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Social Backlinks ComponentPlugin

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Social Backlinks automatically posts your Joomla, K2, ZOO, Hikashop, RedSHOP and Virtuemart selected content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Vkontakte.
This extension feed all the social networks with your content in a smart way. Social Backlinks is the only component to use the automatic configuration to post on social networks. No more need to create a new social account, application,... just plug and play.

With Social Backlinks extension you get: a well coded component, automatic sync plugin, detailed documentation, support by the developer.

** Social Networks features **

- One Joomla, K2, ZOO, Hikashop, RedSHOP, Virtuemart content generate up to 6 social backlinks per publication
- Facebook personal account & page
- Twitter account
- LinkedIn profile and page
- Vkontakte profile
- Facebook/LinkedIn user page is automatically detected during connection (when you're a page admin)
- Additional Facebook account to manage additional account or page
- Post on page as admin or as user
- Compatible with Joomla 2.5 & 3.x

** Social Backlinks auto publish features **

- Sync all your Joomla content, categories or articles
- Sync all your K2 content, categories or content
- Sync all your Yootheme ZOO content from pages and blog
- Sync all your Hikashop products, categories or content
- Sync all your RedSHOP products, categories or content
- Sync all your Virtuemart products, categories or content
- Choose to sync your content when articles are just published or updated
- Determine the sync delay
- Go over post limit: the component keep in mind your content and make a new sync later
- Force an image or a logo to be posted
- A sync problem? use the Email alert system
- Compatible with Joomla SEF extension
- Control the content: history, error log
- Well coded, fast loading
- User friendly interface
- Synchronization is called asynchronously, don't slow down your website!
- A synchronization can be triggered each time you save an article
- Easy to install and update

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Reviews: 1
Finally, after two days of searching and wasting money on other products I found this. It works seamlessly out of the box and most importantly it posts to my client’s business Facebook page instead of his personal profile without a problem. Worth every penny, keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
A client of mine has a site with yoothemes zoo installede and wanted to be able to post articles from zoo on their facebook page automatically. Social Backlinks does exactly that! Installing and setting up was easy with the how-to video.
When an issue with facebook connect arose it was dealt with swiftly by the support! Worth every cent!
Reviews: 3
Social backlinks works pretty good, installed easily, selected the category to publish automatically and connected to linkedin. When I had a question for support about a missed update they where quick and adequate in there reaction.
Reviews: 1
The product is the best in its category. Great UI, great job, very easy set up. I needed support with an issue that turned to be not of the product but the support team looked it a lot. The support is nothing I have ever seen! Outstanding! If you need something like this you have to buy this!
Reviews: 66
As with their other extensions, JoomUnited has done an outstanding job with Social Backlinks. Super easy to install and set up, slick interface, great support... Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension.
The interface is intuitive and it does the job perfectly.
Support is outstanding! Reply time is fast and to the point.
Would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you guys and keep it up!
Reviews: 5
This a really great extension that does what it's supposed to be done. the support is fantastic, Vien answers faster than his shadow !
After using this extension I have bought two others for uploading photos and files and I have been impressed by again the quality of his work. Keep up the good work Vien !
Reviews: 4
I've bought this extension and I'm very happy with it. It does what it says it does, works very nice and fast, the layout is very easy to work and is quick to implement with the automatic configuration. The manual configuration is terrible to configure, but is not associated with this extension but with the creation of apps and secret keys in facebook, linkedin and twitter. That is a bit of a nightmare for a non programmer, but this extension is a breeze to work. And with automatic configuration it does the job for us, just need passwords.

Also requested help with a tiny detail and the support was very fast and very helpful.
Reviews: 2
Great extension, greatly facilitates the work of publishing in social networks. Great developer support. Extension recommended.
Reviews: 1
I recently bought this extension to publish my article automatically, it is so easy to configure and work like a piece of cake. It does what it says.

Only the things that it doesn't do is publish your article in the Facebook group. Well, I logged a ticket with Joomunited if they can add this features in the future release.

I hope they will add this feature very soon though they replied in the ticket that they exactly don't know how long will it take to add this feature.

Overall, it is an excellent extension to increase your traffic from social networking site. I would recommend any to buy this extension.

NOTE: There is another extension named AutoTweetNG, that one has a lots of features but not user friendly at all also they don't have easy guidelines for configuring their extension.
Reviews: 6
I wanted a solution for a portal in order to be able to post all the items to the Facebook.This extension works perfect and the configuration is very easy.I have faced a problem and the support was superb they tried and solved the issue very fast.
Highly recommended
Reviews: 7
Really quick to instal and set up and I was ready to use within 15 minutes.

Does the job it says it does!
Reviews: 2
Its great works out of the box and even a dim wit like me can get it up and running the Facebook app would drive you mad but its facebook not this extension thats the maddening part , if it posted to Pinterest that would be amazing
Reviews: 2
Social Backlinks was simple to install and has a very nice and easy to use interface. You are able to disable any plugins that you don't need or want and then the interface is super-clean with only a couple buttons to operate. When I had trouble with one aspect, I posted a support ticked and a new version was released in a matter of hours to address my issue. This is amazing since the price was so cheap. Better support than extensions costing 10x more. I also asked if the LinkedIn plugin would support "groups" and was responded enthusiastically that a future version might. Way to listen to your customer's needs! I also tried their "Glossary" extension and was impressed as well.
Reviews: 1
In not even 20 minutes i purchased, downloadet, installed, configured and testet this solution.

It worked at the first try and works perfectly. A well designed tool!
Reviews: 1
Installed on a J3.1.1 site and the extension didn't work. Opened a ticket and support responded amazingly fast. First fix didn't work quite right, but game permission for them to access site and they uploaded a new version and it was super simple to use!

Facebook can be a bit wonky - but that is FACEBOOK's issue. Once I got FB to accept my website and not try to force me to host on their site, everything worked perfectly.

Tested an article and boom....on all the channels (FB, Twitter and Linked In).

Slick interface and attractive GUI. Excellent documentation. Both in a video and PDF. Would recommend an English voiceover for those of us that are auditory learners, but not everyone speaks English...

Twitter and Linked in took less than 5 minutes to configure.
Reviews: 1
The quality of support these guys offer is nothing short of fantastic! I had some major problems just after the install due to a config problem in Joomla. I lost the whole site and these guys had it back up and running in under 20 minutes of my first ticket submission.

I very happy customer. And the price is absolutely value for money, the UI is just beautiful.

Thank you so much.
Reviews: 2
The first component that simply works for me.

The admin interface is nice and very customized. Support very reactive.
Reviews: 1
This module works great once installed. I had a problem with the installation due to changes in the Facebook API but Vien was able to figure out why it wasn't working and give me the instructions I needed to get this module interacting with Facebook. Thank you to Vien and the team at JoomUnited.
Reviews: 1
Have been using this extension for a few months on several sites. Had some hiccups at the start with the wrong images posting to Facebook due to using a social buttons plugin. However the devs fixed that, and now it works like a charm.
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