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BreadCrumbs Advanced Module

BreadCrumbs Advanced for Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 & 3.0 is a module which replaces the default breadcrumbs module from the Joomla! installation. It supports all default breadcrumb options but with several extras.
With the BreadCrumbs Advanced module you can set the breadcrumbs options just like the default module but this one has some extra functions added to it.

When you want extra animated effects for your breadcrumbs you can always check out our BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus module.

Select if the Home breadcrumb should be a hyperlink or not. And given is the possibility to change the Home URL for an alternative one.

Cut off the last breadcrumb at a given position. Also set a specific character as cut off mark (or multiple characters) at the end of the cutted breadcrumb.

Set the number of pixels to add padding to the left of the breadcrumbs. Sometimes this comes in handy when your template should not be modified to use the BreadCrumbs Advances Plus module.


Note for Joomla! 1.5 users:
When your template has a line like this one:
...jdoc:include type="module" name="breadcrumbs"...

you'll have to replace the name with "breadcrumbs_advanced". Or just use another position than "breadcrumb" for the advanced module.

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Reviews: 2
Great module to accompany all components which creating long page names e.g. classifieds, listings of anything, shopping etc. Install - publish -few parameters - done!
Reviews: 5
With my default breadcrumbs I had the problem that the breadcrumbs were showing twice. With BreadCrumbs Advanced it belongs to the past. I happily use this nice and free extension!
Reviews: 1
Exactly what i wanted!

now I can decide where I want my breadcrumbs to appear without having them automatically in one place (where I don't want them).

thanks to the developers!
Reviews: 106
Simple, light weight, and effective. Earlier tonight I was thinking to myself "if only Joomla had a way to shorten breadcrumbs"... Then I searched though the extensions and found this extension. Did just what I wanted and expected. Speed was not negatively effected as a reviewer below has said.

Thanks for making this. :-D
Reviews: 5
Works just fine! Installed, deactivated previous breadcrump module, activated breadcrumbs advanced, entered position and separation char. And it just works perfectly! Thank you very much indeed!

Reviews: 10
I had an unknown problem with the standard Joomla 1.5 breadcrumbs module working with my T3 template. The module would never display "home" even when that option was selected in admin module manager. I installed this module (make sure to follow instructions about renaming an element in 1 line of code where the module is called with jdoc), and instantly my problem was solved. It looks better than standard module too. Thanks
Reviews: 15
I installed this module and after uninstalling I noticed that my page speed is fluctuating...It's crazy.....Caution test on a demo site first..
Owner's reply

Sorry to read about your dissapointing experience with the BreadCrumbs Advanced module. But testing and unstalling any module/component doesn't always mean it's the cause of website problems.
The Breadcrumbs advanced module is an exact copy of the original breadcrumbs sourcecode from the Joomla! team with a few changes to "cut off" text (breadcrumbs). So nothing is added that could slow down any website.

And remember when you uninstall the module you also set the breadcrumbs module display back in the correct layer (the default one for the template you use). You also can contact us through our webpage for assistance.

Reviews: 6
My client has accessibility requirements. This module provides additional controls vs. the core breadcrumb module (now disabled on my client site). Breadcrumbs_advanced was easy to download, install and configure (under one minute). Getting it styled in layout.css took a couple of attempts of trial and error...
Reviews: 6
This is a very straighforward module and works great, except when you have an ampersand & in your stuff, then it doesn't handle it right. Other than that it's very nice. Thanks
Reviews: 3
Had I known this module existed before, I could have saved a couple of hours!! Serves me right for not looking beforehand. The regular breadcrumb didn't work correctly with the Template I have downloaded.... Thanks so much for your help!!
Reviews: 1
Thanks for creating this module, it solved Virtuemart breadcrumbs duplicate issue in my installation with Joomla 1.5 and Virtuemart 1.1.4. Bravo!
Reviews: 1
I had a small issue with certain modules that were not developed to pass breadcrumbs properly. I had also setup my site to take advantage of the full width for body material. This means removing the left and right side bars that would normally harbor my navigation menus. Breadcrumbs was the only way to provide my users the ability to navigate back to the home screen where the menus would again be available.

As stated above certain modules did not pass the proper data to the breadcrumb modules to work correctly so navigation was broken. I emailed the developer to see if he could possibly link the 'Home' within the breadcrumb permanently. Essentially always giving an option for users to return home.

The developer and I exchanged emails until finally it met my exact needs.

Not only does this module work as it should, it does it flawlessly. And if you need a small tweak, this developer is in my opinion, Superior to many others that would have simply shrugged it off!
Thanks again UWIX!!

Reviews: 4
I installed this module after having problems with the default Joomla breadcrumbs module. This mod worked awesome with Virtuemart and Artio JoomSef. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
I have tried all non-commercial breadcrumb modules that I fond for Joomla.
This is the only one that works so far.
As to the SEO issue mentioned earlier I don't know.
Reviews: 8
Does not seem to work at all when using Joomla's default SEF toggled on.

The developers website homepage does not have anything but a email address listed and those that use Virtuemart may be disapointed as it also disables the VM Breadcrumbs.

But if it works for you, let us know!
Owner's reply

The SEF problem you describe is not related to this module; just tested it and with SEF on or off there's no difference, it still works.
What happens if you place BreadCrumbs Advanced in another moduel-position (e.g. bottom)?

Our webpage is under construction but for support the email address should be enough, isn't it?

We haven't detected the Virtuemart problem and suprises us; BreadCrumbs Advanced is an adjusted (original) source from the Joomla! 1.5 BreadCrumbs module.
Perhaps you're using the default breadcrumbs position instead of a seperate breadcrumbs_advanced position in your template.

Reviews: 5
I had some problems with breadcrumbs (links were not working, articles were not included in pathway).
I've installed this one and it worked!