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Scroll Back To Top Plugin

This plugin display simple scroll to top button. Just publish the plugin and you'll see a button right after your content.

1. You can define position of button - before, after the content and at the right bottom corner of your browser.

2. You can vary speed of smoothing.

3. Not spoil XHTML 1.0 valid pages.

4. For Joomla 1.5 you can choose simple #top scroll method.

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Reviews: 3
This is simple plugin, it works easily and effectively. Of course if you need some more settings (where to appear, behavior), then you should look somewhere else, but for my reasons it is very useful! Thanks to author!
Reviews: 5
Downloaded, enabled, worked! It took 1 minute.
Thanks for this free plugin!
Reviews: 1
I needed a Scroll to top module that didn't conflict with Skitter slideshow module. This one isn't as nice as J2Top or Scroll To Top but it works without a problem. I would love if this module could have some way to say when the button appears (either so many pixels down the page or to do it automatically). Well done to the write ...
Reviews: 17
It was very difficult to me to find #backtotop plugin, cause I want only icon for this, not words. It is very simple and powerful plugin. Thank you!
Reviews: 7
I install it, publish and play with the plugin and never work, I not found any documentation, help etc
Reviews: 3
Amazing and simple thing, but have some bugs in simple #main method. Hope it will be fixed. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
It does a nice scroll effect to the top, but you are very limited as to where you can put the link to scroll to the top: fixed on the bottom of the window, at the end of the article, or at the beginning of the article.