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Top of the Page Plugin

With native MooTools AND jQuery modes, compatibility in all major browsers (including IOS and Android), Joomla cache friendly, and a ton of other features - this is ORIGINAL WORK and the most advanced top-button plugin available for Joomla!

"Return to Top" links do nothing for SEO and can even detract from it, and they can clutter your page. When you have a very long page, how do you decide where to put them? Do you need more than one? Are they visible when the user is already at the top of the page?

Top of the Page removes these concerns by creating a "Return to Top" link when the page has been scrolled by a certain (configurable) designated distance. When the page is scrolled back to the top (above the configured distance), the link disappears. If your page is short and users can't scroll down, the link will never be visible.

Your button can be text or images and as of version 2.0, can include an icon using your own icon-fonts - stylable in the plugin configuration, so you're not limited to any included images. The text is set using standard Joomla translation files, and can be overridden using the Joomla Language Manager (instructions included).

You've seen a similar implementation here in the JED (look in the lower right corner), but the JED uses a JQuery implementation while "Top of the Page" is configurable to use either MooTools or jQuery so you can load the correct Javascript framework and keep your pages loading fast!

In MooTools mode, this plugin implements ScrollSpy by David Walsh ( ).

Joomla 2.5 users in jQuery mode MUST provide your own jQuery. I suggest jQuery Integrator here in the JED. It's very nice. An alternative is jQuery Easy, also here in the JED.

New in 2.0 :
More efficient and streamlined (yes, it's even faster)
JS & PHP rewritten and optimized for performance
JS minified (with debug versions)
The button can contain icon-fonts (super cool)
Squashed weird jQuery animation timing bug
No more top anchor (better for SEO)
No more smoothscroll library (faster without it)
An extra dollop of love.

What isn't new: All available transitions (for both jQuery and Mootools) are present, automatic z-index capabilities. Button text overrides. No pre-set images (meaning, no limitations). Switch between Mootools and jQuery without noticing a difference in the front-end.

Some other extensions in this category are actually forks of a very old version of this plugin which still contain most of the bugs I squashed years ago. The JED rules prevent them from forking this plugin a second time, so they're stuck in the past.

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 3
Does what it should. Easy to config. Simply works and it's free. Thank you very very much!
Reviews: 7
I was after a quick scroller-upper, saw this plug-in and had it working straight away. Tweaked the CSS in the plugin parameter and it couldn't have been easier.

Nice work - thanks :)
Donation on its way.
Reviews: 7

This plugin free to download, is so easy to install, tu use, to customize and that works.

Donation will be done to thanks and to encourage to go on !
Reviews: 4
I liked the presets, so it took me less than one minute to get exactly what I wanted. Thanks for this excellent plugin!!!
Owner's reply

Finally, someone likes the presets. I thought it would never happen, because the only style I have is CSS *rimshot.

I'm glad to hear you had such an easy install/implementation. One of my goals for this extension is to make it easy and customizable - which isn't always easy to do.

Check out version 2.0. There are a few new features - and it runs faster and cleaner on both the server and the browser.

Reviews: 2
This is such a great little plug-in... super easy to use, customize, and implement. Thank you for putting out such a simplified, clean plugin!
Owner's reply

I built the plugin that I wanted to use, with the features I wanted to see. As I received feedback and suggestions (and feature requests) - it has evolved into one of my more popular extensions.

Thank you for the great review!

Reviews: 9
Impossible to give something else than maximum. A must have on every Joomla! site.
Owner's reply

It IS not only possible, but you did it! You gave a great review! Thank you :)

Reviews: 3
I am new to all this web design and asked the developer for a little helped by email and got fast responds. He helped me sort out my problem and now I am very happy with my back to top button.
Reviews: 23
what is there to say?: Just perfect! check out the demo for advice on how to change css (e.g. where to import your personal image (and hover image)
Reviews: 4
Wonderful plugin, lots of configurations possible and you can ad your own CSS to accommodate the plugin to the style of your template. Depending on the template structure, you may have to ad a z-index value to the CSS to make it work as expected. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Version 1.25 provides a facility for automatic z-index discovery! This should ease the pain of chasing down the z-index for elements on your pages.

Reviews: 1
Does exactly what it says. Easily configurable. Dev replied very fast to my query. BRAVO!!!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension. It's work's exactly like it should be. Also it has some helpful customization option. Finally author provide a great support for nooby users. Thank you!
Reviews: 10
This plugin shows a button as soon as you start scrolling down the page. This button allows you to go back to the top of the page. Easy to configure and use. Additionally, it has many settings to customize it. Top of the page must be on your website!!!
Owner's reply

The distance to scroll before the button appears is configurable.

I'm glad you find it useful and thank you for the great review!

Reviews: 10
An excellent extension for my website with excellent support too. As I'am an absolute beginner I asked for help in customizing the top of the page button. The help came in secounds and all my questions where kindly answered. Thank you Michael for this extension and your support, You are very kind!
Reviews: 24
Does exactly what it's supposed to do PLUS you can customize it. Excellent plugin!! Thank you!!
Reviews: 1
Super plugin and incredible support from the developer.
Reviews: 1
I am an absolute beginner in webdesign, I have only little experience in html code writing, css, my website is made with Artisteer *lol*, so...I am real beginner.
I found this little plugin, installed it, and it worked perfectly with that simple text link to get to the top of the page. But I wanted to have a cute button instead of the text link. As I am not familiar with css, I could not get it to work, so I wrote a short email to the developer and only a few minutes later I had my silly problem solved.

Great plugin and very helpful and patient developer!

Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Really great plugin, easy intstall, i only did't no how to select a image instead of text. The Developer Michael helpt me, great support!
Reviews: 6
This is one great little plugin. Did exactly what my client wanted and was SO easy to install and configure. Thanks.
Reviews: 1
This is a great plugin. However, I encountered a problem when using it with a responsive template from joomlashine. While scrolling down the page, and the "back to top" image was to the right side of the responsive content, the "back to top" link didn't work, even if it showed up properly. The solution was to change the "back to top" z-index value to a greater value than the one of the content. Thank you for this wonderful plugin.
Owner's reply

The latest versions of the plugin have an option for automatic z-Index. This was a common problem, so I wrote some JS that could overcome it.

Reviews: 1
Just learning Joomla and built my first site and one of the finishing touches was a clean return to top plugin. So glad I found this! I swapped in some images, tweaked the minor amount of code it comes with and it's set up exactly how I like it.

The only thing I can't figure out is why it won't appear on child pages. There doesn't appear to be any differences in settings between them and the parent pages.
Owner's reply

I would like to understand what you mean by "child pages". The link should appear on all pages generated by the Joomla site where the plugin is installed. An exception might be content opened within a modal window - depending on how it's opened.

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