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GAnalytics is a complete suite which brings your google analytics data in form of interactive charts or lists to your joomla powered web site (does not only add the tracking code!!).
The available extensions are:
* com_ganalytics -> the component shows different statistics in backend or frontend
* mod_ganalytics_stats -> brings the statistics to a module position
* mod_ganalytics_admin_stats rings the statistics to a module position in the joomla backend
* mod_ganalytics_stats_count -> shows some summed statistics
* plg_ganalytics_trcode -> adds the google tracking code to your web site that google can collect the data

This module is in its early stages but some improvements will come soon, register at and add give me some ideas in the forum what you need.

How google himself sees his statistics service:
Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way. With Google Analytics, you're more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

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Reviews: 1
excellent PlugIn, very friendly and helpful Support!
Reviews: 9
Using the free one at the moment, it's really quick and easy to setup. I will definitely look at purchasing this component in the near future.
Reviews: 11
This tool retrieve all google analytics datas and show them in a easy and easy to customize way in the backend. you can manage the views as you want. This component is really great, especially if the final users aren't able or don't want to manage a google analytics account...

Last, the support is really good!
Reviews: 3
This is by no means a simple download, install and activate component. You must follow the instructions on the developers website to install this component.

Having said that I was able to install this component, with the help of the support forum on the developers website. Which BTW was very prompt with their responses to my questions. Once I had the component installed and working I couldn't believe the amount of information that I can see.

The only recommendation that I would make would be to improve the instructions and include the setup process for Google Analytics as well as Google API.
Reviews: 3
Been using this extension on a church site long enough to upgrade it twice. Always happy with the updates and quality of this tool!
Reviews: 2
I had an issue with the new PRO version 3.0. There was al litle bug in the 'image view'. The support to fix it was excellent. 5 hours later Ganalytics is running as expected.
Reviews: 1
Installed component, import didn't work because Google shut down its 2.3 API.

Posted this on the official forum and about one day later the developer fixed it and rewrote the component to support Google's 3.0 API.

If thats not excellent support, I don't now either.

The component itself is working without errors and keeping it's promises!

5 Stars, no doubt about it.
Reviews: 1
Installed the component, but when it scans my analytics accounts, it doesn't list them all and the one I want isn't listed. Is this a deliberate limitation of the free version?
Owner's reply

Please use in the future our very active forum. There was a limit of accounts to import which was fixed in the version 2.0.2. i hope you will reconsider your review :-)

Reviews: 3
This extension was very easy to install, though the getting started guide was a little briefer than the actual steps involved, but not too hard to get going if you've used any other joomla extensions. It is sooooo nice to have the GAnalytics dashboard within Joomla and the way the dashboard is organized is just super! Way to go you guys! I am indeed impressed and blessed!
Reviews: 19
i was reluctant after a few trolls on here to download, but on 1.73 it works better than fantastic! hell, i think it works better than their website because it has just what i need RIGHT on the Ganalytics dash! wow, i am so happy about this extension because it is takes GOOGLE analytics, an already exceptional tool, and integrates it seamlessly into joomla. it was too simple to install - install, configure, put in your google acct access and add your profiles. add tracking code or use their plugin and then stats automatically appear for each or all of your sites on one site. thank you, GJ4 team, for your brilliance and generosity. most of all, thank you for your gift of open source. xx denNISI
Reviews: 11
I've been searching for over a month for a solution on how to display 3 different stats, from 3 different sub-pages, on the front page of a portal and I almost gave up.
But I found this extension, with screenshots and documentation that helped me understand that it can help me with its features. And because of Google Analytics now my portal looks accurate.
I wasn't able to keep stats for different sub-pages with conventional counters and statistics extensions.

This extension worth the time and it's very easy to setup. Just make a Google Analytics account, make a profile, get back to this extension in joomla and import your profile. From there you can use the module to display any statistics you are following from anywhere.

Brilliant !

Thank you for all your efforts and specially for sharing this for free, with all of us.
Reviews: 1
Totally useless. I can't add analytics profile. There is only import button. When i clicked it it give me some error , and then show up add button :) . After cliking add button i get blank account very very funny. But the worst thing i saw in docs in section "How to use it" developer wrote "A code snippet says more than thousand words:" and after that wrote some code. NO! code snippet don't say more than thousand word , it don't even say more than one word. If you want test free version of your commercial products on joomla users at least do it right and don't give us such garbage !!!!!!!!!!.
Owner's reply

In the future please try to honour the work of volunteers. If something is not working because you don't understand it, don't blame others for your incompetence. We have a lively forum on our G4J project and are willing to help out others free of charge. But users like you are a shame for joomla and the whole open source community.
You was reading the wrong documentation which is for a free PHP library to fetch the google analytics data. The documentation for GAnalytics is describing very well how to handle GAnalytics inside joomla. If you don't understand how the extension works (which is more or less straight forward) then ask!! But, please never call my extension garbage again. Keep in mind how you would react if I would give you such a bad review for something you are doing in your free time!!!!

Reviews: 4
I had on my former site already google analytics running....with this extension I don't have to switch to the google analytics backend all the time and I can display some of my stats to the customers as well!!!
I'm considering buying the PRO version as well...but first I have some other tasks to do :-)
Reviews: 2
It's a nice component
Reviews: 7
Worked good for me.

Everyone should test it.

Good work.
Reviews: 2
This extension is great. It's "just" an interface for Google analytics but that is actually very brilliant because then the website isn't effected by collecting and storing large amounts of data.

Your just need a Google Analytics account import into the component and you are up and running. Furthermore you are supplied with a plugin that puts the tracking code in all your pages with no bother.

Really simple and brilliant
Reviews: 1
One question first, why I have to unzip it and install that 4 zip files one by one?

After the installation, I need to:
1) Go to GAnalytics, and click "Import"
2) Select the account and click "add"

In my host (HostMonster), it always failed and the error message in the Firefox is: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 24 bytes) in /home/nimbachi/public_html/ibrandingme/libraries/simplepie/simplepie.php on line 10373.

And, it is difficult to uninstall and upgrade.

This tool should be a good tool, if it can get improvement at installation/upgrade/uninstallation.
Owner's reply

This here is not a forum!! You asked the same question in the support forum so why doing a review here? The JED guys are offering for this kind of questions a support link......

Reviews: 4
It's probably quite good, but only after I had installed it, received errors and searched the forum, did I learn that it requires SSL. Which I don't have.
Owner's reply

of course you need SSL!!!!!!!

Reviews: 3
I was tracking my site statistics since a while with google analytics because other extensions were blasting my site's database.....and now I can easy add the tracking code to the site, show some statistics on my frontpage and have access in the backend to the google statistics panel....
And the support is awesome as well as I had a problem setting it up the first time, it was my fault not the extensions one.
highly recommended for everyone using google analytics!!
Owner's reply

that was the reason I created more overloaded databases anymore ;-))

Reviews: 1
It looks useful, but it's dependence on an a buggy import function as the only means of entering the Google Analytics data and codes for the domain renders it entirely useless if the import fails.

I had downloaded it to see if it could provide more detailed feedback than the other, "bigtime" Google Analytics.
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