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Custom Properties is a Joomla! Extension for creating and assigning custom properties to articles and other content items. Your custom properties can be displayed under the article as tags, or all together as a tag cloud or as a menu. You can even make menu items out of tags.
Your custom-defined properties also become an advanced search module, to filter articles combining more criteria.
A dedicated module let you display a selectable number of content items that have been tagged with a give tag.
Custom Properties 2.x and 3.x add many features to the basic extension:
- Compatibility with J1.6 - J2.5 - J3.x
- Support for Falang (translation component)
- New field types: autocomplete, multi-select with "chosen" interface
- new module to build a menu from tags
- new module to display articles tagged with a given CPtag
- create regular menu items from tags
- frontend tagging for new content elements and for some third party content elements
- Title + Image + Plain text view
- search by date range
- selectable query type
... and more

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Reviews: 1
We're currently using Custom Properties to showcase our customers on our website. We are using Joomla 1.5 (I know), and we finally decided to migrate to 3.

We needed to tweak the component to our needs, which was "rather easy" done in the 1.5 version. However, this wasn't as easy done in the Joomla 3 version for a non-developer, so after spending a day or so trying to figure out how to tweak the component, I wrote to Andrea.

2 hours and 35 minutes. That's how long it took for Andrea to reply with the answer for my prayers. That is awesome!

Thanks Andrea!
Reviews: 1
This extension makes all kinds of content display options possible and comes with a great search module too. Allows you to search by text and/or by filtering. I didn't set it up correctly initially and support was quick and helpful. Highly recommended extension.
Reviews: 4
You can rely on support. It is prompt, profesional and offers solutions if needed. Product and support are excellent.
Reviews: 28
Excellent extension to assign and display tags at Joomla article. The search module also have a lot of possibilities to make custom-defined properties.
Reviews: 1
I rarely write reviews but I had to leave a comment for Custom Properties. It is all I needed and even more. Works flawlessly so far, right out of the box; has a lot of options that makes indexing much easier. User-friendly and abundant in useful features. Thanks.
Reviews: 2
I have used this component since the start and having recently upgraded to j2.5 was concerned I might loose it but it is still here and better than ever, plus support is great. If you need tags and tags that really work then forget the others go for this.

PS If you use jreviews this tag system works a treat with it.

Fantastic and thanks
Reviews: 7
Very good component, sorry I just formatting the pendrive wrong and lost the component.
  Very worthwhile.
Reviews: 2
This works perfectly with the type of searching that I wanted and no other extension offered what Custom Properties does.

The demo didn't install properly for me but I still decided to buy it. The bought version installed perfectly and works great.

One negative point is that there is no support contact, just the forum. So if you need a quick reply then you might be in for a wait. I posted one issue and it was answered in under 48hours, so I guess that it was reasonable.

Thank you.
Reviews: 2
Very easy to use and really the only extension available that was suitable for mass tagging over 5000 articles by topic. It has really improved the browsability and searchability of our site. It allowed us not only to create tags, but also tag groups - so that we can allow article browsing by location, subject, period covered etc. I can imagine so many ways it could be useful to Joomla content managers. It has a simple interface so that even people with minimal technical knowledge were able to assist in the tagging. Works great, have never had a problem with any of the features back or front end, and we've been using it for years.
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a way to pre-define tags, let my registered users tag their articles with them, and let the public search for articles by these tags - and CP does exactly that. Easy to install and configure - I'm a newbie and had no trouble at all. Great, and very versatile extension!

Just one suggestion. I would like to have my own access levels available in CP. As it is now, there are only the Joomla standard AC's - public, registered and Super User. I had to choose "registered" with the effect that my users can tag any article on the site, when they should be able to only tag their own. Is there any way this can be fixed?
Reviews: 1
For an awesome search extension this is worth the money right out of the box. I need to ask a few questions on adding search with hwd video share, but am impressed how it works right out of the box. I don think the title needs to change because most people will think this component is for the real estate market, and it's good for any site.