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Sports Predictions ComponentModule

New update of version for Joomla 3 with a lot of new options and options to make money! Control over front-end views is now at absolutely new level!

New game in Joomla 2.5 version: 1x2. Now you can have 2 different games on 2 different pages in one website - standart game and 1x2 (lotto game).

Note: Both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 versions are different, with different games and options! For more info, please, check component documentation.

The Sports Predictions component ( ) gives you the opportunity to organize sport results predictions competitions for a team vs. team sports as soccer predictions, football, basketball predictions, hockey predictions etc. You may use it for a person vs. person sports (e.g. tennis, billiard, chess, etc.) as well.

This joomla component is great idea to organize soccer or other sports predictions games.

The sport events are organized into tournaments. You may use the tournaments field to distinguish between the different sports. Component is multilanguage, all titles come from language files. You can rename title to Soccer expert, Basketball Expert or Hockey Expert if you wish. In demo site this is renamed to "Soccer expert".

When a sport event's final result is published in the backend, all the users who has placed their predictions for this sport event's outcome are given points depending on their predictions success.

Currently you may assign points for the following prediction outcomes:
1) Exact prediction: the predicted result is an exact match (default 3 points);
2) Winner & points difference: guessed winner and points difference (default 2 points);
3) Guessed draw, points - not: guessed draw but not the points (default 2 points);
4) Guessed winner: guessed only the winner (default 1 points);
5) Wrong prediction: wrong prediction (default 0 points).
6) Or 1, X, or 2 for "1x2" game.

The points awarded can have negative value, e.g. for a wrong prediction.

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Reviews: 4
If you're looking for a component to track and score sports predictions made by your users or computer models, buy this component!

Sports Predictions is extremely powerful, flexible and easy to manage from the backend. I've been running prediction leagues on my site with many users and it works effortlessly. All you have to do is set up your teams, leagues and upcoming games, then assign the games to the appropriate league(s). Users have options to enter score prediction or margin predictions.

The standings views update instantly when result is entered in backend. Standings have almost unlimited filtering and sorting options to determine how you want your winner to be found and how you want the standings to be displayed to users simply by manipulating the URL query string.

The new primary scoring options test for accuracy over quantity which means your users don't fall way behind if they miss some games so their interest stays peaked to continue playing and not drop out. In addition, users can view personal statistical history with a chart to visualize performance by week, day and year. You will find several other goodies packed in this component.

The best part is the guys at 3D Web Design are extremely helpful and forward thinking so expect even more great additions to be included in future versions.
Reviews: 2
Fun extension to add to your site, works perfectly and if you have any technical issues, the people at 3d web designs are very helpful.
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a long time for such thing in order to make my Joomla site earn money. Then I found this component. It does not have many options, but it appeared to be a useful component, created by clever people who had obviously worked hard. It has integration with component for payment and two plugins which can help you coin money, offering various extra to the users.
Reviews: 2
Iam sorry, but i must say this is a very basic component. I want to use it for a normal soccer tournament (German Bundesliga), but it lacks the most basic functions. e.g. you can not set matchdays, the ranking ladder will be divided into month ?!! maybe this component has 10% of functions from the joomleague component and i can recommend this component maximum for boxing events..
Owner's reply

Sorry, that you are not satisfied with our component! "You can not set matchdays" is not true! All matches are created by you with date and time. Especially for you we will accelerate the launch of new version of the component for joomla 3.0. In this version, the ranking is calculated dynamically and is for a period of your choice, not only by month. The new version will have also many other extras. You can download it tomorrow, 06 November, at end of the day.

Reviews: 6
After some years of using Sportpool on J1.5 we decide to play from this year on with Sports Predictions on Joomla 3.1.5.
I dicovered a problem with ranking modules in J3.
A quick question into the SP forum, and a day after i recieved the solution...
Another day later allready an update available...
Great support, that's why i like this component a lot...
Owner's reply

Adoewa, Thank You for Your great review! New version with about 200% more features is in progress and we will do the best to publish it soon.

Reviews: 1
When I check the guesses of participants, the dates of the games appear in a disorderly fashion. I wonder if I can fix this, ie, showing games and guesses according to the dates of the games. I'll give you a hint: it has to enter the games per round, putting the number of the round and matches. Another thing: recently purchased the product, can I upgrade to the version that came out now at the end of March 2013.
Reviews: 2
The first tip system for joomla 2.5! Easy to use, with some more possibilities one of the best for me! Very good support!
Reviews: 3
Easy to use. Good support. It would be better if the developer would include more options to solve ties between users and also some predefined sport events like Boxing. Maybe a countdown timer before the beginning of the competition? In general is good stuff for a reasonable price. Thanks!
Owner's reply

jersoncito, thank You for review! Soon there will be new version of component with more options.