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SocComments Plugin

The plugin lets you add comments to articles on the following social networks and extensions:


Turn off the comments form are not required social network
Specify the size of the form of comments
Tab to sign the form of comments in their own way
Specify number of comments to display
The choice of color schemes (Facebook)
Select language (Facebook)
On / off attachment to the comments of media content (VKontakte)
On / Off publications on the wall (VKontakte)
Exclude several categories to display plugin
Exclude several sections to display plugin (Joomla 1.5)
Exclude several articles to display plugin

v. 1.1

Selecting the display order of tabs with comments
Expose the font size of the header (Comments:)
Expose the font size of the tabs comments (Facebook, Vkontakte)
Show or not the link to the download page for the plugin

v. 1.2
Added ability to display the form of comments from JComments (only for Joomla 1.5).
The form of comments JComments added to the display order (the default 1 - Facebook, 2 - Vkontakte, 3 - JComments)
It is also possible to enable or disable the form of comments JComments
You can change the tab label JComments
Improved the css style of the icon-links in each tab.

v. 1.3
Support JComments 2.3
Support Disqus
You can hide icons
You can disable og tag to Facebook
You can turn off the word "Comments", which comments on the forms
Added plugin system SocComments (You can insert a plugin using the tag {soccomments})

Bug: If you have any problems with the plug, leave your comments on the support page and they will be considered.

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Reviews: 5
This is really great. It would be awesome if it were available as a module too. I'd like to have it on a home page that has the article component turned off.
Reviews: 7
Works great!

It is an excellent. Is there a way to moderate the facebook comments. (Some users left the inappropriate / indecent comments through facebook, that can't be tolerated)
Reviews: 6
Great Application.. I have been looking for an extension which integrates jcomments and FB and this does just that!!!!! LOVE IT!! Thanks a lot guys!! :D
Reviews: 6
It's the best comment plug in, must have for any site.
It will be better if the author can provide more details in English guidance.
Reviews: 1
Almost unique plugin for people who need add vkontakte comments on his site.
This one have a lot of options for display, nice integration options. Will be great in future add integration for compojoom comments and etc. Hope for future development)
Reviews: 3
Very simple to install. Great functionality!
Thanks for a nice extension.
Reviews: 1
It installed ok and it is working just fine but i have an issue with Simple Image Gallery. It seems that the plugin disrupts Simple Image Gallery's overlay function and it opens my images in a new tab.

It would be nice for the developer to open an English part of the support website for other users than russians.
Reviews: 2
Bingo, this is the most favourite comment style of all. but when i used to do it in firefox add a comment will crashes the page where as works good in chrome. Help me to overcome this .Try out this in Firefox 12 . Thanks in advance.
Owner's reply

I think that's likely a problem in your browser, please try to reinstall it.

Reviews: 1
But I have a question - how can I remove or change the word "Comments"?
Owner's reply

In the plugin settings is an option to change the label.

Reviews: 14
I've tested almost all of the comment plugins that work with disqus for joomla, and I found your plugin to be the fastes and better working one. Thank you!
Reviews: 3
It seems to be a nice plugin, but unfortunately JComments are only available for 1.5... Will you soon be upgrading this feature to 1.7/2.5? As still many people are not on Facebook (and never will be), it is very, very user friendly to have a non-Facebook comment option...
Owner's reply

Once JComments 1.7/2.5 will be tested extensively for the users and fixes some bugs, and then we will update your plugin.

Reviews: 2
It is a great plugin, but need some features:

1- ability to integrate it certain articles just by adding a tag as {jFBcomments} while editing the article.

2- ability to customized the tag to control the options & layout of FB comments per article e.g.
{jFBcomments width="450px"}

3- ability to integrate it in certain components as acePoll component
Reviews: 3
This is a very interesting plugin with great future. Just a question: where is the english support? I need to ask about the wrong base-url used by the plugin on our site but I don't know where to.
Owner's reply

Hello. You can leave your question in the comments on the support page or write to me at the e-mail your question.

Reviews: 2
Thank you so much for the developer to plug-in. Was looking for a similar plug-in, so there were several comments in the form of tabs. The plugin works flawlessly.
Reviews: 19
tried several other comment systems on here... possibly all of them and none was as simple and well explained as the soccomments extension! works on 1.73 and it explains with simple easy pictograms on the website - how to get your facebook and vkontakte app ids. you can even choose the dark facebook comment stream and in what order. thank you for your mastery and keeping it open source! xx denNISI
Reviews: 2
Ive been looking for a jComment/Facebook plugin for months! The only issue is a confusing one, for some reason the plugin appears twice on the page. the first being where it usually should be and the second place under the footer with all formatting vanished from it
Reviews: 6
Kudos to the developer for this little handy plug-in. Besides generating a few notes, It works like charm on my Joomla system.

Keep up the good work.
Reviews: 1
Thanks? works great!
Can you just make a support of Disqus comment system?

Owner's reply

Disqus comment system will be added in future versions of the plugin.

Reviews: 1
Hi, excellent plug-in and thank you for sharing it with us for free.

Is there any way to be informed with an e-mail for every comment published in facebook comments?
Owner's reply

Thank you for your comment. Such a possibility is there, but through service Facebook. In future versions this feature will be added to the plugin.

Reviews: 1
It works very good. But I don't understand how to exclude articles or category.
Owner's reply

Hi. You must specify the id of the article or category in the appropriate fields in the plugin settings

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