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Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button Plugin

Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x


Also you can move the buttons inside the article/item/product template. Available guides with examples.

8 actions in 1 plugin!
1) LIKE or RECOMMEND (Facebook)
2) SEND (Facebook)
3) SHARE (Facebook)
4) Google +1
5) Twitter Button + short URL (
6) Pinterest Button (Pin it)
7) LinkedIn
8) Tapiture (Tap it)
9) Custom HTML button

Ultimate Facebook Like / Share Google +1 (plus)/ Twitter/ Pinterest/Linkedin/ Tapiture Content Buttons is a plugin for Joomla 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0 which adds the social buttons on top/bottom( or both) on each article.

When someone clicks this "Like" button will automatically posts on his profile like this current page link with image and text description!

Actually with this Social Button plugin you can download another one, the JSDK plugin that integrates FBML code to your site before tag. This is useful because you can use it for other applications from Facebook.
+ Custom HTML button
+ Google +1 Button
+ Pinterest Pin Button
+ Twitter Post button
+ Facebook Like & Send
+ Facebook Share with Multplie Images Support!!!
+ FMBL or iFrame
+ JoomFish Support
+ Auto-Translate based on active J! language
+ Custom CSS style for best positioning!
+ Auto Language feature added!
+ Like Font Family
+ Like Colors Scheme (Light / Dark)
+ Position (Top,Bottom,Both)
+ Display Intergrations
==> Anywhere adding a tag
==> Joomla Content Article View (com_content)
==> Joomla Content Blog View (com_content)
==> Joomla Content FrontPage (com_content)
==> K2 Category View (com_k2)
==> K2 Items View (com_k2)
==> LyftenBloggie Entries View (com_lyftenbloggie)
==> RedShop Product View (com_redshop)
==> Virtuemart Products Detail Page (com_virtuemart)-IMPROVED
==> Show on Zoo Items (com_zoo)
==> Quick FAQ Items (com_quickfaq)
==> EventList Detail Layout (com_eventlist)
==> Soon Radio/DJ Schedule
+ Show / Hide faces
+ Actions (Like or Recommend)
+ Layout (Standard or Button Count)
+ Include / Exclude Sections & Categories or Specific Articles
+ Og Meta Tags parameters
+ Standard Link support
+ Share button style
+ www or non-www mode
+ http or https fix
+ Short Twitter URLs via

Works with or without SEF (Joomla's SEO settings)

Note: Virtuemart intergration works with any Virtuemart SEO plugin you have installed.

Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Social Buttons, Twitter button, Google plus +1 button , Facebook Send , ultimate social buttons, Pinterest, pin button,LinkedIn, Tap it (tapiture), Custom html Button

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Reviews: 5
Thank you for developing this nice plug-in. It's really a time saver, I use it on all of my sites. It needs a bit of css adjusting but hey what doesn't.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your good words! Please e-mail about css recommendations

Reviews: 1
Purcesed the plugin to make it work with yootheme zoo blog. There was a problem but support answered fast and make it work. I'm happy now because i can share zoo blog content.
Owner's reply

Thank you a lot!

Reviews: 4
I would definitely use this again. Fast response with questions and very easy installation.
Owner's reply

Thank for your good words!

Reviews: 4
Excellent product. I purchased the plugin and did not realize that I had a conflict on the back end. Opened a ticket. Support was fast and efficient. Product works exceptionally well. I strongly recommend going with this very modestly-priced commercial product. It's worth it.
Reviews: 1
I had a problem with some components, where the social buttons didn't show up. After asking for support I got help right away. Now the plugin works like a charm - thank you very much for this really useful plugin and for the great support!
Reviews: 1
It is a perfect plugin with excelent setting options. tThe support helps rapidly.
Reviews: 5
Installed and began working immediately.

