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Sexy ImageMenu Module

After Success Image menu we just make new Sexy Image Menu with Extra Ordinary effects. The idea is to have some vertical accordion tabs that slide out when hovering. We will add some CSS3 properties to enhance the looks.

## Sexy and attractive Effect with Different images.
## Set Title / Description and Link for Every 5 menu.
## Amazing lookup and Hover effect with Menu Image with Fading for title and description.
## Dynamic Control over Slide up to 8 Slide you able to set it.
## Set your Menu Horizontal or Vertical Direction.
## Dynamically Control each and Everything From admin panel.

★ UPDaTE1.1:- Jquery / motools Conflict problem fixed.

★ UPDaTE1.2 :-
-> Flicker Problem Fixed.
-> Safari Problem fixed.
-> Jquery Conflict fix code added.
-> Now Autoplay Function available.
-> Auto Play on/off option added.
-> Delay between two slides option added[Apply only if autoplay function on]
-> Sliding Speed Control option added.

★ UPdAtE:-2.0:-
-> Read more Link Expand with full Slide.
-> Accordion Height option added.

★ UPdATE 2.2:-
-> Now you set Images Dynamically 4 to 7 Images.
-> Added Top and Bottom margin Options.
-> Height Option Error Corrected.

★ UPdATE 2.3:-
-> More Link text able to change dynamically.
-> Style settings added now change color and size for any text.
-> Font Family option added.

★ UPdATE 2.5:-
-> Now its Support Vertical Direction too Enjoy with it.

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.


You have any problem or questions regarding our Extensions please create support ticket here :

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Reviews: 1
I love this module which brings a great addition to a visual menu of the website. It is available for the 3 versions of joomla in both vertical and horizontal. It is fully configurable and easily A small problems at the start very soon was solved by a responsive team. I am fully satisfied.
Reviews: 1
The extension on the demo site looked good but I could not register any responsive behavoir. Here in the JED it sais:

!-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.

That isnt true. I was asking for that, the answer was to pay another 15 euros to be responsive.

The extension itself was not able to work properly for my first. There seemed to be jquery problems, so I was asking for support one more time. It took 2 weeks to get this extension running, seems like I have asked for support in the indian holidays but I did not get informed by this before.

So at all - disappointing but 2 stars they got it fixed at the end.
Owner's reply

This guy is amazing they passed me wrong access for solution and expect solution , still we have given solution but they posted negative feedback i dont like it. anyone able to check below other Feedback all customer happy with us , anyway thanks for your time kweb for your bad nature.

Reviews: 1
It's a very simple and good extension, the support is excellent. The support are very fast for resolve any problems.
Reviews: 1
We have used this extension for a few years in the development of shopping mall website(s) and for an advertising agency. It proved to be easy to use. Mostly, it is very aesthetically pleasing to the user. Many clients have commented on how beautiful the sites look with the Sexy Image Menu on the front page. Be sure to choose some quality photography and this extension will give you a professional site that stands out.
Reviews: 2
The extension is exactly what I was searching for. It is the mainpart of my Website-Portal and looks great! Thanks for your work!
Reviews: 1
Works good, looks good, easy install.
When using the module in an article it looks a bit different but that's probably because of the css/template.
You get the horizontal and vertical module. Also the auto play function is usefull, otherwise mobile users (without a mouse)can't see the expanded items. I spend hours trying to find something like this in the 'free' department. Don't bother, it's not there. Just buy this, cheaper then searching...
Reviews: 1
Nice lloking menu. Just what I have been looking for.
Reviews: 1
This extension creates an excellent menu for a website and is exactly what I was looking for.

It is easy to use on any website.
Reviews: 2
This is a very good nice looking menu.
It works easily and the support of Pulse is fast and good.

Also I do miss some little things as no possibility to use internal links
Owner's reply

Internal links also work , you need to copy URL from index.php and paste in Sexy image Menu link so it will work , enjoy with it thanks.

Reviews: 1
This is by FAR the best!!! So easy to use, works on any site with ease! Beautiful to watch! And super easy to customize!!! A++++ In Love!
Reviews: 3
This is a great module!
Works very fine and was easy to use! I like to pay a little for a great module.
Reviews: 1
I installed this module on our company website and it gave us the professional look we wanted. We use it on our main Services page and added links on every slide to the article page with more detailed information.

The module was easy to configure and use (image upload through FTP). I tried different solutions before but they did not do the job that efficiently and definitely did not have this sexy looks. It is inexpensive and worth every single penny! I could not be happier with it! Thank you and keep up the good work :)
Owner's reply

Thanks for your time to leave feedback here nanz , here you wrote image upload via FTP we already given two option you also upload image via admin Media manager may be you not used it please check it too on your time so you not need to upload via FTP each time , anyway thanks again for your time with us.

Reviews: 2
I installed this extension in a few minutes. Looks great.
I had a conflict with my Virtuemart installation. I asked them hat to do and they solved the issue very fast.
Worthwile the money (and it is not expensive at all).
Reviews: 1
Great menu! Easily configurable, excellent effect! Great support from developer for any help needed. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 2
Perfect for what I needed.
Easy to use. Just take me 10 minutes to buy an make it works.
This module is fully customizable.
Highly Recommended
Reviews: 2
This is a great image menu! I would agree that it would be nice to have the option to select less or more images to include in it, though if you need or can work with 5, this is great! Very smooth and easy to configure, had it up in running in just a few minutes. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I was looking for something to use on my homepage on a website where I didn't want a lot of text but to deliver the message through pictures a few pictures and it did just that.

One of the best image menu module I have used. Very easy to configure. It really outperforms similar modules from other vendors as one would have to maybe edit the website template config file or something in order for the module to work.

Thanks a lot Pulse, you really are a trendsetter
Reviews: 12
Pulse extensions are simple and do what they say on the tin. They don't feel the need to bloat out the extensions with a stack of stuff that most will never need or use.
The templates are well set out and easy to adapt to one's own designs.
Reviews: 2
Simple to use and easy to handle. Great job!
Reviews: 2
Was a bit skeptical as I always am but this module took my site from OK to Awesome! Easy to configure. Had it up and running in 10min. Great job!
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