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Phoca Favicon Component

Phoca Favicon is a Joomla! component. It is a simple component that generates favicon on your Joomla! site. You can change the favicon of your site whenever you like.

- Joomla!1.5, 2.5, 3 (stable or any later version).
- PHP 4.4.1 (or any later version) with GD library (graphics library for thumbnails creation).


Frontend Demo:

Since version 2 (Joomla! 1.7) Favicon can have transparent background
Phoca Favicon and Joomla! 1.7 Demo:

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Reviews: 11
Works like a charm. Generates a favicon automatically from an uploaded image. Great and easy.
Reviews: 1
I'ts simple, stable and free. The best extension for creating favicons. Nice!
Reviews: 1
since i found and tried ths component ave neva looked elsewhere tiz awesome
Reviews: 3
That is all that needs to be said. This component works.
Reviews: 6
If you need basic favicon functionality, this is the extension to use.

Install and have working in 5 minutes or less.

I particularly like the way you can upload a decent size graphics image, and all the tedious work of creating the 16x16 favico is done for you.

Many thanks for a great piece of extension design.

Reviews: 8
I have been coding and working with websites for years. Never once have I ever come close to the masterful design of this component. All you have to do is install it, open the component, upload a picture, and clear the cache! Now that I use this, I look back and laugh at myself when I was spending hours creating a .ico document, hunting down to find the directory... All that's over, and it is thanks to this brilliant extension!
Reviews: 8
I had a Joomla 1.5 site with a badly customized Yoo Theme template that was stubbornly refusing to display the favicon no matter what I did. (Just how long would you spend trying to sort something like this out?)

So I installed this, FTP-ed the image to the required folder and the plugin did the rest!

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Review title says it all, but also be clear this component does a fine job of taking most any size image (I've thrown at it yet anyway) and it makes it into one of those teeny weeny little pics for the fav location/spot.
The perfect component for the job it does and it does not require any other add-on frameworks or such either to work.
Reviews: 1
Very nice plugin with update funktion. ty!
Reviews: 1
It's very easy and works perfectly.
Reviews: 3
Does the job nicely. Easy to use. Very nice!
Reviews: 4
too bad transparency is not supported for joomla 1.5. It's great that it is supported for 1.6 though
Reviews: 2
Fantastic easy to install plug-in. Does exactly what it says with no fuss. Recommended to anyone.
Reviews: 1
I love this extension. It works seamless.
Reviews: 16
5 start nice little tool very simple and effective

Thanks and i like your other creations :)
Reviews: 5
The software works without flaw
and performs exactly as described.

Cons: None

Thank you for contributing your excellent work.
And thank you for volunteering. All the Best!
Reviews: 27
I like this little extension as I always create and add tailored favicon's to the sites I am developing.

Couple of wishes though:

1) It would be good if one could add favicon to the admin (backend) templates aswell as the frontend templates.

2) Would be great to see what the "current" favicon is on a template. (while in the component in the Joomla backend)

Other than that it does exacly what is says and will definitely be of benefit to many fellow Joomla users.
Reviews: 1
I'm new to Joomla! and website design in general. I followed a youtube video earlier on how to make a favicon and it didnt work. I installed this just now, followed the directions and had one right away!

If you want your site to have a favicon, use this and it'll have one in minutes! :)
Reviews: 16
I really didn't ever have a favicon for my site, but now that I do, I'm so glad! It's easy to change with Phoca favicon and the installation couldn't have been simpler. Zero problems. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
I found this extension really easy to use as well. It does what I expected.
It should only be considered while preparing the original image file, that the favicon.ico will only be 16x16 pixel size. In case the original image would have the same ratio, than the result should be fine.
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