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Page Scroller Module

Scroll your pages from bottom to top with help of easy module. Just Easy to configure install it make publish with all pages and Scroll your pages bottom to top with Help of JQuery altra Effect.

** UPdaTE1.0 :-
-> Now you will able to Enter any Text from administrator its display on Front Side like " Go to Top" , "Press me" , "Reach Top" etc...
** UPdaTE1.2 :-
-> Now you will able to set Image replace of text also from administrator Just put image on mod_pagescoller folder and give name on admin Section so its displa on front Side.
** UPdaTE1.3 :-
-> Jquery Conflict Solution and Once Click Configuration and installation .
** UPdaTE1.3 :-
-> Media Manager Option Added.
-> Rocket Theme Solution
-> Add Z-index:100 (or maybe even higher but this will work) to the #toTop css.

★ UPDATE 4.0 ( Latest Stable Release )
-> Now its supported Responsive behaviour and working Responsive way with Mobile / tablet and Desktop.


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Reviews: 6
I have used this little gem with j1.5 and j3.1.1 and both times it worked perfectly and "out of the box". You can publish it in whatever module position you want and it will show up exactly where it's supposed to be without breaking anything else. Keep in mind that it loads it's own instance of jquery.min.js , and if you're already loading jquery with some other means then you don't want it loaded again because you may have conflicts, and even if you don't, you simply load uneccessary kilobytes. In order to remove pagescroller's jquery go to modules/mod_pagescroller/tmpl/default.php and remove line 15 where the script is being loaded
Reviews: 10
Very nice module. Easy to use and the price is very low .

I recommend !
Reviews: 4
I use this module at my website and its working very good. Just install, set module position and its working. Again they did a great job.
Reviews: 1
I have used Page Scroller with Joomlart template. No issue found. This extension is ok for me.

Reviews: 2
I like this module very much. Easy to install and just a very nice and cheap feature.
Reviews: 25
Ever since Joomla changed to 1.6 and now 1.7 I have not managed to have a decent scroll to the top icon but not found any.

At last this extension beautifully solves that problem. I really like the ideea that one can have either text or image. I prefer the image option and that I can use my own image is really great. Thanks a million guys.
Reviews: 6
Simple & Effective - works well and offers choice of either an image or text of your choice(e.g. "go to top")
Reviews: 4
I downloaded an earlier version of this module and was happy with its functionality but really wanted the ability to use my own image instead of the supplied icon. I wrote the author and within 12 hours they had delivered me an updated module with my requests fulfilled.

I'm very impressed and happy. It is very simple, yet very effective. Thank you!