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Easy Google Analytics Plugin

Easy Google Analytics

This is a flexible, simple-to-use system plugin that is used to add Google AnalyticsTracking (asynchronous) Code to a Joomla site. It adds the Google tracking code to the head tag of each page of the website without having to edit any template code. This plugin uses the asynchronous tracking code for tracking a single domain.

Note, though, that the tracking code will be added at the end of the list of script tags that Joomla generates, but since the Joomla generated tags usually come before the template scripts, there is no guarantee that the tracking code will be the last script before the </head> tag.

Main features:
> Automatiaclly places Google Analytics tracking code in head tag
> Specify the Profile ID for your Analytics Account in the Plugin Manager
> Choose what you are tracking: Single domain, Multiple Subdomains, or Multiple TLD
> Automatic (or manual) entry of domain name for Multiple subdomain setting
> Option to exclude Analytics in Administration backend
> Use Universal Analytics Tracking Code
> Track Outbound Links via Google Event Tracking

Known Issues:
The tracking code may not be the last script tag before the </head> tag, because of when the template script tags are added. This may cause a performance issue in some browsers, as specified by Google Help.

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Reviews: 11
I'm using Easy Google Analytics on a few websites for months. Installing and configuring it takes less than a minute; results are immediately available for every single page. It adds only 8 lines in the header of pages and loads GA's script asynchronously, wich means no slowdown.
Good job!
Reviews: 3
excellent plugin...easy to use. thankyou very much...
Reviews: 1
I needed to find a Google Analytics plugin that included event tracking and this does exactly that. There was a small conflict with something else on my site but Michael (the awesome developer) came to my rescue and fixed it for me very quickly. He was extremely helpful and the plugin is fantastic. Thanks :)
Reviews: 3
I'm just learning Joomla and setting up my first simple site, although I've set up several sites using Wordpress/Tumblr. This was only the second extension I've downloaded. As the last step in the development process I was looking for a plug-in to deal with Google Analytics. This one does the job very well. Once you've uploaded it all you have to do is enter the Google tracking code through the plug-in menu and you're away. Hits are then coming through on Analytics just fine. Couldn't be simplier.
Reviews: 5
simple to install, easy to setup settings and works exactly as explained. The admin exlude is a nice additional feature! The inserted code is placed absolutely correct and does not interfear with other template scripts.
Reviews: 9
Installed properly on my 1.7 site, entered the tracking number and viola it works.
Reviews: 1
I have tried a number of Google analytics plugins. This one is great in that it supports all the Joomla versions, the asynchronous method AND does not require touching the template.

It also recognizes where there might be a small performance issue - nice when a developer does that.
Reviews: 4
It works perfectly and does not conflict with other javascript.

Thanks :)