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Spider Menu Module

We have created unique sliding box navigation. The idea is to make a box with the menu item slide out, while a thumbnail pops up. We will also include a submenu box with further links for some of the menu items. The submenu will slide to the left or to the right depending on which menu item we are hovering.

★★ Main Features :
-> Unique Sliding Menu with thumbnail and Submenu item.
-> Set all things from Administrator Section.
-> Able to Change Color for Menu background/Menu Title/Menu Description.
-> Change Images from administrator Section.
-> Unique Sliding Effects with Jquery.
-> Able to Set Submenu 1 to 4 with Every Menu.

★★ Spider Menu Live Example :

UPdAtE2.3 :
-> Code changed from base and make each things dynamic.
-> Now able to change Width / Height / Color / Size each and everything.

UPdAtE2.5 :
-> jQuery Enable-Disable and Conflict code Option

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.


You have any problem or questions regarding our Extensions please create support ticket here :

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Reviews: 6
Great enhancement in visual. My client is looking for a nice and different menu system, and SpiderMenu was the right choice! Easy to configure and work well in Joomla 3.3!
Reviews: 2
Thanks you developers!
Extension "Spider Menu" wonderful usability joomla!

Sincerely, Vladifor
Reviews: 1
Very good and affordable extension but some documentation about setting options would be a good improvement. Whatever, the support is very fast and effective.
Reviews: 1
Great for any site, simple to use, a handy tool, great, and very cheap
Reviews: 1
I´ve bought spider menu extension for a client of me. It was very easy to install und to configure it. The only problem I had: I needed more than 4 sublinks. After contacting the support, they helped me very quickly, so the module works now fine for me, with 9 sublinks. Both, module and support convinced me!
Reviews: 10
I had a couple of minor install issues (just a lack of information) that the support staff responded to. Now the product works beautifully. I am using it as an extended menu system, but also as a unique and eye catching module to display content with that cool sliding action. It is well worth the time and money
Reviews: 1
Spider menu has been a great addition to my site! It is very clean and attractive and easy to configure. Thanks to Pulse Extensions for their prompt support also!
Reviews: 1
Great Menu. Works perfect.
Personal questions en view wishes are resolved quickly en professional.
This menu works great and is a wonderfully eye Cather.
Reviews: 4
This is one of the most amazing menus I've ever used! The backend is very intuitive and easy to set up. It is very modern and stylish and suitable for any site that wants to have a visually appealing menu. Great support from the developers as well.
Reviews: 1
First do say, the extension looks and feels very unique an works perfect. It´s easy to set up and also easy to customize (with CSS). On think I didn´t realized before i bought it, it does not work with the normal Menu layout, instead you have to set the menu completely in the module settings. But it´s worth!

Also the support is very good, I wrote them my problem, an a few hours later, I got an answer and this at a low cost product where support isn´t obviously!!!!
Reviews: 1
I was wary about this extension at first as I did not think it could deliver on everything I expected. How wrong was I! This has completely replaced my old menu system and outperforms all the other menu modules around. Can’t recommend enough.
Reviews: 3
I am a newbie with no previous web development or Joomla experience....I do NOT know coding, and I was able to install this spider web, which looks pretty slick, with no effort into my 1.7 Gantry Framework. I also modified the colors of the doesn't get much more intuitive than this, folks. And I did have a question which was answered promptly and courteously by the PULSE folks I don't really get the complaints here, this is one of the FEW Extensions providers I actually trust, have had several products now that are not only easy for me (and again, I know NOTHING) to install, I always get a prompt reply by gmail for any questions I have. I have my eye on several other extensions as well.
Reviews: 4
Sometimes you have great extensions but poor support. Even when you paid for it. Here I'm happy to pay some dollars, because what I get for it is awesome.

I had a small problem with this menu (it was my fault) and I found out that pulse has one of the fastest and friendliest supports I ever wrote with!

For me it is totally ok to pay for an extension when it works like this.
Reviews: 2
This extension works perfectly in joomla 1.7

The tech support helped me to solve the java conflict i had with other module fast and effective

Easy to deploy and configure. the padding can be adjusted both in the configuration page and using firebug.
Reviews: 1
Within minutes I got support from their staff and had the issue resolved in less than 30 minutes. I'm blown away to say the least. I have been in this community for many years and have yet to see a service like this. Outstanding.
Reviews: 5
It's a wonderful menu, functional and easy to install. Technical support is timely. Thoroughly recommended.
Reviews: 2
very nice menu. i like it. i search for a cool menu like this. i found it here. great support, thanks pulseextension for solving my problems with the integration. thanks. =)
Reviews: 3
Nice looking menu but you should really give some credit to the person who created it in the first place before you just ported it to joomla..
Reviews: 1
This module change whole of my web site's so beautiful. Also support is very fast.
Reviews: 23
WOW.. What to say.
Portfolio, business, gallery, directory, ...etc.
Any kind of website design that catch eyes and produce comfort and ease of navigation, can be done with this menu. The animation, the response, and the overall design, make it my 1st choice when developing cutting edge websites..
Users & clients really seek interactivity the of i Pad and modern means of technology..
I recommend this menu for all creatives...
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