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Simple Disqus Comments Plugin

Simple Disqus Comments is a Joomla! plugin that enables you to integrate Disqus Comments on your website.

By using unique identifiers, Simple Disqus Comments is compatible with all SEF extensions and also with JoomFish. Using unique identifiers, Simple Disqus Comments will always identify the Disqus comments associated with an article regardless of the article URL.

Simple Disqus Comments is able to automatically detect Disqus language based on article language.

Simple Disqus Comments enables you to separate or merge Disqus comments ​​on multilingual websites.

Simple Disqus Comments features:

- Unique identifier for each page, regardless of URL

- Ability to separate or merge Disqus comments on multilingual websites

- Disqus language detection, based on article language

- Exclude Disqus comments for articles, based on article IDs

- Exclude Disqus comments for categories, based on category IDs

Disqus Commenting System Benefits

Disqus is a realtime commenting system and with Disqus you can receive realtime notifications when someone responds to your comment. Disqus allows inline media embedding and is full compatible with mobile websites.With Disqus people can login, comment, and share your content using popular social services like Twitter and Facebook.Disqus allows you to moderate comments and has a cloud based antispam system. With Disqus you can restrict certain words and you can define blacklists or whitelists.At any time, using Disqus, you can export or sync your comments with your integrated commenting system.Disqus supports dozens of languages and allows CSS customization.

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Reviews: 2
Simple Disqus is a great component for commenting. This would have a higher rating if there were to be an option in the backend to chose between http and https (for connecting to Disqus).

As it stands, sites that use SSL will have to edit simpledisqus.php and alter line 71 to force SSL.
Reviews: 11
A very good extension that has worked for me for many months now. I previously used a different extension but when I upgraded to 3.x I needed to change and this one worked brilliantly. I missed the old one still because it had a bar at the top of every article with "{num} Comments" that was hyperlinked allowing readers to jump straight to the comments section. If this extension had that option also it would be perfect.
Reviews: 3
As always, Marcu Alin and his excellent components for the community. Many thanks!
Reviews: 5
This little precious plug-in does exactly what it promises to. I found articles exclusion feature very handy.
Reviews: 6
What's not to like, it installs cleanly and just works! One particular feature I like, is that it displays comments on the bottom of every page of a multi-page article. I had been using SP comments, which would only display comments on the last page of a multi-page article. Nice touch!
Reviews: 12
Great Plugin and easy to configure. Had it all up and running excluding the categories I did not want comments on within 5 minutes! Thanks for this quality plugin!
Reviews: 2
I was waiting a while for a Disqus plugin that would work with Joomla 3.0, and now it has arrived! This plugin was very easy to install and configure. I am so pleased. Thanks for a great plugin!
Reviews: 3
No problems on install, works fine, i was looking for a disqus plugin that allows me to separate comments on my multilingual website!
Reviews: 2
Easy to install, no errors, using unique identifiers is great. You should add an option to allow us to disable unique identifiers on older websites, thank you.
Owner's reply

Thanks, use our support forum and give me some details about the option you need!