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eorisis: Google Analytics Plugin

eorisis Google Analytics is a Universal Analytics / Classic Analytics plug-in that connects your Joomla website with your Google Analytics account. Choose from various of options through the plug-in. Clean and user friendly.

Compatible with Joomla 1.6 to 3.3 Series
One Installation Package / Fresh Install or Upgrade.


- Universal Analytics and Classic Analytics (Asynchronous) compatible, with option.
- Uses the latest stable GA JS tracking codes (Asynchronous JavaScript).
- Select the Tracking Area to be Site (Front End), Administrator (Back End), or Both.
- Choose the Tracking Code Position in the HTML document (head or body).
- Dynamic Content Implementation.
- Force SSL (HTTPS). Send all data using SSL, even from insecure (HTTP) pages.
- Cross-Domain Tracking support (Track All Subdomains, Track Multiple Domains, Domain Type (Primary / Secondary), Secondary Domains field).
- Custom Domain (FQDN) and main Domain options.
- Enhanced Link Attribution support with options for Cookie Name, Duration and Levels (improves the accuracy of your In-Page Analytics report).
- Display Advertising features support.
- Anonymize IP support.
- Cookie Domain, Cookie Name, Cookie Expires and Cookie Path options.
- You can rename the Global Object.
- You can test tracking from a webserver running on localhost.
- Exclude Traffic using custom lists or add a cookie with one click.
- Minify the Tracking Code. Compress the JavaScript code to gain performance.
- Tracking can take place in both Online and Offline site modes.
- Uses the native Joomla Update system (You can upgrade to the latest version directly from your website).
- Information Tab: Server Version Check and Release Notes (Does not auto-check for update).
- All fields are translatable through the Language Manager.


The following Joomla demo sites use eorisis Google Analytics.
View the source code and search for

Joomla 3.x:
Joomla 2.5:

- You need a Google Analytics account for this plugin to work.

More info and Changelog:

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