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OSYouTube Plugin

This is a plugin that makes it dead simple to embed YouTube videos into your site. You no longer need to use the tags. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube into your articles. The plugin takes care of the rest! What could be more simple?

It's now responsive too.

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Reviews: 47
It does what it say's. I had several articles already pasted with YouTube links and I was really worried of the time to update them with embed code.

This plugin did that within just 30 seconds of time i.e. download > Install > Activate... Done...

Thanks again
Reviews: 2
Best and Simple Joomla youtube embed plugin. Simple, Install, enable and use(copy url n past).
Reviews: 2
Last advantage of Wordpress over Joomla ELIMINATED. BRAVO!
Reviews: 9
It´s an excellent plugin. Just straight forward. Simple. Working.

Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
It's work great. If there is solution to make this youtube video to responsive into the article, it will be perfect. Can you do this change on plugin, please?
Thank you.
Owner's reply

It's now responsive since January 7th, 2014 :)

Reviews: 18
works perfectly in articles - you may have to strip out the automatic link maker or end up with two copies of the video - all depends on how you set up your Joomla.

I tried adding it on a Community Builder site, and it didn't work in a custom tab. Shame.
Reviews: 3
The concept about this plugin is perfect, congratulations for the idea, but I guess you only did the half of the job, because this plugin has 2 big Issues I found that take out the EASY adjective from it:

1 - It duplicate the video frame, so the end-user need to broke the link everytime to remove the secound video.

2 - If your video URL came with any variable info inside it like: "feature=player_embedded&" it simply dont work, and again, you need to teach your client how to manually remove this peace of information from URL.

I hope you fix it, and I will be glad to give you 5 star review. It can be the best... IT CAN, it is not yet.
Reviews: 3
I HAD to have this plugin after installing Joomla 3.0 - it makes it so much easier to embed youtube videos.
Reviews: 1
very easy to use youtube embedder, no skills or coding required!
good support
if u need a youtube video embedder then this is it
Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says it does. A good experience. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
OSYouTube is fantastic. I needed a simple plugin to display a grid of 4 YT videos. Extremely quick to download/install/config. Placed the url for the 4 videos in the article and bam! 8 videos. Reread the reviews, went back to the article, broke the link so the url was text only and saved. Bingo! No double display.

Perfect plugin. Displays across IE9 on Windows, Safari OSX on Mac, safari iOS6 on iPhone and iPad. Done.

Thanx for a GREAT plugin!
Reviews: 1
Simple and nice plugin! Does what it says.
Those who have "double entry", i.e. double youtube embedding, make sure you have link as text.
Don't make it like a href="", it should be unlinked, like URL as text, not clickable.
Reviews: 1
I saw a similar feedback already but no respons. I have an issue with this plugin because iot shows all youtube videos twice. I have to correct the code manually because the links to youtube are duplicated. Is there a fix to be expected for this?
Reviews: 4
I have to admit that this is one of the easiest plugins I've ever used. Absolutely perfect for a newbie like myself.
Many many Thanks
Reviews: 1
Easy to user, but I got two YouTube frames for the same video on the same page for only one url mentioned. Is this normal?

Additionally, it had been mentioned by other users before, there is a tailing "> sign next to the YouTube video frame.
Reviews: 7
A very good plugin, it does what it needs to do. All you do is activate the plugin, set the size of the youtube, and your are good to go.

I like it very much, but I can't use it right now. Because you can't align the plugin as a picture next to the text.

Perhaps this could be added in a feature version?
Reviews: 1
Hi! Thank you so much for this plugin, i read a review about embeding youtube videos with "trash code" like So i have i client that copies links with no care about this, so i wrote a small fix to your code using regular expressions:

/*the new video regular expresion*/
$reg_video_link_expr = '(\?v=([a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)(&[a-zA-Z]+=[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+)*)';

$article->text = preg_replace('|'.$reg_video_link_expr.'|e', '$this->youtubeCodeEmbed("\2")', $article->text);

With this piece of code i answer the comment made by FabZ on May 26, 2010.

That's all and thank you again!
Reviews: 4
This is just great, even I have one issue using IE7, in all pages Fails, to solve it, I have to use a link with href to include the youtube address, but then appears an "> at the end. How could fix it?

Thank you so much...
Reviews: 1
Excellent! What else to say.
Reviews: 16
How could it be any easier!?!??! Thanks so much!!!
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