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Google Plus Widget Slider Module

Google+ is one of the newest social media platforms developed by the Internet giant that everyone loves, but it is one that has caught on quite well, with thousands of people gathering, sharing and learning information to their friends and individuals within their ‘circles.’ Google+ makes it easy to socialize, build a larger customer base and so much more, benefiting your business in many ways, even those you never imagined possible. And, with the Google Plus Widget Slider, getting in on the Google+ fun will be easier than ever. The Google Plus Widget Slider is the module that you need on your site if Google Plus is a social media site that you depend on. Having the Google Plus widget offers you a ton of different benefits that you can appreciate.

Available for the Joomla platform, the Google Plus Widget Slider works with Joomla 2.5 as well as Joomla 3.0. the widget has been available since July 2013. The Google Plus Widget is available free of charge and can be downloaded and installed in minutes of time without obligation. Those who choose to use the Google Plus widget will find themselves met with an array of awesome features.

Some of the great features and benefits that will come your way when you download the Google Plus Widget Slider to your website include:

Google Plus Widget Slider i) Easy to install and easy to download; takes a matter of minutes.
ii) Query enabled, with the option to disable.
iii)Google Plus news feed right on a bar on your website for all who visit can see.
iv) A number of customization options that enable you to get the exact look that you are after.
v) Slider feature is really neat and enables you to save space on your website.
vi) Friends, family and others can see all of your Google Plus activity without leaving your site.
vii) Available in several languages including English, German, Spanish, French and Chinese, among others.
viii) 24/7 Customer Support for 6 months after the date of download.
ix) Compatible with all editions of Joomla.
x) 5 different Font Choices.
xi) Customizable width and height options.
xii) Free documentation.
xiii) Free installation –No need to hire anyone to come in and make the installation for you.
xiv) Gain more people within your circles on Google Plus.
xv) Enables you to communicate with others.
xvi) Share more important information.
xvii) Engage with customers: As they respond to your posts and make their own posts you can certain connect on that very important personal level. Be sure that you are always responding to any and all comments, posts and messages that are made for your company.
xviii) Enables you to easily post new information on Google Plus without ever leaving your site and with nothing more than a few clicks of the mouse required.

The Google Plus Widget Slider is a great asset for anyone who is looking to get more action on this popular social networking site. You can enjoy all of these benefits!

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Reviews: 4
I recently downloaded and installed this developer's social sliders on my site and really enjoyed them EXCEPT this one.

The widget works, but refuses to display our feed from Google+ page AND there is no way to contact the developer about this issue as the 'Contact Us' form on their website DOES NOT WORK!
Reviews: 4
I totally love this module! It has been a great tool for socializing.. Plus, it is sooo easy to install and get access. Everyone who have not tried this must try it now! It's free! :D
Reviews: 7
Google Plus Widget Slider is an amazing module. It is easy to use and functions are very well. Try's totally free.
Reviews: 6
An extension with very many great features. Easy to install and allows you to do so much without necassirily leaving your site. Try it you wont regret
Reviews: 5
Google Plus Widget Slider is really a great extension. It has some wonderful features. It is very user friendly to install, configure and use. I used another one but it is the best. Thanks to developer.
Reviews: 6
Easy to use and does what it says. Easy to post within the page itself, goodbye to opening of new tabs !!!
Reviews: 4
An amazing widget....its so much user friendly plus very convenient for people who frequently access Google+.
Reviews: 4
'Google Widget Slider' Very good module to use on your website. Very satisfactory functions, easy to use and moreover, its Free.
Reviews: 10
This is a satisfactory module, it is easy to use, functions well.It turned out to be better than expected. You should try it.
Reviews: 5
Google Widget Slider has a good functional widget. It is very useful and easy to use. I found this extension and it worth more than I expected. It is highly recommended to all Google users.
Reviews: 6
Complete documentation is the best feature for choosing the module.Not only that joomla experts are on my back.Really recommended.
Reviews: 4
"GOOGLE WIDGET SLIDER" is make everything easy like my time frame. It is awesome module "google widget slider", and easy to use for every user. don;t forget its use.
Reviews: 5
I try this Google Widget Slider and it is very nice and take note it is "FREE".It is easy to use and I really like it.I will recommend this extension to my friends.

Many thanks.