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RokNavMenu ModulePlugin

★ RokNavMenu is a powerful menu module which provides functions above and beyond the capabilities of the core Joomla menu. It provides a feature rich platform for extending the menu, allowing for overrides and plugins for the menu itself, in addition to versatile theming capabilities and so much more.

The latest revisions feature inbuilt themes such as fusion, a complex dropdown menu system with optional javascript modes and URL extension capabilities.

★ Features

- Menu Themes: A series of themes ranging from a simple menu list to an advanced dropdown system
- URL Extension: Inbuilt parameter to append strings to Joomla links
- Administrator Overrides: Add custom parameters / options for individual menu items
- Plugin Support: Control all aspects of a menu item such as RokBox integration
- Foundation: RokNavMenu is at the core of all the powerful RocketTheme menus
- Dynamic Child Direction: At the browser windows edge, Fusion will force the pullouts in the opposing direction

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Reviews: 3
Ok, this extension is free, but the solid menu of the paradigm template from rockettheme is using it, and this was one major reason to buy the membership and the template, which is not that cheap at all :-(

However this module has a major bug, preventing to select the submenus on Apples Ipad (Ios7). It took nearly one week that I got a reply in the paid support forums at all. The first answer was, 'everything is working fine'. After I proofed (with screenshots), that even their demo page is affected by this bug, the answer was, that a bug ticket was escalated to the developers. This is 4 days ago, and still no information about the status of the fix. I am very disappointed from rocketthemes, it seems after they have got your money, nobody cares anymore. To bad, that 2 Months of work have been put into this template, and now the release of the page is delayed because Rockettheme does not care. As mentioned by others, it looks nice at the beginning, but it is poorly coded and gives tons of problems afterwards. Non existing support makes everything more worse. I would not recomend to use any of their extensions, even if they are free, they cost you a lot of time afterwards, fixing problems. And time is money :-(
Reviews: 16
Here it comes from the Rockettheme guys.. another great extension. My favourite, I'd say a must, when it turns to responsivness. That embodies my idea of "powerful extension". The same guys of the gantry framework.. they never end to surprise me. Great support by the way.. the one I like most, hands down! you just need to spend a few bucks to have the best the market can offer you. SUPER!
Reviews: 1
As with other extensions and templates from RocketTheme, the product initially looks professional.

However, after using it for any length of time, you'll quickly discover that it's half baked, poorly thought out and, in many cases, buggy.

A classic situation is that very basic functionality works well, but more advanced features either don't work or require you to organise your Joomla installation in a very specific way for the component to work correctly.

Support is minimal to non-existent, relying on a community forum where many requests for assistance are either ignored or treated with derision.

In summary - if you are prepared to spend time messing around in PHP to make this component work, go for it.

If you want something to install and simply work, I'd look elsewhere.
Reviews: 13
V. 2.0.2, Joomla!2.5. Easy to configure. Did what I needed (and more) until I recognized that alias menu items are not shown as active. Because it's a menu module, sorry, just 2 stars...
Reviews: 4
Very nice Extension, fast, easy to customize and clear code, especially css. I can advise it to everyone who search for an perfect menu extension!
Reviews: 1
and excellent tech support - very polite helpful and effective, acts really quickly. I bought a Rockettheme club subscription and had problem with loading module into menu cuz' I am new to Joomla, they helped immediately - this is how support should work. Gantry and Rockettheme additions are really powerful. THANK YOU !!! :-)
Reviews: 43
Thanks, I just realised that I can use RokNavMenu with custom HTML modules and Sourcerer to create dynamic menus based on what is in the database.

In this particular case, I have created a website for a tour operator with tour menus automatically populated from the tour database.

The tour operator can now create or delete tours and the menus are automatically updated for her.

Reviews: 1
I do not believe that this should be considered a 1.6 native extension yet.
It failes at the first hurdle. You cannot set any parameters needed to make it work.

The 1.5 version is a very good bit of kit so I suggest waiting a while until its out of development for 1.6
Reviews: 11
I have used many of the menu extensions listed on the JED and have to say that RokNavMenu (RNM) is one of the best to date!

To address some of the concerns others have made:
1) RNM is now non-commercial
2) excellent, free documentation on their site
3) extended parameters available for the supplied "Fusion" menu

Not sure what other "bugs" others have found, but it works flawlessly on, dare I say, a template created with Artisteer! :)

Reviews: 1
I loaded this extension with the expectations that I would not have any problems. But not only did I have them, I could only post a comment on a forum to receive support. I don't know how well this product is supported but there are quite a bit of unanswered questions on the forum related to this product.

If you have some other module that compares to the features, try it first before you spend money on this one.
Reviews: 3
Seriously... This module is a waste of money. The marketing hype on this module is fantastic but it stops there. There is absolutely NO documentation. The so-called documentation page on their site just reiterates the tooltips that you will find in the back end and all they do is re-word the field name (ie. Title => Type your title here. --> OR nd get the job done in half the time.

In order to get this module you have to pay $20, which I have no problem doing. But... When a company only gives you access to their forums (posting) after you buy, you expect support. But the support is aweful too.

Save your money and find another module.
Reviews: 4
This module is for Rockettheme Template only.
I paid it to use in my own custom template but I find it no use. Because:
1) Have bugs in the module. If use in RT template no problem because of template override. I guess they never test it in non-RT template. One bug is about a spelling error in its code.
2) If you set fixed menu item width, you will run into alignment problem. And there is no documentation or parameter you can fix the problem.
3) Extra parameters can only be found in RT templates. But these parameters are important to do customization.
4) No support in the forums for non-RT users.

In conclusion, I wonder why this module is open to be sold to public. If you do not use RT-templates, this module is of "NO USE". Unless you just need a default setting. But in that case, you can use many free tools.

Reviews: 2
I signed up and paid to download this extension. The demo looked promising and the extension boasted of it's range of themes. I am fairly comfortable with css however I found that customizing the menu to use images was tedious and time consuming. The menu uses a lot of css multi-class casting which I had to do research just to understand. I feel that it would have been so much easier for the author to have offered a few extra parameters in the module to allow for the use of images. This way the module acts as a wizard so that one does not have to do so much customization with the css. This is fine if you are well versed in css but not for those of us who would like to simply use the product.
Reviews: 10
The major issue with this extension is the lack of any documentation as to how to modify the CSS file to customize it for your site / settings. I have the module installed and working on my site, but trying to figure out which CSS style controls what is very difficult. Better documentation or even a simple description of what each style controls would get this extension five stars.

Unless you know and understand nested CSS styles, be careful!