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Google Plus Feed Module

Mod_GoogPlusFeed is a simple module designed to embed posts made to your Google+ profile into a Joomla! site.

It can also display posts within a specific Google Community, simply specify the numeric Community ID instead of a User ID.

It currently supports 'Post' and 'Share' types of submission to Google+, all others are ignored.

The most recent (public) posts you made to Google Plus are embedded into the markup of your site so that visitors and search-engines alike can see posts you've made to Google+.

The module was designed around the following core concepts;

- Must not slow page load
- Must not contain un-necessary chrome
- Must link to mentions and hashtags

Additionally, mod_GoogPlusFeed also implements the following

- Support for Dark and Light themes
- Configurable number of tweets to display
- Option to link to Google+ profile
- Customisable date display format
- Ability to include direct link to post
- Caching support

The module includes a default API key (Google+ requires this) which will allow the module to work straight away without customisation. It is recommended, however, that you generate your own (see the module documentation for details).

New in Version 1.4

- Merged Joomla 2.5 and 3 versions into one module
- Added support for sending a RPC Ping to Google whenever your Google+ feed changes

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I like this extension a lot. Simple and straight foreword and does its job. For only 2 euros a bargin.