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JJ Social Slider Module

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Social Slider is a simple module that appears in a fixed position, either on the left or right hand side of your page. Upon hovering over an icon, the bar slides out using CSS3 transitions, providing a small caption which you can link to a social network page.

The icons supported:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- MySpace
- Youtube
- LinkedIn
- Steam
- Last.FM
- Pinterest
- Soundcloud
- Tumblr
- Github
- Flickr
- Vimeo

We also support custom slides, allowing you to add your own.

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Reviews: 1
I finally found a module which is not only beautiful and easy to use (and free), but also doesn't show on every bottom of each article, which is much more lovely when you have a blog for example.
Thank you for the great job!
Reviews: 3
Another nice extension for free on the excellent joomla platform. I have one question though. In my case, the sliders site behind the content. How can I modify the Z stacking to ensure it sites above my content and not behind it?
Owner's reply

Hi there,

Thank you for your kind review. Please could you use our support forum or email us directly should you have any questions regarding our extensions.


Reviews: 1
Fast to install and customize, nice and elegant layout!
Reviews: 13
Absolutely love it! Simplistic and so fast to get up and running. Only thing I disliked was that I had to go through them all and turn off all the ones I didn't want showing as they're set to yes by default. Aside from that, it's amazing. Highly recommend.
Reviews: 3
Very quick and easy to install. The usability is seamless, and the support I received on a minor issue related to my site was quick and professional.

Easy to customize icons and color schemes to match the style of my website.

I hope to see even more great modules from Charlie and crew at JJ in the future. Thank you for a wonderful job.
Reviews: 1
One off the best extensions I tested, after a bad day it was just what I needed, it works out of the box and it is self explanatory.
Reviews: 1
No only the extensions works great but the support is excellent as well!!!
Got a little problem with css, after reporting it I got not only an explanation what the problem is, but a solution as well within only a few hours! ...and an update of the whole extension within 40h!!! Great, great, great!
Reviews: 1
It works out of the box, easy to customize, nice and simple.
Reviews: 1
This is a great looking, simple to install, with great support (if needed), extension. Could use an instagram link (had to add it as custom).

Thank you!
Reviews: 8
This is simply excellent extension such a sweet people made it available for free to the community good job guys you deserve everything you ask in life
Reviews: 1
No doubt, this is the best extension of it's kind. Easy to use, keen to the eye and works perfectly. Press the download button if you don't believe me!
Reviews: 7
Very simple yet powerful extension. One may use JQuery or CSS to show slider. And it's FREE! If I could complain, there is one thing: after translation to my language, texts on sliders became longer, but the slider remained the same length - texts overlapped icons. Dear developers, Please take such a case under consideration.
Owner's reply

Hi there,

Thank you for the kind review and letting us know about the overlapping text. It's small things like this that we always try our best to fix to make our extensions just that little bit better. I'll be sure to sort this out in the next update ;)


Reviews: 3
this is a very easy to use extension , very good looking, and does the job perfectly . big THANK YOU to the people behind developing it
Reviews: 3
The plugin provides a fairly vast selections of social media links you would like to embed to your website, and is very easy to customized and manage. It even includes 5 extra custom links for you to use for other websites not included in the list. It does have a selection of white or black colors which works with my website's layout very well. I would highly recommend this extension. And the best part is, it is free!
Reviews: 7
This is one of the best social module I've ever met. Well designed, easy to install and configure. Highly recommended to all of us. And my best regards to Developer!
Reviews: 1
excellent extension
easy to install
very cute
Reviews: 1
When I set out to look for a social icons solution I thought I would have to wade through several garish designs before I found one with a bit of subtlety. I tried JJ Social Slider first, and it quickly became clear I would need not look any further.

Incredibly simple to use. When I hesitated about which module position to put it in, a quick look back at the website gave me the answer (debug).

You can choose the colour value of the tiles to get the perfect match for your site, and the height at which the tiles are positioned.

I don't it gets much easier than this. :-)
Reviews: 16
Excellent extension.
Does exactly what it should with minimal fuss, yet is easy to make minor style changes too.
Reviews: 3
I have spent countless hours over several years trying this extension and that extension. Some are good, some not so good... but rarely is one so exceptional that I feel compelled to leave a review (either positive OR negative).

JJ Social Slider is the rare exception. It works beautifully, without requiring a lot of tweaking, it looks very clean and professional, and it is thoughtfully designed to allow for customization. It is, by far, the nicest social icon module I have tied... and I've tried A LOT!

Best of all, it is FREE and does not clutter one's site with copyright notices or links back to the developer's website (which can render an otherwise useful extension useless on a production site).

My thanks to the developers of this little gem. I recommend it highly.
Reviews: 16
Just on looks alone this is attractive
As you can see on their demo page, it slides out each social icon in a little bar, pleased with this.
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