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Cookie Accept Module

The module displays information about the use of cookies.

- position (top, bottom),
- theme (white, black),
- multilingue (English, French, Polish, Italian + another language),
- additional information's pop-up or article,
- custom CSS,
- confirmation without reloading the page.

After the installation:
1. Choose a position used in the template.
2. Change "Show Title" setting for "Hide".
3. Complete the fields for your language.

If the module changes the appearance of the page try to change its position.


v1.1 Fixed bug with cache


- Italian language added (translation: Druskus)
- Article as Additional information option
- Text in the module is not indexed by Google (googleoff Tag)


- Spanish language added (translation: Javi)

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Reviews: 15
Neat extension. Thank you!

Install is easy, easy to configure. Even use your own language in your own words!
Reviews: 2
Worked perfectly. I would like to see it override enabled, but it is pretty easy to customize yet without overriding compliant.
Reviews: 1
Its what I was looking for, a good solution for the cookies issue and easy to set up, and its free! The only problem I found its that ir hasnt got a version for mobiles and in that devides the cookies alert are always on screen, not accept or decline button appears. Anyway, Thanks a lot!!!
Reviews: 10
I was looking for a module easy to configure and including multilingual support. Cookies Accept is the perfect fit! Additionally, you can customize many things. I like specially the way the CSS styling is presented.
Reviews: 2
I like a lot.
Very easy to use.

Thank you very much.
Reviews: 3
Works perfect! I just added my language and it worked like a charm! Love it!
Great work :)
Reviews: 1
Finally an extension that allows you to comply with the European Directive on cookies ... without disfiguring the look of your site :)
Very successful design, integrating perfectly into the template used (joomlashine).
Although it is a free extension, I received an almost instantaneous help for a little display settings issue. Two e-mails later, the small problem was solved. Thank you again for your help and congratulations for this extension, which I highly recommend!
Reviews: 8
Many thanks to the developer for sharing with the community this elegant and efficient extension. It works like a charm and is very easy in setting up. In case of any troubles Tomasz offers amazing support, answering immediately and delivering all needed advices. Great extension and fantastic support. Thumbs up :)
Reviews: 2
Works right out of the box.Great Job!
@Geranco its easy to translate the buttons and all the other stuff. Just copy en-GB.mod_cookiesaccept.ini and paste this in your own language file, rename it and translate the (whole) thing.
Reviews: 2
Try 3 or 4 modules, but this one is realy the best.
Add my own language and it works out of the box. Thanks for this module!
Reviews: 1
After installing ( joomla 3.2.1 )i got an error. Simply contact the developer in the middle of the night, 3 hours later the solution to it. Great module and great quick support.

Thanks Tomasz for the great support.
Reviews: 4
A very good and easy to install. We use a language thats not supported out of the box but the setup let us add our own language with our translations.
Very good work!
Reviews: 10
But I see that not work in multilanguage sites under Joomla! 3.1.5 Stable and Joomla Platform 12.2.0 Stable.
It's easy to install, and very useful.
Reviews: 6
A very nice and clean looking extension, however i was disappointed that the "I understand" button isn't translated in French, making it user-unfriendly for french users.
I looked around but no option to translate the button could be found, not even in the module files directly.
Reviews: 2
Simple to download, install and customise.
All done in a minute or two.
Many thanks.
Reviews: 3
Simple and light module that do exactly what it needs. My language wasn´t supported, but after send them the translation they add it fast.
Reviews: 3
It's great how easily you can configure the cookie message in your site in several languages using this module. It comes with several pre-configured languages and you can also set your own. I do recommend it.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a solution to inform people that the website uses cookies, but no option to accept or decline (when people want to decline cookies, they can adjust their browser settings ;-) ).

This module is the perfect solution! Easy to install and easy to adjust the CSS.
Reviews: 4
Easy to use, easy to customise, works with every template position, no JQuery conflicts with other modules (I'm using Easy JQuery plugin), great contact in case of any trouble and really quick help. Thank you!!!
Reviews: 4
I found this great little cookie module which fits perfectly. I used "debug" position in order to place it on the bottom even though the module has its own position to place such as top or bottom. I found this works with debug position. It's great to customize with use Firebug to pinpoint the exact css classname that you can change within the module.

Ace! :-)