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RokAjaxSearch Module

RokAjaxSearch is a truly powerful module that brings fantastic search functionality to Joomla, using the powerful and versatile javascript library, Mootools as well as full Google Search integration.

RokAjaxSearch offers AJAX powered real time search results for both your Joomla site content as well Google Search. There are various configuration options and parameters allowing you to enable not only Google web search, but Google Blog search, Google Image search, and Google Video search.

★ Features

- Real Time Search: AJAX loads search results in real time.
- Multiple Sources: Search your local Joomla site or the web at large.
- Search Options: Even more search options with Blog, Video and Images.
- Advanced usability: Script enhancements for intuitive navigation.

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Reviews: 12
Installed, set it up.. it looks as it should, it tries to search - or at least the little wheel is spinning - but it always finds nothing.

Can't give it much than 1star, sorry.

(I tried everything, changing URLs, nothing. I give up.)
Reviews: 16
I've loved this module for years, but now if using a responsive template it breaks the width of the container. Support is not available unless your a paid subscription member
Reviews: 5
Worked out of the bag for me in Joomla 3 with Gantry Template.

Better looking than most extensions, though a lack of admin panel options mean that it does need customizing with css to fit in with most sites.
Reviews: 20
I came back here just to rate this perfect extension. Installed and working in no time, with a great responde time to every search query and very good CSS styling. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
I love the demos of this module. I just couldn't get it to work under Joomla 3 and one of Rocket Theme's templates.

Everything installed OK, but when you type in a search query, it would appear that nothing happens. Scanning their forums will show that this is a condition that recurs for some people.

I posted multiple times on their forums and didn't get any meaningful help.

I'm a big fan of Rocket Theme's templates, and if you can get this module to work, great!

But I invested way too much time to try to get this to work and was not successful. For that reason and for the very limited support on RT's forums for this particular module, I'm giving it a low rating.
Reviews: 1
Better than I expected,coming with 3 pre-made styles, reeeally worth trying! Also, very nice Ajax Search integration! Thumbs up!
Reviews: 51
This one just does as it should, looks pretty, uses standard joomla search, shows the results nicely, and best of all, it has worked every time so far.
No conflicts seen yet, great!
Reviews: 5
On the website I'm building and I will work wonders, has no conflicts of nothing
Reviews: 1
I can not get this to work with ZOO, works on one site not on the other. The only thing I have been able to tell is the site it works on is Yootheme template. The sites it doesn't work with Zoo on, Rocket Theme templates. I am a big fan of Rocket Theme, very much so. But his has been an ongoing issue and has yet to be resolved on their support forum. Appears to be a very common problem with Zoo and RAS. It's a shame because I love this plugin, it just is too picky with ZOO for me to trust and ZOO is important to almost every site I build. Recommend this highly unless you are using ZOO.
Reviews: 2
Unfortunately it shows also the archive items. There is no option to deactivate.
Owner's reply

According to — this can be controlled from the Search-Content plugin.

Reviews: 1
just download and installed. this module is awesome and works instantly.

just a thought, please make it easy for the user to change the font style in search result. better to include in the settings.

thanks a lot!
Reviews: 2
If I'm in a hurry for a quick extension I must admit I tend to go for the ones with the most ratings. Well I actually tried that and ended up with a product that didn't work and on seeking help I found a forum with lots of questions and no answers.

Not with rokajaxsearch though, I installed it, enabled the module and it just worked right out of the box.

I'm very pleased with this product as I have just created a custom search plugin for 2.5 with sparse documentation and wasn't sure what the results would be.

The Ajax is picking up my custom plugin and everything just works. 5 Stars.
Reviews: 1
Definitely one of the best search modules I found! It even works with Virtuemart!
Reviews: 2
Great product, but I have issue with it searching to much. Seems to search entire site. I have PDF files that are supposed to only be visable to members, but anyone can find them through search and open the documents. Is there a way to set up exclude folders?
Owner's reply

Please post any support requests in our forum:

Reviews: 2
I'm still giving it a try but all I can say is that so far so great!
Reviews: 2
Amazing module, easy to install, easy to use. Quite a good forum for support. It solves so many problems about Joomla and Search.
Reviews: 31
This was such a beautiful module - easily customizable and looked brilliant with its instant real-time search results. However, it does not search powerfully enough as it doesn't work with EZ Realty component.

Further, it is extremely disappointing that the support forums are completely locked unless you pay for a subscription plan to access them. Even simply to view previous topics!

Oh well..
Reviews: 4
Out of the box, this just works. However, if you use special characters on your site, you could run into some issues with encoding. For example, one article I have named "Products & Services" will not show up if you search for "Products & Services" or "Products and Services", but does display when typing "Products Services".
Reviews: 14
I've used this free extension on about 10 sites with Joomla 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 2.5. I've only ever had a handful of issues with it, and those were always template related. 90% of the time is works exceptionally and straight out of the box. Another nice thing about it is that most templates comes with custom search boxes already, and you can set you module suffix to match your templates setting in this module with no issues.

The complaints I see here in the reviews don't make a lot of sense to me personally, maybe they're having problems with other plugins they have creating conflicts?

Anyways, you can see where on one site I made at I deleted the default search module, installed rokajaxsearch and set it to the search position using their dark theme style. It was literally that quick, took about 30 seconds and I had nice ajax driven search that matches the template. I wish every other module worked this well.
Reviews: 8
Absolutely not working with J1.7.5
Tested with fresh setup sites with clean mysql, after setup you can`t see this module in the module list. Not recommended.
Owner's reply

Currently, on installation, our extensions do not appear in the main module list of the Module Manager. Rest assured, the module has been installed, and you just need to select New > RokAjaxSearch then configure, to use the module.

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