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WISroGIS Visitors Plugin

The new Visitors plugin for Joomla 1.5/2.5/3 Plugin allows you to track your visitors and see exactly where the guests and registered users are coming from - live on the map!
Geolocate now the site's traffic on the map, using the visitors' IP addresses and display the results on your customized maps, such as Google, Yahoo, OpenStreetMap and lots more.
The WISroGIS Visitors Joomla system plugin allows you to integrate the geovisitors graphic map report to any map that supports KML format - such as WISroGIS - see below an usage example of WISroGIS visitors usage mapped on various base layers
January 06, 2013 - WISroGIS Visitors 3 rev.0
* [Feature] Joomla 3 compatibility
* [Feature] Initial options set to test mode, up to 10 geocoded IP addresses
* [Feature] Trigger plugin only in site's frontend
* [Bug] PHP Strict standards errors, notices, warnings fixes
* [Bug] Constant already defined messages
* [Feature] Added version info revision history file (version info.txt)
* [Feature] Dropped Joomla 1.0 support
Find and display the details about your site's geovisitors: guests and registered users:
* IP address
* last visit date and time
* city, region, country
Fully customizable back-end interface of the extension allows you to select the information displayed for your geovisitors:
* file Cache control for quick KML generation
* dual geolocation system - online geopositioning from or fast lookup database based on MaxMind GeoLite City - freely available from
* simulation mode allows you to set-up the map and test the visitors extension by random genetating IP addresses up to the selected visitors limit
* scatter option to disperse the results - when only country's location is available - and place the visitors icons to avoid overlapping
* 7 predefined icon sets (guest and visitors icons) allow you to select the right color for the overlay;
* optional usage of random icons for results display;
* for each geo-visitor, display on the map:
o IP address
o last visit time
o location (city, region, country - if the details are available)
o guest/registered user icon and country flag
* information displayed using site's language or JoomFish dynamic selection

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Reviews: 4
I used some different visitor map on my old web appliance but now switched to Joomla and wanted to have something similar.
This is extension is much better and allows me everything, what I had in mind.
Support and contact are also outstanding.
Reviews: 4
Mapping is difficult to set up for me, but that wee problem was resolved by Cristi offering to help from the moment I placed my order.

You get a demo mode of visitors to see how the plugin will work and look on a live site. This is great. And your site comes alive instantly.

I liked the look of all the mapping plugins and now have all three installed on my site.

Cristi customised everything perfectly for me.
Incredible support. And I am thrilled with the results.