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ReDJ allows to manage URL redirection (useful for creating URL aliases, and managing redirection from old to new URLs). No more error 404 (page not found). Managing associations from old to new URLs, all links to old pages will be redirected to new ones. Create an URL alias by now is so simple, just create new item and add both alias and real destination URL. Enjoy!

Please, to make the most of all the features of ReDJ you should take a look at the online documentation!!!

News for version 1.7.8:
- Fixed an issue with filter in search tools on errors and redirects;
- Improved route_url() function;
- Fixed an issue with drop_query_vars() function;
- Fixed code for PHP 5.5 deprecated preg_replace /e modifier;
- Fixed issue with {queryvar} macro;
- Fixed issue with {substr} macro;
- Added macro {pathfolder};
- Fixed an issue with exceptions management (call_user_func and variable passed by reference).

News for version 1.7.5:
- Added macros {urlencode} and {urldecode};
- Improved function sanitizeURL for UTF-8 support when multibyte library is missing;
- Fixed and issue with exceptions management (call_user_func and variable passed by reference);
- Added a redirect URL for each error URL;
- Added a clean function for errors which saves errors with a redirect attached (unlike the purge function);
- Fixed and issue with {username} and {userid} macros;
- Added macros {urldecode}, {rawurldecode}, {urlencode} and {rawurlencode};
- Added macro {str_replace};
- Removed a wrong check on document type inside onAfterInitialise.

News for version 1.7.4:
- Changed the interface to support new filters and ordering (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue related to changes of JUri behavior (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue of compatibility of plugin with PHP 5.2;
- Fixed an issue with rule search filter;
- Fixed an issue with errors search filter, pages 404 and referers (only for J3);
- Fixed an issue on the custom error page (when the option is enabled but page is not selected);
- Improved macro {routeurl} for the unwanted variables removal;
- Improved function to manage redirect of all errors;
- Improved interface to manage errors and referers;
- Added new URL macros {queryappend}, {querybuildappend}, and {querydropappend};
- Added new site macros {username}, {userid};
- Added new string macros {lowercase}, {uppercase};
- Added rule condition to skip redirect;
- Added button to reset statistics (hits and last visit);
- Fixed an issue in the package related to plugin uninstall;

News for version 1.7.2:
- Improved trim text function;
- Improved queryfull macro;
- Added "shortcut extensions" option to plugin;
- Created installation package;
- First release for Joomla 3.0.

News for version 1.7.1:
- Fixed issue with custom error page.

News for version 1.7.0:
- Added support for placeholders and comments for redirection rules;
- Added support for new macros for redirection rules.

News for version 1.6.0:
- Completely r

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Reviews: 9
What a time saver this little extension is! I started using it on 1.5 sites, then 2.5 and now I'm using it on 3.3. So happy I don't have to mess with redirect code in the htaccess file! Simple to use and does what it promises. I wish everything worked as smoothly as this extension.
Reviews: 2
This is our go to tool for redirecting URLs, maintaining URLs and removing those pesky 404s that tends to surface after a site is used actively after a year or so.

You'll need it if you care about SEO (which you should!). Saves our team a lot of time. Thanks for the great work - keep it up!
Reviews: 6
My website has had these annoying 404 errors due to page changes over time. This was just the most easiest way to clean up old redundant URLs. Had small problems to start with getting the URLs right, went to the Forum and found an answer for every issue. If you have any 404 errors on your website I would most certainly recommend this extension.

Thank you!
Reviews: 30
This is a really good extension. A lot easier than trying to do 301 redirects via an htaccess file. In an htaccess file if you make a mistake you could end up with an internal error.
With ReDJ you won’t have to know anything about htaccess or other programming tricks to redirect a page.
First of all you're making your changes via a user friendly admin panel rather than editing the htaccess file in notepad – which if you make a mistake the results can take your site down.
ALSO for those who use Godaddy hosting where the htaccess file is not always updated immediately (Godaddy's updates to htaccess file can take up to an hour) the changes in ReDJ take place instantly. The changes made in ReDJ are not written to the htacces file.
Also you can publish and unpublish your redirects which can be handy.
A great extension that I know you will like.
Recommended by Rowby!
Reviews: 2
After I had some trouble with redirect I found in Luigi a man who knows his business!

He helpt me with solving the problem and also solved other trouble that was haunting me for a long time!

I surely can recommend RedJ and the great support from my Italian friends from Selfget.
Reviews: 14
reat component, really very useful and functional.
Great feature that allows you to change the "series" of url parameters that have the same between them.
It took just a component of this kind, the most would be that when it intercepts the url "wrong" one could click it and then enter the url is not correct and that you have to go in the tab redirects and rewrite the url

thanks a lot

Reviews: 18
Thanks so much to the developer for sharing this component!! I had a bunch of URL's that needed redirect and was able to do it fast within Joomla admin ;)
Reviews: 24
Clear GUI, working extension and helpful supporter/developer: a must-have extension for all, who doesn't want to dig deeply into htaccess.
Thanks Luigi!
Reviews: 16
it does not happen often to find an extension that works without read documentation. It works great! so simple. thanks!
Reviews: 1
i have merge different tool and only water and good tools will be on my body and Homepage...

ReDJ ist one of this!

Michael from Berlin
Reviews: 2
I use this for URL redirection. It works perfectly and the database schema is very logical so it's easy to write my own scripts to import data. Bonus that "From URL" is a regular expression.
Reviews: 3
Felt the need to review this extension as it works so well. I used the community version which works perfectly

I ended up donating 9e to the developer, just to say thanks.

Used on an e-commerce site to great effect!

Needed to keep my search page position for items that have been replaced by different ones with different urls. Did not want the dreaded 404 to lose me site position.

ReDJ is the perfect solution for the job!

When I changed a range of items it was simple to use the pattern matching to create one redirect that sent all possible urls from a range to the new page - saved me hours of work.

Make sure you read the tutorial/documentation and you will see how powerful this plugin really can be if you need it to be.

A query I had was answered so quickly be the developer - another massive positive for this product.

Oh, and don't miss the ability to define a custom 404 page in multi language.

Reviews: 1
I registered to Joomla only to write this review! I got to say that it works like a charm!!!
The component/plugin was exactly what I was looking for, after having some 404 problems when removing some menus/components.
Even as a non-commercial version, it is a high quality product. Congratulations!
Reviews: 2
I spent hours trying to redirect a VM registration page to an article via htaccess and no go. With this app, I installed it, and within 2 minutes my redirect was working flawlessly. Sighs, I wish I had known of this sooner!
Reviews: 6
Thanks for sharing this very good extension for Joomla. I use it to configure redirection of old links on my website and to set up an original 404 error page. It works very fine!
Reviews: 3
We upgraded a site 1.5 to 2.5 and completely changed the menu layout and navigation. This made the massive headache of dozens of all the old sites links so much easier and helped with a custom 404 page to boot.

Definitely will use again.
Reviews: 2
Thanx for a simple and easy to use extension, works perfectly with very little set up required.
Reviews: 1
This extension is very simple to use and well documented. I had some minor issues with my redirects when moving my site and changing many of my urls, but the support forum includes many tips. So I figured out the issues quite fast. I don't really know much about redirects, but this extension helped me when Cpanel redirects did not work.
Reviews: 3
I'm using this extension on both 2.5 and 1.5 sites.

Clean, simple and easy to use.

Congratulations to developers
Reviews: 11
I love ReDJ! It does just what it says it does and is a huge timesaver. I needed to make a ton of redirects fast and this product works great for this purpose. It's also perfect for quickly making custom 404 pages.
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