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Equalheights Plugin

Equalheights is a plugin to equalize the height of objects based on a shared CSS class. It uses jQuery.

This plugin will calculate the maximum item height of all the items sharing a css class and assign his height to all the items.This way al items will have the same maximum height.

The best tool to keep your box listings homogeneous and avoid ugly float left issues when elements have different sizes.

This plugin is also responsive. You can configure the plugin to recalculate items heights every time that window resizes.

Available in the following languages:
- English
- German (thanks to Johannes Hock!)

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Reviews: 9
Works flawlessly- thank you! I was very dismayed with the difference in height in my frontpage modules when displaying article intro text of varied word length. This completely fixed the problem!
Reviews: 6
I needed to equalize the height of 3 columns in Joomla. I'm so happy to have found this plugin. After installing and adding my .class div to its parameters, it was almost there! I just had to add an overflow:hidden to my css to complete the install.
Reviews: 5
I am using this plugin in K2's items category view to make all items have the same height.
Thank you! It is a life saver.
Reviews: 2
It can be used on so manu elements of the site. Equal height for titles, articles, modules ... Everything is now in nice order on my site.
Thank you.
Reviews: 10
I mean wow, I spent hours of code editing for a few templates in order to make blog items to have the same height.

After installing this plugin I managed to do it within seconds!

You can also specify subclasses like:
.row-1 .blog-intro, .row-2 .blog-intro

Great plugin, thank you so much
Reviews: 5
How simple very useful plugins can be...
I was stumbling around inserting scripts into my page to try and equalize column heights of different div's on a row.
Got my own solution working, but of course not in Safari which my client uses...
Got frustrated, thought I couldn't be the only one with this problem, found this plugin and within 5 minutes solved the problem, much better than before and for multiple instances of css classes.
I can only say... thanks! Thanks a lot!
Owner's reply

Best way to appreciate the real value of this plugin is try to do it by yourself :)

Thank you very much for taking some time to wrote a review!

Reviews: 3
Excellent Plugin. Very fast! Even works with such complex css entries such as: #topbox > div.inlay .moduletable or: #footbox > div.inlay .moduletable
Reviews: 4
Nobody submit a review for this excelent plugin, so let me be the first one.
With some knowledge of css this plugin is perfect to make your layout look great. One of the less nice things from K2 and the default Joomla content is that you always have to make your intro text the same amount of lines in every article. With this plugin you don't have to, it lines out the Read More button perfect.
When your component or module have already classes which you want to make the same hight you only have to add this to the plugin.
The popup in the plugin could be more clear. To put in a div you have to add "div" before to let it work. So "article-header" will not work, it has to be "div.article-header"
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for the review Plugje! We really appreciate it.

We have improved the documentation with examples to clarify plugin configuration.

You are not forced to use div part in div.article-header but you have to use the class identifier .article-header (not article-header).

We do not automatically add the dot before the CSS identifiers to allow the use of complex identifiers that do not start with dot. For example: #componen-center-middle .equalize

Thanks again for the review and the feedback. Your comments improved the plugin ;)