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Candy Horizontal Menu Module

After creating a Candy Vertical scrolling menu, I received a lot of responses from people who wanted Horizontal version of the same menu. So here it is, a fully reworked menu, with some new features, like text tooltips and loading message. As always this menu works in all major browsers and degrades gracefully when JavaScript is turned off.

The following Plugin have below features :
# Simple Jquery Scrolling Effect used by Menu.
# Attractive Menu Boxes with Rounded Effects.
# You able to Enter Menu Title / Menu box Color and Menu Description on Each and every Menu.
# On Mouse Hover its Scrolls on Upper and down Direction.
# You able to Set Number of menu with Admin Screen also.
# Able to Link for each menu with parent or blank widows.
# Work with all browser smooth.

***Update 2.0 : Media Manager Option added.

**UPdATE2.3 :-
-> Admin Screen Improvements.
-> Border and Radius dynamic Option added.

**UPdATE2.5 :-
-> Jquery Enable-Disable Option added.
-> Conflict Code Enable-Disable Option added.

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.

**Live Demo URL :

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Reviews: 12
I installed this extension on my side. There was a little problem between my template and this estension (a problem with border), but the support team fix it quickly.

Nice extension for this price and good support
Reviews: 1
I recently purchased this extension because it looked like something I could use for a new web site I am developing. It had a little flair to it. However, after loading the module and seeing how little flexibility there appears to be in modifying its look (e.g., font size changes, removing descriptions, border color changes, etc.), I think misspent my money. In addition, the developer has not been helpful at answering questions. Overall, a less-than-satisfying experience.
Owner's reply

Sorry you facing any problem with our Extension , we not got any ticket from your side otherwise sure happy to help you with your problems , no worry send me your questions on our support center we will check it and help you , thanks for your all time with us.

Reviews: 1

I recently purchased both Candy Horizontal and Candy Vertical menu extensions. Excellent choice. Easy to configure and very intuitive. And most important - very quick and reliable support. Those guys are really pro. They fixed small issue (related to my old template) almost instantly. I really recommend if you need nice menu with URL re-directions.
Reviews: 4
Excellent module, easy to install and configure(10 minutes). I don't know about the support because I did not need it and I am not a programmer.
Thanks, Robert
Reviews: 1
Easy to install, easy to use and beautiful to look at your site. The support is excellent, fast and disponibilissimo. Great!
Reviews: 5
I have chosen this menu from many others. It's simple, but very elegant. It's not too complicated to adjust CSS to make it look like you would like to. Actually - this is no a "true" Joomla! menu module - you have to set every item by hand, but in my case this was an advantage. The installation process went withour any problems and to set it up took me only a while. Very good Joomla! extension.
Reviews: 1
I've been redeveloping our podcasting hub/magazine site at and had been having a stumbling block when it came to presenting a hub for the various shows that we publish. Found this little beauty via the Joomla Extensions site and bingo - it's perfect.

Easy to install, easy to use, and looks absolutely gorgeous. Six stars out of five!
Reviews: 15
I like this, its look great and is easy to install. No hassles.
Reviews: 4
I was looking for a scrolling module which look good, and list only titles, and this is the best I have found. Vertical version also exists.
Reviews: 1
I think it's important to mention, that this menu module does not work with existing Joomla menu functions in a way, that it displays an existing menu in a horizontal sliding way.

Instead, you have to create menu items "by hand" for this module and link them "by hand" to Joomla Content.

Anyway, the look is nice.
Owner's reply

Sir everything is possible may be you are new with joomla and not know joomla well so facing problems , send mail us on our support team help you with your issues.

Reviews: 3
I like extensions that are so user-friendly that you can get them to work with your eyes closed.
Candy horizontal menu is one of those.

And extra thanks for quick support response to my extra questions!
Reviews: 6
A really nice and subtle way to add some movement and "flair" to the site without being too garish, works well and easy to setup, recommended.
Reviews: 1
Wow, with this extension it's just load and go. Once loaded you can edit the parameters for the boxes and your all set. I found it very easy to use and very smooth performance on my live site. $12 price is very reasonable for this extension.
Very happy!
Reviews: 7
Worked great to present 10 links in a scrolling menu - Thanks alot