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Simple facebook meta Plugin

Simple Facebook meta plugin automatically adds facebook meta tags to every article's html head.

You only have to enable plugin and it will work.

Simple Facebook meta tags legend:

og:title = article title
og:url = current url
og:type = article
og:description = First 250 characters from introtext*
og:image = First image from introtext or fulltext**

* You can manually set description characters limit in plugin.
** If image not exists in introtext, than plugin takes first image from fulltext

Any questions on:


- added support for Joomla 3.x version
- fixed bug, if in description is ' or ", text has been cut off

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Reviews: 2
A little documentation designed for the novice would be very helpful.

I'm attempting to use with HikaShop shopping cart, but it will not pick up the product image or description. I always grabs an image from a module position and the from the product description is left blank in FB.
Reviews: 6
Works as described. Could be much improved by adding configuration options to support default information.
Reviews: 6
I was thinking how to generate OG informations but you still made it ! Good job ! Work like a charm !
Reviews: 3
This is a great little plugin. It's simple and does exactly what it says.

Unfortunately it doesn't support Joomla 3 intro image and full article image settings.

I needed to have the my site use the intro image which is formatted best for Facebook. Luckily, because of the simplicity of the plugin and it's clean code, I was able to add a few lines of code to make do what I needed.
Reviews: 20
The sort of extensions that you wish you came accrocss more often. I had a problem (OpeGraph support), I found this plugin, downloaded it, enabled it, et voila!
Reviews: 5
This is a small, lightweight plugin that does precisely what it is intended to do. Upon installation and enabling of plugin, I then went to my frontpage and did a quick source view, and there, sure enough, were all of the new Facebook indicated meta tags just as they should be. When you are looking for any advantage for your website, this would be one of the first I'd look at implementing. Thanks for the excellent plugin!
Reviews: 3
Easy to use, light weight and does as promised. Would be even better if it could grab the "Full article image" and/or "Intro Image" set under "Images and links" for the og:image tag, instead of just from introtext and fulltext. Thanks for sharing.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your positive reply.

At this moment plugin looks into introtext if image exists, if there is no image plugin takes it from fulltext.

You can send me more details about "full article image" on or If it will be possible I will make update of plugin.