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JSitemap is the official community choice Joomla! sitemap generator extension and offer an innovative and revolutionary way to manage all types of sitemap contents without need of additional plugins! Up to 400% more site visibility!

Compatible with Virtuemart 2, Virtuemart 3 and Kunena 3. You can also put into your sitemap Virtuemart products and categories! JSitemap is the only one extension able to generate a sitemap for Kunena 3.x in the whole Joomla community!

You can increase number of links indexed by Google up to 400% and gain a lot more visibility for your site!

JSitemap is the 'de facto' standard among Joomla! sitemap components to manage your sitemaps both for human users and search engine spiders and works on every environment.

JSitemap has advanced and unique features:
•No plugins required
•Images, Google News and Mobile phones sitemap
•Submit links to search engines
•Easy SEO control panel
•No Webmasters Tools required
•One-click Wizard for data sources
•Integrated robots.txt editor
•Multiple columns and templates
•Realtime sitemap generation
•Links Analyzer to find broken links
•Stats and charts for sitemaps
•Multiple sitemaps with different contents
•Caching system to speed up sitemap generation
•Precaching with sitemaps AJAX generation
•New technology to avoid Joomla HTTP 301/303 redirects let sitemaps be
accepted from Bing and less powerful search engines

Inversion of Control Principle™ for the very first time it's reality!

JSitemap for the very first time among Joomla! community offers functionalities to realize an Inversion of Control principle for indexing your site.
While till now you had to wait that search engines come to crawl your site in a passive mode, now you can reverse this route and being you that go to search engine sending information about your contents.

Now are you that go to search engines to shout: "EHY! I've updated my site, here is the link!"

You can do this with sitemap submit functionality available in SEO control panel, but this can be achieved even in a more powerful way thanks to the integration of Pingomatic web service.
Ping-O-Matic is a web service to update different search engines that your contents has changed and need to be indexed.

JSitemap is built on "Data Sources", that let you embed into your sitemap items taken from whatever extension with no need of additional plugins.
You can create a new user defined data source with one-click wizard in few seconds and thanks to a powerful SQL Query Compiler™.

With JSitemap is available a powerful and user friendly SEO control panel to accomplish all common tasks required for sitemap management and use all existing submit methods supported by search engines.

Do all tasks with just one click also for not expert administrators and avoid need to have a Webmasters Tools account!

Available for ALL JOOMLA VERSIONS: 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x.
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Reviews: 2
This is a must-have extension for anyone who is taking webdevelopment seriously! Plus, support (if needed at all) is very quick and customer service minded. Thumbs up!!
Reviews: 2
If you want great SEO and rankings, you need to carefully manage your sitemap, it's contents, and how it's presented. There are a number of options for Joomla available and I've tried them all. I finally came to the conclusion that I could no longer get by with anything less than a top-notch way to create and manage my sitemaps. JSiteMap Pro does this and much, much more. If I had to balance this review with something that could be improved, I'd have to say the usability in some areas. But great extensions in Joomla are "set it and forget it" and this is certainly one of them. Nice job!
Reviews: 2
I can highly recommend this extension. Also the support is great. I had a problem with a multi language site using Falang and JSitemap Pro, and the problem was fixed within hours! Thank you!
Reviews: 3
At first I was satisfied, but I didn't figure out how to add a third party component and get it run to show the same links in the sitemap, as they are used from that component (with searchfriendly urls). I tried and tried and then I gave up. Even with the good manual no chance for me to find the solution (maybe it's my fault). But why didn't I just write to the support? I don't know, but finally I did, and you won't believe it: Support is just outstanding. I was in contact with John and within one hour we wrote 20 mails forwards and backwards and finally JSitemap runs the way I need it. So if you think, it's too expensive, believe me, it is configurable a lot of ways and the support is patient and very professional. The component itself creates multi-different sitemaps including a very good looking frontpage-html-map.
Reviews: 38
You have a problems with sitemap? There is no plugins for specific or rare components? So, you need to try JSitemap!
Awesome component, that don't uses any plugins. It operates directly with the mysql database, so you can setup it to work with any component.
In spite of this, the component has a lot of pre-configured presets for the most popular components.

Now about support. I can confidently say that the support at the highest level. I was getting help very quickly. And there were no such problems that remain unresolved.

This is a good example how Joomla extensions should be.

