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KA Social Sharing Plugin

KA Social Sharing plugin adds major Social Networks into your content articles and Joomla components. Social Share buttons can be published at various locations in content. Plugin has backend settings where you can customise it. You can enable or disable each social network individually or show or hide them on specific sections, categories, individual articles or specific menus.

Also you can hide or show on specific menu items. For integration to other components please see Integration section and send us request if you would like to have it integrated into a component that you are using.

- Facebook Like
- Facebook Send
- Facebook Share
- Google
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- TweetMe
- StumbleUpon
- Reddit
- Digg
- ShareThis
- Pinterest
and more...

Please visit website to see theme screenshots...

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Reviews: 4
The extension doesn't work. Most of the theme icons appear as red X boxes. I posted on the developer's support forum two weeks ago. ZERO RESPONSE. Then, I emailed the developer directly. ZERO RESPONSE. Total waste of money.
Reviews: 2
support is great,
module working fine, more like this please!

waitin for more KA's works.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to leave review.

Reviews: 20
I like this extension and wanted to get the update with the Google +1 button. It seems from the website that if you bought the previous version, you can get a break for the update. Contacted the author about it but no answer which confirms the other reviewers reports for lack of support.
I am pondering whether to re-buy it since it does the job but I feel cheated somewhat. I also know that if anything goes wrong, I'm on my own.
In a nutshell: useful but buy at your own risks.
Owner's reply

Hi Genegun,

Sorry that you had problems.

We have been looking into this issue with G+1 and seems Google have changed something at their end that was effecting that button. Please make sure to contact us in forum (even if you already did earlier) and we will help you.

Reviews: 1
The google+ button works in a randomic way. After installing it on the main domain and in 2 subdomain, it works only on the main domain, while all the other social buttons work.

Support is not that clear. After posting a message and see a similar one posted after I posted mine, nothing happened.
It seems there is no support.

The plugin is good generally speaking (except the google+) but support seems non existent. Hope this will be improved by the developers.
Owner's reply

Sorry you had problems,

Seems something is wrong with you setup of plugin probably. How have you setup other sites, in a sub folder or as sub domains?

There were some changes Google+1 API that could have caused some issues. We are happy to look into this for you if you would like us to help you, please contact us via forum.


Reviews: 2
very disappointing ...

cost me 15$ (a worst way to wasted my money)

FACEBOOK button LIKE just for current page, and not for articles...


I am just seeking another pluggin with Facebook like, Twitter and Google +one....
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had problems,

Button works for categories(articles) too but setup is little bit tricky compared to single pages. An example of buttons working on a vpage:

Reviews: 2
It is a nice-easy to install add-on for J! keep working on it, maybe you can try a free limited versión XD
Reviews: 3
Hi there
Iam happy with this module, please remember in early february it will be available new K2 for J1.6, don't forget to update for compatibility.

Many thanks
Reviews: 3
Works great, ANd has many settings you can change . I had a problem with this plug-in bolding my text on K2 pages. Support forum got back to me immediately and fixed my problem. Outstanding!
Reviews: 1
I bought the extension, installed it and it worked fine allthough the icons also appeared on sectionoverviews and category overviews. (a bit too much)

After asking for a solution on his forum board, he promised to fix that the next version.

Now I saw that there is a new version, but I don't get any responses on mails or forumposts.

So my only solution is to buy a new one and test it. But if it hasn't been fixed I'm disappointed again!

So I'm not so happy anymore...
Reviews: 1
Plugin does what it says.

Had a little problem with the "blank" page, which I resolved in the forums in 10 minutes.

Support is fast, so no problem at all with that.

Love all the options available!

What you should know:
- adds 70ko of code to your site, but I would say it's even more because fb/twitter images are loaded from external sources. Not so good when you try to keep a website lightweight for mobile use.

- You might need to get your hands dirty in the CSS to get the width properties do exaclty what to do (to avoid text trucation for example, as it happens for the french language)
Reviews: 4
After purchase this plugin is available for immediate download and installs in seconds. With lots of settings, but not confusing, it's easy to be up and running quickly. I loved the look and feel of this plugin along with functionality which is why I chose to buy it.
Reviews: 52
I just purchased this plugin to day and right out of the box, it didn't work correctly. After jumping on the developers forums, they quickly replied to the post and within an hour, they sent me a new version that fixed the problem!

That the same support level we provide our clients so, outstanding. I would recommend purchasing this plugin to anyone.
Reviews: 17
It's another KA killer extensions. It integrates perfectly on my site also also in Virtuemart flypages, see URL in KA Official Forum -> Joomla Extensions -> KA Social Sharing -> Site Showcase.

Options are A LOT but very simple to manage and author gave me good and fast support. $15 is a right price!
Reviews: 5
I'm very disappointing with this plugin :

MENU ID SETTINGS : My site is broken (blank page)

FACEBOOK LIKE : only global site and not current page

TWITTER OFFICIAL BUTTON : bad url in virtuemart


I stopped here.

I think it's a beta and not a final version. And this plugin costs 15 dollars
Owner's reply

Sorry that you had problems.

Could be a lot reasons for the problem you had, may be you are using an older version of Joomla or using some other Facebook code that conflicts. Please post in our forums and we will be more then happy to help you.