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Soundcloud content Plugin

Editor's Note
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This content plugin will replace in your articles (also works in Virtuemart) a soundcloud page url by the player itself! It can be used in 3 different modes: url only or url + tags or accolades. Comments , autoplay and colors are also part of the parameters. Enjoy!

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Reviews: 13
Just like the rest of the reviews, my review is the same. This extension does exactly what it says and displays very nicely. Support is top notch. Will recommend this plugin for sure!

Thanks Nordmograph!
Reviews: 2
The Plugin himself is very nice. The only thing i miss, this Plugin dont accept "https" links. So if you open a Soundcloud link and copy this link you need to delete the "s" after "http" before you save the content.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. This has been fixed. Both http and https soundcloud urls are supported.

Reviews: 1
This extensions does exactly what I needed it to do. I did have one small glitch in that you HAVE to take the "s" off "https" for it to work correctly.
Reviews: 16
In this day and age of social media and all, most websites need some sort of connection to other sites, Facebook itself allows you to embed videos and audio from other sites. Having said that, this is one of the few plugins and even fewer Non-commercial plugins that lets you "connect" with other sites and guess what, no link to the developer. What more can I say, thank you.
Reviews: 35
Simple to configure, fabulously reliable, worked perfectly on my first try. My private question via contact form was answered in minutes. I am replacing another well known player, which has given me occasional problems, with this nicely done HTML5 player.

well done. wish there were more stars. this plugin deserves 10 **********'s
Reviews: 9
Does perfectly what it says and does it good !

What else ?
Reviews: 31
nice plugin,,it does what it says ,,add simple tag and you're ready to go ,,it does work on EASYBLOG component articles too ,,well done ,,thanks :)
Reviews: 3
I used this plugin on a J1.5 site with no problems, when i upgrade to j2.5 i upgraded the plugin to the newest version for j2.5 but it didn't work. I asked on the forum and was taken through what I needed to do and now it works no problems at all. Great service and support for a FREE PLUGIN!!
Reviews: 2
Just simple as it is, very easy to set up, just intalling the plugin, enabling it and choosing the type of URL that we want, then so simple as insert the URL in an article, very happy with this one, AND ITS FREE!
Reviews: 6
just two {} and the link from soundcloud and your good to go. Can't be easier. thanks for the easy usage =)
Reviews: 1
I just installed this, pasted the required bit of code in the article and it worked. Much easier than having to copy and paste the embed code. Nice work.
Reviews: 1
I pointed out that it was only possible to play single tracks and not set lists. In less than a day I received an email from Adrien telling me that the issue had been fixed. Fantastic!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review! Happy you enjoyed it. It was actually not about fixing an issue, only about adding a little feature to allow a different player height if player plays more than one track :)