Web Experts supplied great service when I needed it with their facebook comments extension. I'd buy from them again.
Reviews: 4
For some reason the site I installed it on had a template that places a cononical link on all pages ( domain root ) as a result facebook was counting the fronpage clicks and liking the frontpage (the cononical link) when liking.
This was identified within 5 minutes of creating a ticket on the developers site.
Besides that the module appears to be working perfectly, better then some of the other commercial plugins that have been available for a while... I will be using (and replacing) this plugin on all sites that that need social sharring.
Well done.
Reviews: 25
The plugin is easy to configure and use. The version I had stopped working due to a change at Facebook where a spurious 'width' parameter stopped the thing from working altogether leaving an empty space. I blame Facebook for this, not the dev. I fixed this myself by removing the offending code. I tried the dev's site but it is a little impenetrable if you can't understand Greek, even the translate button still gives you a page full of Greek. If not for these two problems it would have had a 4 star rating.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for review.
Please open a ticket at to report the issue.(is fully translated to English.)

Reviews: 1
This product is great , but even more greatness lies in the support that was support by its Support team very promptly(
Stergios Zgouletas).
Owner's reply

Thank you for great review :)
Stergios Z

Reviews: 10
++ on quick support by developer. No cons on the extension, working as it should, easy to install, clear step by step installation instructions.
Reviews: 71
A client asked me to add some share/like buttons that included Pinterest, and Ultimate Facebook Like was the only one I could find that displayed the thumbnails correctly when sharing via Pinterest. The price was low so I placed an order, and within minutes I had the plugin configured on my client's site. I'll definitely be using this one in future!
Reviews: 1
I have been using this plugin for almost a year on several websites. It's easy to install and does what it says. When I needed some support, the developer contacted me within hours (during evening hours in the weekend) and had it fixed the next day.

Thank you!!!
Reviews: 12
A great and very simple product which allow to access with twitter, facebook, Google+ in one plugin. The plugin is very simple to use.

I have had a problem (warning displayed). In ea few minutes I got a new version which corrected the problem.

thank you Stergios

Continue to create those type of product
Reviews: 1
This is my first review but is my obligation to say one I thank in the author of Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button.
Easy in the installation, without problem and the better support.
Asked support for kunena and the author added him without cost in few hours.

I thank Stergios you make good work.
Plugins 10/10 Support 20/10

George Tsentelieros
Reviews: 2
I searched days, weeks to find a usefull plugin working with K2.
This plugin works like a charm! It does what it should. K2 + FLike,+1,Twitter
Also great support if you have problems ;)
Reviews: 1
I cannot recommended this Plugin enough. It is strait forward and very easy to install, just a few clicks and you are away!

I only had one problem, which was not with the Plugin but with my CSS. Even though it should have been upto me to fix the problem, Web-Expert stepped right in and fixed it for me. I cannot thank them enough.

Plugin 10/10 Support 11/10!

One Happy Customer

Thank You
Reviews: 9
Perfect plug and play module. Well worth the money and the support is fantastic too.
Reviews: 1
This is my first review but this plugin deservs it! Worked out of the box , worked as a charm.

The support is fantastic! ,the best i have ever seen.

A 'must have' plugin for all sites!
Reviews: 2
I bought that plugin, installed it fine and it trashed my ZOO Blog. I went on their page and guess what: They offer online live chat help!
I knew: This must be fake. I clicked on it and some seconds later a guy responded via LiveZilla.
A person.
A human being.
A programmer. Not a soulless call center clerk.
How great is that?
The man just started fixing my site right away– while I waited! On a SATURDAY NIGHT!
Can you believe it?
Some minutes later, he had it done!
I find it remarkable that he obviously did not do it for service but for pride: “I will fix it for you” he kept writing in my chat window. And so he did.
I am happy with many extensions here at JED. I really should write more reviews someday on yootools, JoomSEF, XTYPO and some more extensions which make Joomla the awesome problem solver it is today.
But this was the most awesome, effective , sympathetic and happy-ending experience I ever had.
The only downside: 6 Euros is way too cheap for this extension. I mean: You will get facebook recommendations on your items in ZOO, how valuable is that? How much SEO will you not need when having that?
I know there is a free thing from KOOZKA, but it did not work at all and had problems with JoomFish.
I can confirm: It works with JoomFish and ARTIO JoomSEF!
This is not a favor from a friend. I live in Germany and everything I am telling here really happened.
These plugins generate traffic and registrations here every day. At that price, you can’t go wrong.
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