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Extended Menu Popular Module

This menu module offers almost all features of the mainmenu module plus many many more.... Like:
- CSS- Menu with Sub-Menues
- patTemplate support
- split the menu up (e.g. sub-navigation on the side)
- navigate through sections, categories, content items (you can even make it expand regular section/category link menu items)
- plugin support (load menu items from a custom database table or create complex views)
- use one of the available menu templates (mainly based on other great resources like the suckerfish CSS menu, an accessible dTree menu, mountain-top rounded corners...) or create/modify your own menu template (you may want to make this one then available to others).

(please see the homepage for more details)

Just an additional note as some may misunderstand some things about this module:
- it main emphases is not to make it simpler than the built in mainmenu but add some more possibilities and sacrifices some simplicity for flexibility (separate sub modules could probably be created to overcome this)...
- those are mainly focused on giving the web developer/designer the possibility to create standard based web sites (menu wise)
- that is to be able to separate structure (HTML) from design (CSS)
- for integration, design and other reasons this is not a component but just a module with it's limitation
- (a required step may not be required for a later Joomla version)

This may help your decision:
- don't use this module if you don't need/want any of it's additional features
- don't use it if you are not sure what HTML/CSS is and you actually don't care about web standards (accessibility etc.)
- if you desperately want JavaScript/Flash effects other menu modules may suit you better (even though possible there is not a lot effort put into making such easier)
- otherwise just check it out.. it depends on your knowledge, preferences and what you actually want to archive

Note: Unfortunately I can't reply to comments. If you believe there is a bug or it is not working as advertised then please do contact me or raise an issue in the bug tracker.
e.g. this module is compatible with Joomla 1.7 since the snapshot version 2011-11-10.
(1.0.6 on the other hand was not compatible)

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Reviews: 5
I have used it in the past on Joonla 1.5 websites and was happy with it. When I tried to install it on a 1.7 site, installation went seemingly fine, however the configuration page for the module is missing the right (module specific) panel. Pity it can't be used with 1.7.
Reviews: 1
I have used this module many times in the past and it is great. However it is not compatible with Joomla 1.7 and so should not be marked as such (above). i do hope the develop get around to upgrading it as it's a very useful module to have.
Reviews: 9
this module is great and configurable!!!
Reviews: 15
Excellent Module, Its confusing for new users and takes little time to understand how to configure it. But once you get use to using this module you will love it.

Only problem is the module is not updated from long time. Hope the developer will take note of this and release version for 1.7 or at least update the module

Amit Patekar
Reviews: 1
It's a very amazing tool, i use it on all my websites. but my question is where is the 1.6 module?.

THanks alot.
Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension, especially considering Joomla! is more of a designer's CMS than a developer's CMS. In fact I would probably not even be using Joomla! if it were not for this extension.

Reviews: 7
My favourite features (besides the typical menu usage):
You can create automatic menu-items for sections and categories. In other words, you can expand joomla categories and sections. The real beauty about it: the output options. i.e. category name as static title or clickable links. Or even as a select-box. A handy little gem: The ItemID selection has a fixed and a smart option.

Never tried the suckerfish menu templates. But i have seen them in some templates.

In Joomla 1.0 days, the awesome splitmenu option was my highlight (something you know from J1.5, right?! )

I would really like to see it for J1.6+ ;)
Reviews: 1
This module is excellent for all my needs in dropdown menu. For the first time trying I was a little bit confused because of no settings in UI. But making some arrangements with CSS got perfect results. Features are compatible with IE6/7/8. Great! Thanks a lot!
Reviews: 10
Love it. Use it on all websites. I just made it a part of all my custom template starters.
Reviews: 3
This is simply the best menu module of it's kind. No doubt about it. Way to go guys!
Reviews: 1
I was thinking to develop new module like this but you solve my objective. thanks
Reviews: 3
Very happy with this module, Although.. I wonder, how do i make my own template? I need to add an extra class.. to menu items that have sub menu items, so that I can put arrows on these!
For usability..
Reviews: 16
This is a must have, it also has additional menu templates which you can add to the module. Great work!
Reviews: 4
Thanks for sharing, it helps me make CSS menu out-of-box.
Reviews: 3
If you are in webdesign, this is the must for every site you create. As the developer says, it allows submenues at other positions. Really great work, keep it up!
Reviews: 1
This module in itself is great, a learning curve is needed, but once understood it allows supreme control.

The only issue I have is between suckerfish and EI, I have installed the code form a couple different sources that are supposed to make it work right, but still no luck, and java is one thing I don't know. If a fix were provided on the developer site along with the suckerfish instructions it would be perfection in my eyes.
Reviews: 8
Thank you for this. How many times have I wished I could just add a or in the right place in a menu to create something special. At last, I can edit the HTML *and* the CSS for my menus without being limited to the existing structures.

THIS is really useful.
Reviews: 3
This is my search module. Really cool and work well.
Thank you very much for good module.
Reviews: 2
Very nice addon. Time and patience are required in the configuration and setup.

As of now there is a bug where an item won't open in a new window even if it has been set to do so in its options.
Reviews: 2
It's a very great module with powerful feature.
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