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Last Modified Any Plugin

Plugin for any Joomla content you need. This one allows you to set the right page header information with Last-Modified (If-Modified-Since) response (field) to searching bots to increase indexing your websites.

Currently supported:
* com_content
* com_jshopping (only product page)
* com_k2
* com_kunena
* com_mosets
* com_virtuemart
* com_yvcommodity
* com_zoo

This plugin is expandable, so you can prepare the last modified date for the requested object in the /plugins/com_yourcomponent.plugin.php.

+ an option was added to activate plugin only for search-engines bots to avoid page caching by browsers ( to check results manually you should turn off this option! )

^ removed option to check for if-modified-since request because of incorrect work

^ some logical operation

+ ZOO: frontpage & category pages processing
+ new plugin option: check for if-modified-since request in HTTP or not to avoid unnecessary plugin's work

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