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XTypo Plugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
XTypo is a plugin that able to produce an extra nice css styling to your joomla content. With this plugin, you don't need to put any hard coded css anymore into your template css just to get an extra css styling for your content. Just install and publish it and get your extra css easily with adding xtypo tags between your text

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Reviews: 5
What a lovely plugin. I'm sure the free script version is great but when the "button" version is only a few pounds I felt mean not purchasing it, and was very impressed.
I had some problems due to my custom template, but the support was amazing, quick, concise and effective.
This is a great tool, and for just a few quid for the button version, its a must!
Reviews: 2
Great tool. Especially if people need to add css but aren't technically inclined - for example, people doing minor edits to the site like writers, etc. Very handy - thanks!
Reviews: 2
My site is made very beautiful in few easy steps thanks to this extension... i need it for my life!
Reviews: 3
Very smart, very small but looks great.
This is the best that I've used, thanks to developers.
Reviews: 3
For users like me, who do not know css, designers who want to make a beautiful webpage in no time. Easy installation, effective graphics, thank you.
Reviews: 3
This is a great little plugin that makes it easy to make your site look nice.
Just be aware that if you try to download and get 'cryptic' error messages that it may be due to the fact that you have to be logged in to access the files.
The error messages on the site don't at all make that clear (and when you try to access them you get 'invalid category' messages).
Also, be aware that you have to go through about 5 screens to actually download the plugin. (but it is worth the effort).
I'd give a perfect review if these basic UI issues were fixed on the site.
Reviews: 2
I use this in three sites. Wonderful. Supports Unicode characters without much issues.
Reviews: 2
I love this plug-in. It's super easy to use and the styling out-of-the-box makes my articles look fantastic. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Great, easy, and simply plugin.
Reviews: 1
Wish this extension was Joomla 1.6 compatible. This is a great extension.
Reviews: 2
Thanks guys for taking the time to make this. The world has been made a little better by this plugin! I am fully delighted.
Reviews: 4
The extension is great, easy to install, easy to use. is working with Internet explorer8. The only negative part is that this plugin was last updated 2008-03-25.
Reviews: 6
It is ok plugin with most of the browsers but.....
Not with IE and for me it is still 70% of my users.

I cannot check them all...

I just do not recommend it...
Reviews: 1
I am not an expert, but I tried this plugin (the alert, the info and the quote ones) in Fire Fox 3.5.3 and Internet Explorer 8 (without any compatibility)

Whereas in FF I did not have any issue at all, in IE8 I got some problems easily solved when I loaded the strings without bold characters.

I think it works in both explorers fine. Sorry if I am wrong.
Reviews: 1
This plugin allows me to style my articles with ease!

No more attempting to write css, simply use this plugun!

It's great!
Reviews: 4
This is such a simple plugin that it is too good to be true. Works beautifully and is so easy.

I encourage the developers to add the following:
- Rounded boxes with space for headings (in a different color) and a list where the box will have a separate color.

- Modules so that separate types of css of the same style can be added

This rocks
Reviews: 2
It's a good plugin but I've found a problem with IE7 and {xtypo_roundedX}. This problem is that when you leave a page showing this tip and go to another window and later return the focus to the original one the boxes loose the right margin and the content inside the boxes blows up. Nevertheless in firefox works very well and this problems does not apear.
Reviews: 3
I love it- I was just looking into making myself a small css code for the BIG first letter feature- and I found this little thingie!

Thank You!
Reviews: 11
I have used Xtypo for a while and it is a fantastic plug in for those who need beautiful CSS in articles. Installation is simple. Using the code is even easier.
The developers provide a very useful list of style examples in the plug in. You just copy and paste the syntax into your article and voila, it works.

After some trial and error, and checking the forums, I found out that IE7 renders the code differently than FF. Some styles work in both browsers (quotes), while other styles seem to generate problems with IE7(rounded boxes) - or perhaps it is better to say that IE7 is creating the problems, because it works with FF.

The solution is incredibly simple: When you copy and paste the code from the examples in the plug in, the typo coding syntax is in bold characters. This seems to be a problem for IE7. Just make sure the code you place in your article is not in bold and the styles work in FF and IE7!!!

Two thumbs for the developers.
Reviews: 97
This is a very good plugin to make it easier for inserting special typographic blocks in the article content.

Thanks to the author, hope you will add more styles and icon images to make it more beautiful.
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