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2 Click Social Buttons ModulePlugin

2 Clicks For More Privacy (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus)

Plugin / Module for Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x

Integrates social buttons privacy safe - buttons are not loaded until the user clicks on them. The plugin and the module is a result of the problems that the integrated buttons of known social services already transmit personal data, although they still has not been clicked. So the visitors can be identified by the transmitted session ID.

The buttons have to be clicked active by visitors, so that the code of the buttons is reloaded. Thus, no personal data are transferred without the consent of the visitor. When the page loads first so-called "dummies" are displayed. The dummies are simple images that will be replaced by a click with the right buttons. Without clicking on the images no data are transferred to the social services. Another advantage is the faster loading of pages because of the very small image files.


* Privacy-friendly integration of social services
* Code of the buttons is only loaded after a click
* Supported services: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
* Faster loading of the pages
* Available as a plugin and module


Joomla! 3.x



Joomla! 2.5




The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

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Reviews: 1
obligatory plugin for responsible developers with a sense of data privacy! works great!

Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 5
Install, activate and go.

There is one thing missing, as I'd like to see a module in the same fashion as well.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review, jackprince!

The module for this extension is already available on the project page.

Reviews: 2
This extension works fine - page loads faster and privacy is respected.
Only one issue: If you use SSL (https), the Facebook- and Twitter-Buttons aren't displayed when activated because Firefox>22 prevents loading of 'mixed' content. Therefore A "https"-loading option should be included.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review and the hint.

I will look into this!

Reviews: 12
It works
- as described
- fast !!

Fine Graphics!!

5 STARS to the Developer!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 1
The good point is the Privacy-friendly integration, but If I use - e.g. Kunena Discuss plugin - the social shares appears after the discuss, but the other group's plugin (e.g. theFacebook-Twitter-Google+1) is working well.
Owner's reply

That's not true what you say. Why don't ask in the forum instead of writing such a review?

Anyway, thank you for the review.

Reviews: 7
I usually stick with commercial components, but this one is just the perfect solution. It works perfectly (which is, oddly enough not true for an other competing, commercial multi share extensions), it does not effect the page loading time, and it has an elegant design.
The only downside is, if a network is blocked by a firewall, enabling it leads to a white rectangle, which is noticeable on templates with none white backgrounds only. But clearly worth 5 stars anyway!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review!

Reviews: 2
5 Stars!
This little extension saves Privacy and Works very fast. Great Work Guys!
Owner's reply

You are welcome, have success with this extension!

Reviews: 5
This solves another problem. I had other social buttons but lately my pageload has gone from instant to over eight seconds. Facebook and Twitter were slowing loading time down unacceptably.

This plugin doesn't really load them until requested so I am back to instant pageloads. The only slowdown is if someone clicks the button, but this way my page loads.

I've noticed FB and Twitter are slowing pageloads all over the web lately. They need to fix that.
Owner's reply

Yes, this is also a main advantage of 2 Click Social Buttons!

Thank you for pointing it out.

Reviews: 2
It is great to have a social media add-on that doesn't "call home" and track people without their permission. Wonderful idea. I do have a few things that I think would make it, though.

1) Provide an option for the buttons to be shown on the home page.

2) Provide an option where when clicking on the grayed-out button, it automatically shares/tweets,etc.

3) When I set the plugin to display after the content, it doesn't show up at all. That could use some work. Of course, a top and bottom option would be awesome.

Thanks for an awesome plugin.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your suggestions and review!

Reviews: 10
5 stars from me :-)

1. w3c valid
2. many customizable options
3. very nice look and feel
4. Privacy accessible
5. work with the following browsers: IE7 +, + FF8, and the current versions of Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Thank you for this great plugin / module, I love it!
Owner's reply

Nice! Thank you very much.

Reviews: 12
Most of us know of the "like" problem of social media buttons submitting info if you like it or not. German Company "Heise" started a great idea of having two steps instead of one to do an recommendation... So "secure" your site and create even more trust with "two clicks for more security".

Here comes this great little gem into play. It incorporates the Heise idea into joomla sites - easy to install works perfectly fine. A forum is there if you need support.

Personally I prefer the plugin over the module for the simplicity of the usage.

A+ way to go!
Owner's reply

Hello herzenssache,

thank you very much for you review!

Reviews: 4
This is the best plugin i have used to show the social bookmark button.
it improves the page speed, enables security for users and works perfectly.
also, i have download other extensions by this author and works perfectly and are very useful :)
keep up your good work :)

i have given only 4 star because i have a problem with the plugin, the social buttons should be shown after the category and authors name, but currently it is show just after the title of the article :(
also, if there could be an option to show the buttons on category view and frontpage articles, it would be very nice :)
Owner's reply

Thank you...

but you could give 5 stars! ;-)

The plugin is triggered by the content component. You could achieve your plans with an override very easily. Why don't you ask first in the support forum?

For the category view you can use the 2CSB module!