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Advanced Google Analytics Plugin

Advanced Google Analytics is a tracking plugin that will allow users to take advantage of the latest features provided by Google Analytics.

Because website performance and page loading speed plays an important role in SEO, Advanced Google Analytics will load the GA tracking code in asynchronous mode, without affecting your website performance.

Main features of Advanced Google Analytics:

- easy switch between Classic Analytics and Universal Analytics

- display reamrketing, demographics and interests reports in your Google Analytics account.

- custom dimensions / custom variables tracking

- events tracking

- allows you to anonymize IPs, using Google Analytics anonymization feature

- allows you to disable Admin tracking on frontend

Using custom variables (Classic Google Analytics) or custom dimensions (Universal Google Analytics) Advanced Google Analytics is able to:

- track user by its type: registered or guest

- track visits per author (a quick way to see popular editors)

- track visits per categories (a quick way to determine most popular categories)

- track visits per publication year (identify performance over time)

Advanced Google Analytics supports event tracking; you can use it to generate analytics data about downloads and external links. This is a great feature that will enable you to track your affiliate performance and to generate your own affiliate statistics in your Google Analytics account.

It usually takes some time for the custom dimensions / custom variables reports to be generated.

Classic Analytics users can access those reports from Audience -> Custom -> Custom Variables, on their Google Analytics Account.

Universal Analytics users can access those reports from Customization (using a custom analytics report), on their Google Analytics Account.

Event Tracking is part of real-time feature, you should be able to see events right away, on your Google Analytics account on Real-Time -> Events dashboard.

To display Google Analytics Statistics in your website backend you should also use this module:

Report Extension




Reviews: 3
This plugin added javascript to change every target for every link to _blank. Shady. I switched to a different plugin.
Owner's reply

Was fixed on latest version.

Reviews: 1

After installing this plug accesing to new pages from menu, these are open to new tabs. I've deactived the plugin and the problem dissapears, but logo dissapears as well. I've activated and deleted it directly from the server and now everything works. I am using the Joomla 2.5 with Air Yootheme. It looks great, but unfortunately I don't know why I have this issue.
Reviews: 2
This is just what I needed! I had previously installed "Google Analytics Dashboard", but I didn't realize that I needed this program first. Thanks
Reviews: 3
If you are using Google Analytics that plugin you will be very useful.