Thank you John!
Reviews: 1
This extension made it easy to create the .xml sitemap we needed for Google and Bing. An installation issue — likely our problem — was managed rapidly and efficiently. As a Joomla novice, I appreciate extensions such as JSitemap that have a straightforward interface and clear documentation built-in.
Reviews: 3
I have a magazine website with over 3000 pages. Have used 2 or 3 other sitemap generators in the past, the most recent one being a $$$ paid for generator that I thought would be the answer – alas, I could never generate a complete sitemap without one problem or another. Finally decided it was time to find an alternative. Glad I found JSitemap. Since installing I have seen a significant increase in traffic. The installation was fairly easy with only a few questions for John along the way. His response time and solutions were second to none. Once you get familiar with the extension and options, and take a fair look at the well-written documentation, it becomes apparent this is one robust extension that has no drawbacks I can see. Well worth the money.
Reviews: 1
After reading the positive reviews about this extension, I felt confident in going ahead - I am happy to say that the help and support I received was excellent - thank you John
Reviews: 1
The component is really great. It does what it has to do, and everything is perfectly fine! Also I had some issues my current installation of JSitemaps and the support team helped immidiately!
Reviews: 11
I've finally found a sitemap extension that works - perfectly.

I have a client site with thousands of pages and many of them are via a 3rd party extension.

I had all sorts of concerns before my purchase, mainly thinking the pages from the 3rd party extension wouldn't be listed (I've had that experience with another sitemap extension in the past) but the whole process turned out to be easy as pie.

I contacted the developers, asking them about this 3rd party extension.
Their sitemap extension has a number of pre-defined 3rd party extensions built in but my particular one wasn't in as yet.

But this wasn't a problem, the dev kindly offered to test JSitemap with this extension.

He confirmed within a couple of hours that it wouldn't be a problem as it was just a case of adding a custom data source.

I was already impressed at this stage but he went a stage further and offered to setup the sitemap on my clients site and create the custom data source.

I accepted the offer and the work was completed very quickly.

I now have a sitemap which lists all my client's pages and automatically updates as new content is added.

I've since used this extension's other features such as editing the robot.txt to include the sitemap.

I can highly recommend JSitemap (I bought the Pro version) to anyone wanting a Sitemap in Joomla.
Reviews: 1
This is really how all Joomla extensions should be. I needed a sitemap in my website (for my home church in Greenville, South Carolina), but I never dreamed it will be that easy to install and configure, even though I got the JSitemap Pro version, but it took me less than five minutes to have THE BEST SITEMAP working on my website. The good news is, before making all the SEO submission, which is from within the component itself, with one click, the church website jumped to the very first few places in church searching in the area! Wow!
With no doubt, I recommend this component for everyone, besides, from now one, this will be A MUST in all my future websites. The best of all, is John technical support through Skype, even though my question was about tweaking the sitemap for a personal different purpose, John worked with me for more than one hour to help me reach my goal. What a support!
Do not try even to look around, with no hesitation, go for this extension if you really need the best sitemap...
Reviews: 5
THe app itself is very easy to use and it comes indeed pre-integrated with many other joomla extensions (such as K2, MijoShop) and many others that allows you to custom-built your sitemap with the content you choose.

It also allows you to manually edit SQL code (if you want, it's not necessary) in order to achieve the results you want.

I contacted John (support) for something that I wanted to achieve that he software didn't yet do and John was super helpful and even sent me an updated PHP file to replace in order to achieve what I wanted my sitemap to do. It's now perfect!!!

The support is suppert and I highly recommend this.

Thanks John!

Jaime Nacach
Founder and Marketing Strategist
Reviews: 1
This is a must for any Joomla website. Being found is THE most important thing on the web. This component lets you submit site maps to the top search engines. It generates image and news site maps too.

I needed some help configuring mine. Live support was given straight away and up and running in less than 15mins, Amazing Support.

Great job to the John the creator of this extension.
Reviews: 1
No words to describe this very good product that does perfect sitemaps with many options and customization with easy steps and with very good documentation.

Their support is the best I have seen so far, I sent them email and they answered and responded immediately and fixed all my issues and answered to all my questions even for other issues I had with my website!!!
Recommended 100%, you won't be disappointed in any case!
Reviews: 8
We bought the Pro version of this component.
It's been very difficult to fault either the product or the support.
The level of expertise, care and dedication to the developer help us to switch to JSitemap.
John assisted us every step of the way and from the dashboard we managed to build the map we wanted.
Reviews: 8
I contacted the developer before I buyed this component, we have solved all my questions. I was working with an unsupported component but in a quick result we find a perfect solution and it works great ... I absolutely recommend this sitemap!
Reviews: 14
Very nice plugin for sitemap generation. Very flexible, and I especially love the Webmaster ping options.
Reviews: 3
I bought this component to get a clear link structure of my website. It worked like a charm! I wanted to add some links from another component and support made it possible. Great extension + great support!
Reviews: 13
I had a presales question and asked if it works with Falang. John answered within minutes to let me know that it does. He also gave a me tip to set the parameter named 'Sitemap multilanguage dropdown' to 'Show always dropdown'. I did this and it works perfectly with Falang.

Thank you John, both for your great extension and your superb support.
Reviews: 14
This is an excellent component that covers well all sitemap needs for Joomla and supports a good range of Joomla components natively.

I had a particular issue using it on a multi-lingual site, but the developer had a look and fixed the issue for me quickly. The response to support questions is quick.
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