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Favicon ComponentPlugin

If you're searching for a comprehensive favicon solution, your search is over.

Google, Yahoo and most of the other big boys use multiple favicons for different sections of their services. This functionality has now been delivered to Joomla!

The interesting thing about favicons, is that when you drag a favorite from Internet Explorer onto your desktop, Windows creates the icon from the favicon file associated with the bookmark. When your only favicon image is a 16x16, the resulting desktop shortcut is U-G-L-Y!

Using this component, you can assign different color depths and sizes so the resulting shortcut icon will be appropriately sized and use the correct color depth so it looks as good on the desktop as it does in the browser address bar.

Create your favicons by importing other favicon files, and whatever image formats your PHP installation supports (PNG, GIF, JPG, and sometimes BMP or XCF! It depends on your server.) This extension does preserve transparency in image types that support it, but does not resize, resample, scale or crop images, so you must import images in the appropriate size and color depth.

This component/plugin package can be used in one of two ways.

1. Using only the component, you can author your favicon and publish it to your template. When published to the template, your existing favicon can be backed up and edited with the component.

2. Using the component and plugin combination, you can author many favicons and assign them to individual menu items. The plugin allows child items to inherit the favicon of their parent menu items, all the way to the menu root. If a favicon assignment isn't found in the parent items, the configured default icon is used.

When you're happy with your Favicon (menu or template assignments), you can disable the component to un-clutter your admin backend menus. All menu assignments are stored in the plugin configuration, so the plugin runs lightning fast!

This extension makes use of the floIcon class by Joshua Hatfield -

Update 1.13 resolves an issue when using the plugin and no default icon is set. Now the template icon is left untouched when this scenario occurs.
4/26/2012 - Joomla 1.6/1.7 availability and support withdrawn.
Update 1.15 resolves a path issue on windows hosts
Update 1.16 - Joomla 3.x compatibility update

All of my extensions are free and none of my extensions display advertisements or links to my sites or services. If you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me by making a contribution to fund future development. Visit the "Website" link to make a contribution.

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Reviews: 1
This was so easy! Thank you for making the lives of us (non-developers) easy to manage our Joomla websites with a simple, user-friendly component.
Reviews: 12
Easy to understand. Easy to use. Results 100% ok.

Reviews: 2
I'm using it in a tecnologic site; i've been tried it with another extensions, but with this one it works from the beginning. Thanks
Reviews: 2
This plugin is really useful and shows the mind of a great thinker.The only problem i met is it did not pull animated image.The animated image was made still.
What surprises me is the ability for the coder to make different favicons appear on multiple pages !!..code of the year
Owner's reply

The ICO format doesn't support animated images. Some browsers can handle things like GIF as the favicon - not all can.

Reviews: 3
Favicon issue solved easily. Got many options that I didn't expect before. Different favicon sizes is great. Menu items option is also nice.
Reviews: 16
I have used this extension for many years on different sites and it orks great.

I haven't used the option to have multiple favicons on a single site though.

Works right out of the box.
Reviews: 3
Excellent and great extension !!! Installed in joomla 3.1, easy to use with an amazing result.
Reviews: 1
Great and simple extension to apply new favicons in joomla website. I'm using in every projects I'm working.
Reviews: 2
After installing www redirector, I got problem with my favicon; not showing.

But, then I install this extension to set up favicon. Just works!

But, still I don't know the function with 128, 64, and 32 resolution coz the only working resolution for update is 16x16.

However, it's still a 5-star extension!
Owner's reply

The larger icons are really for windows/internet explorer users.

If you were to drag and drop the URL from the address bar (in IE) to your desktop, windows would use the favicon as the icon of the shortcut on your desktop. If the only icon is 16x16 - the resulting shortcut would look ugly because the favicon would be stretched.

The larger icons gives windows a choice of which resolution to choose when creating the shortcut.

It's not a function many people think about, but it's a nice touch - and that's why I added it. You don't have to use it - but it's there if you want to use it.

Reviews: 7
I agree, I wish I could change the backend icon. Other than that, this is a great extension! Enable, upload, assign, be done!
Reviews: 52
It does the job, and more, very easy to work with, and very easy to adjust to your likings.
All types of sizes and bitdepth can be uploaded, gives the site that last touch.
Reviews: 4
This is good!
It would have been better if it could change the backend favicon too. backend Joomla favicon gets kindda boring after a while!
Reviews: 1
I've tried other favicon components in the past but this one is by far the best in my opinion. I love the fact you can assign different favicons to different sections of the site and the options are great. Unlike problems I've had with similar components, this worked right off the bat. The only thing I wish it could do is automatically resize an icon and generate the necessary bits for each choice, but it's only a suggestion.
Owner's reply

Scaling images can be tricky. Sure, I can make the extension do it - but it might open a can of worms when quality is lost due to scaling.

I'd rather not be responsible for image quality. I'll stick to enabling the icon display features.

Reviews: 1
Having a favicon mkaes your site look more complete and professional. I had never thought about the need for different image sizes. This made it easy to include them all.

For some reason my favicon didn't show at first and clearing the cache didn't work. I just switched templates and then switched back and it showed up.
Reviews: 10
Thanks, this was easy to install and set up. Favicons can be a pain and this makes it easy. For you effort I bought you a coffee :)
Reviews: 2
What a great extension! So easy to work with and the possibilities of creating a favicon per menu is fantastic!

Owner's reply

I'm glad you like it! It is kinda nifty, if I do say so myself.

Reviews: 8
amazingly simple and easy to understand.

should be a joomla core feature.

Thank you for creating this easy to use component and plugin.
Reviews: 3
With age, after many years of not using Joomla I have forgotten most of what I learned where Joomla was concerned, oddly! Digging into the depths of grey matter to find the quickest way, what files to access YAWN! Then having to resort to using Google to find the answer I came across this amazing little component. In a minute, it was installed and the favicon I had created earlier was up and running int he browser. This is the kind of simplicity I look for. Amazing. Thank you.
Owner's reply

I love to hear success stories like this!

Reviews: 9
Downloaded and installed. Figured it would set a single favicon for my whole site.

Pleasantly surprised to find that I could configure a favicon for each and every page via the menu structures. Awesome.

Only 1 suggestion. One has to remove a favicon in one screen (then save), before "assigning" a new icon to the same menu item. Combining these 2 steps in one would be great.

Highly recommend the product.
Owner's reply

I'm not sure I understand - but I want to! Please email me with a more detailed description and I will add it to the extension if it makes sense to do so.

Reviews: 1
Easy and excellent!
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