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JUX Accordion Menu ModulePlugin

Accordion menus are used widely in navigation, sliding, minimizing and maximizing content. Such accordions practically are expandable whenever needed. You can really save some space and be able to show a lot of information using this technique.Yes, and of course such sliding content is always great from design point of view and giving your visitor unique experience while he is visiting.

Our JUX Accordion Menu is a beautiful accordion menu designed for Joomla page. We provide you a stable, comparative menu with many templates, easy to use and simple configuration.


Stable: this module is tested many times before release to handle error, especially js conflict.
Flexible: Pro Accordion Menu has many options for you to control your menu as you want
Menu level: control the start and end menu level
Control: this module lets you choose to expand menu by a click or mouse hover.
Behavior: you could set behavior so that many items can be expanded at the same time.
Animation: you could set the speed of expanse action.
Clean design with powerfull of CSS3

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Reviews: 2
I am working on a new site and needed a vertical menu scroller for sub-navigation. After reading about the others I chose Pro Accordion Menu, and it was the perfect choice!

I had a problem with it not showing the contents correct placement on the site, emailed the company and they had it fixed within an hour.

problem was me, not setting it up properly, not the module.

This is an A+ company, would happily but another one of their modules.
Owner's reply

Hello Adam,

Thank you so much for using our extension.

Warm regards,

Reviews: 4
I tried the Lite version but need the pro version cause of special features. I got mad trying to migrate from Lite to Pro because they are built in different ways. They ask me to do the migration and I got the whole solution in less than 1 day. Fantastic.
Reviews: 1
I bought this a few days ago and had a spacing issue with the menu. The customer support was incredible. The issue had to do with something on my template getting in the way and it was resolved by customizing their program to fit my needs. I'm impressed with the menu itself and the level of support. Thank you!!
Reviews: 4
Really impressive customer service. I sent a question through their online support form this afternoon and within a couple hours I had heard back from them and my issue was resolved. There were several back & forth emails in the process, each one answered very promptly. Far exceeded my expectations, even for a commercial extension.
Reviews: 11
I bought this extension because I needed a very quick solution. Soon after trying to install the module it became clear that it would have been quicker to code it myself.
You pay a regular price of $26, yes twentysix! for a bunch of not easy to understand code lines. You expect at least the support would be brilliant at that price level - nope, on their forum I had to wait at least 3 days or a week for a reply. You expect excellent code with that price tag - nope, just messy. What about compatability and testing - nope, they weren't even aware of that their code breaks on PHP 5.3. What about communication - almost, they try and English might not be easy for Vietnamese people, but if they sell high price, they should be able to deliver "high price" as well.
My conclusion: I never again do business with that company.
Owner's reply

I don't think you are a customer at our site. As you can see at our forum post, we reply within a day for all commercial extensions. So to make it clearly, please give us your username at our site, your forum post then people can check the truth

Reviews: 6
This is the only good functioning menu I found, that allows dummy parent menu items. You can set if parent menu items must have a link or not (for instance to an article). Also, the sub menus stays folded out, as usual, as you wish. See it here