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Spider Facebook is a Facebook integration tool for Joomla. Spider Facebook contains all the available Facebook social plugins and Facebook widgets for your Facebook-integrated website. Spider Facebook allows you to totally integrate your website with Facebook, making it more social (Facebook)and providing the Facebook users with a personalized Facebook experience. Facebook users can like pages on the website via Facebook, sharing them on their Facebook walls, as well as send items to their Facebook friends via Facebook. Facebook users can also see which of their Facebook friends have liked the website via Facebook, receive personal Facebook recommendations, and watch the overall Facebook user activity. With the help of Spider Facebook, the Facebook users can comment on any piece of content on the website through Facebook. The Facebook registration feature of the Spider Facebook simplifies the process, allowing the Facebook users to easily sign up for your website with Facebook credentials. Also, Facebook Open Graph integration of Spider Facebook enables you to customize the appearance of the items on the user’s Facebook wall (Facebook Like, Facebook Comments, etc.) by filling out the description, image, and other Facebook Meta tags.
The back-end of the Spider Facebook contains custom parameters (width, height, color scheme, etc.) that help you change the appearance and functionality of the Facebook plugins.
Spider Facebook has a nice and user-friendly back-end interface. It contains detailed descriptions for each Facebook plugin parameter. Spider Facebook also includes references to useful Facebook tutorials (e.g. for Facebook Application ID, Facebook page tab, etc.) from reliable sources to help the customers with little knowledge on Facebook integration take full advantage of Spider Facebook.Spider Facebook is integrated to K2
Spider Facebook Features
• LinkedIn, Twitter, Google, and Facebook social widgets
• Facebook Like Button
• Facebook Send Button
Facebook Follow Button
The Facebook Follow plugin allows Facebook users to subscribe to other Facebook members from your website.
• Facebook Comments box
• Facebook Activity Feed
• Facebook Recommendations Box
• Facebook Like Box
The Facebook Like Box allows liking your Facebook Page, as well as seeing its Facebook stream from your website.
• Facebook Login Button
Apart from a Facebook login button, the Facebook Login Button plugin contains the Facebook profile pictures of the user’s Facebook friends who are registered on your website.
• Facebook Facepile
The Facebook Facepile plugin shows the Facebook profile pictures of the Facebook users who have liked your Facebook page or have registered on your site.
• Facebook Request
The Facebook Request Dialog is for sending a Facebook Request from one Facebook user to one or more Facebook users.
Why the Spider Facebook?: Facebook Reason 1: (allows your Facebook guests to show that they facebook 'like' your website, more engaged f

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Reviews: 120
Got to say that this has been a real joy to use on friends and family websites. Simple, effective and great, thanks.
Reviews: 1
When I installed this extension I really hat a lot of experience with Joomla extension, so I needed a bit help for configuration, but I got it directly from the web-dorado support. They fixed my errors and I am really satisfied about the result. Thanks again!
Reviews: 9
This extension is an absolute must for any business serious about marketing and social media! I tested few commercial extensions for social media in the past but this one exceeded my expectations!

Awesome work! I tested on Joomla 2.5 and 3 and works out of the box.

I have to mention support – amazing! I had one site with a bit of conflict with other extensions I have installed. I knew extension works perfect yet asked for help… and to my surprise they answered! This is what makes really great support to know that if you really stuck someone is willing to look at least for problem for you. Frankly I bought very some expensive extensions in the past for other tasks and never have replay from developers. So my hopes were not high when I wrote email asking for support. And they replied! Even though i made clear extension works but not on my site due to conflict!

Anyhow this extension rocks! Really does. Worth every single penny!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you!
Reviews: 4
These guys are really the best, their support is unparalleled!

we had a project with the component, we sent them an email, they replied within literally 2 - 3 min. They look over the website and got the thing fixed.

They say our business is all about service support, well thumbs up for Web-Dorado!
Reviews: 9
I just have to compliment Web Borado on their outstanding service. I had a small problem getting a module to work because of a template conflict. They took care of it for me. Great service!
Reviews: 5
Downloaded this extension, had some experience with other social integration extensions but this is by far the best one. Very easy to integrate in articles. Had some minor issues with not showing them on a category blog page but only in the articles after opening them, contacted them and got an answer within a couple of hours. They fully modified it like I would like to have it. More than excellent!
Reviews: 2
thanks , it was very easy for me to integrate my own website to my facebook page !!! I reccemend it to everyone !
Reviews: 1
Perfect job guys! Now I am using this extension on my website and all I can say that it easy to use and contains all social plugins that I needed! Thank you again guys!
Reviews: 1
The first thing that I liked in this Spider Facebook was the existence of different styles of displaying FB social butttons. Before using it I thought about different ways to represent all buttons to the best, but didn’t know how to do it. So it helped me to have a nice representation of my site. I’m really pleased with their work
Reviews: 2
This idea is amazing and make my work easier in times. All social tools of FB now are available on my site. The Team rocks. They give an excellent support.
Reviews: 4
These extension is one of greatest which I ever used. I configure my web site registration with FB for a while. Thanks guys for the continuous work and support