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Skyline Keyword Linking ComponentPlugin

Skyline Keyword Linking is a set of component and content plugin for Joomla 2.5+. It helps you automatically convert to links from defined keywords in Joomla article to your own website page, or elsewhere on the internet. This is useful for improving internal cross referencing pages inside your site or to automatically link to external partner (SEO).

Joomla provides a function for including links in articles but Joomla users always have to deal with setting and typing in the links. That’s what this extension solves. Skyline Keyword Linking provides a very powerful links and keywords management that allow you to configure links at Joomla back-end and will automatically replace keywords with their defined links when corresponding articles are viewed in front-end. Using categories makes managing keywords to become easier. Instead of displaying so many words on SEO, now the search results are displayed by keywords in categories.

Skyline Keyword Linking works well with many keywords in long key phrases, these key phrases are configured to point to different links. It is absolutely simple to install and useful for all website such as business, education, organization website...

Component Features:
- Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions.
- Unlimited keywords and categories.
- Direct SEO benefit by building internal and external links for your website.
- Define keywords (keyword phrases) in singular or plural form.
- Define title for links.
- Define how to display page when clicking links (open as Plugin Configuration, open in same window, open in new window...).
- Easy to add available links to articles on website.
- Easy to add images from the resource files or from URL in categories.
- Support long tail key phrases
- Filter by category for keywords.
- Manage the permission settings for the user groups.
- Limit of maximum number of generated links in one article
- Lightweight, modern and fast-loading design.
- Easy and friendly administration.

Plugin Features:
- Works very fast and smart.
- Define DoFollow or NoFollow for each link.
- Match any case (ignore case) in keywords.
- Only link the number instances of a keyword (default is all).
- Insert custom class to links (hasTip for joomla toolstip).
- Add tag, style,... to keywords when displaying them. Example: "{keyword}".
- Define where (keyword in what tags) you don't want to link.

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Reviews: 10
Such a component-plugin is so handy. And this one does it job perfectly. Be aware: double check the version number or ask the dev if you plan to use accentuated keywords. Very goof support. I have received a version for my french accents.
Reviews: 4
I search for an extension for automatic link building and found it with SKYLINE KEYWORD LINKING.Had some questions and the support is really fast. Installation and configuration is very simple. Is every buck worth.