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Youtube Feed Pro Module

An essential module for updating the video from Youtube. With YT, with simple operation, you will be at a beautiful skin not inferior to Youtube. YT integrates many new features and modern.
The basic features:
- Add video list from several different resources:
+ From a specific user or the video that person favorite
+ Add from Youtube playlist
+ Especially, look for the video query. You type in any phrase and it will list the video required.
+ Update hot videos by day, week, month on youtube
- Video filter functions according to the author, the 3d and caption.
- Sorted your video as you like.
- Support 3 types of interfaces corresponding to the position and width of the module.
- Thumbnail image quality improved significantly
- Customize parameters on the player extremely easy.
- Automatic play quality HD video when running the page, this can not be done by inserting normal.
- Especially, the next video automatically when finished.
- Adjust the number of results displayed
- Additional buttons adjust video size if the width of the module is too short.
- Customize the easy interface.
- Supports standard 4:3 and 16:9

Change-log version 2.0.0

- Add vertical style with multiple features (Drag, Mousewheel...)
- Responsible styles
- Integrate smooth scrollbar
- Can add multiple playlist, query or user/chanel
- Use AJAX tech > Site faster load
- Integrate Youtube's API to change video url

Change-log version 2.0.1
- Fix errors on mobile (iOS & android)

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Reviews: 1
I was re-building a Joomla 1.5 site into a Joomla 2.5 stable site and searched around for a tool that can be used to display entire Youtube feeds. Rather than manually using the embed code which was not responsive at all. That being the goal of the re-build; to make it a responsive site for the many devices surfing the web these days.

Well this extension has proven to be simple and useful. It is responsive and automated in that it will post new videos to my site as they are added to Youtube dynamically. What a time saver, and for the low 20 euro cost it is well worth it. Plus I can add multiple modules on any and all pages of my site.

Excellent product and well worth the money spent. Keep up the great work!

Thanks much,
Homefront Technologies, LLC