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BuaXua Floating Module

Mod_buaxua_floating is a simple and free module for Joomla!, it can shows any module Menu, Banner, Images, Custom HTML,...) with floating.

Features :
- Floating any module (Menu, Banner, images, Custom HTML,...).
- Selectable floating position (top, center, bottom)
- Selectable module position to float.
- float left, right or both sides.
- Auto centered.
- Adjustable width and positions.
- Adjustable speed/Stop floating.
- Auto Show/Hide.
- Custom CSS.

* Upgrade:
- Ver 2.5.0v1 - Adding: Selectable floating position (top, center, bottom)
- Ver 1.7.2 - Adding: Adjustable speed/Stop floating, custom CSS.
- Ver 1.6.1 - Adding multi-language support for translation (English and Vietnam has been supported)

Note: This Module only display on widescreen monitor or when the width of the browser window larger than the width of the page with two banner (You can change settings in the Module Options).

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Reviews: 1
Thank you for this really nice component,It doesn't work on google chrome but it works fine with all other browsers.
Owner's reply

This module works well on Google Chrome. Please get support on our website.

Reviews: 3
Thank you for excellent support when I had a problem with my template. The floating banner is excellent as soon as I conclude migrating from 1.5 to 3 I will go for the full version. Thank you again and all the best with your joomla work!
Reviews: 3
Great module for sure,very usefull but impossible to contact author (black page after push on send button)
i would like a modile device version (paying fo course)
thank your
Owner's reply

This module works well on mobile device, iPhone, iPad,... Please check our demo.

Reviews: 1
I have some problems with this module.
I did everything like in manual and video but still no result.
Activated the module and made a custom HTML page with a button image.
But still not vissible. Please help.
Kind regards,
Owner's reply

You can go to our support forum or Joomla! Forum:

Reviews: 3
It works good. Does what is says, but very difficult (almost impossible) to make a donation to remove the authors link.
Owner's reply

Please, visit our forum or contact the author email if you want to customize this module.

Reviews: 1
I have been looking for a way to make floating sidebar on my Joomla website and this module save me much time.
I suggest you use this and donate the author.
Reviews: 6
Does what it should do.
Easy to configure.

Just love it!

Thx developer.
Reviews: 12
I am very satisfied
it save many coding time
Thank you ;)
Reviews: 2
Work like charm! Ease to configure, easy to use, do exactly what it say would do! Perfect!
Reviews: 1
I love this module except I wish one thing was different. I wish this module can be used as a fixed place, not the module scrolling along with the website as you go up and down. I think with the option to float to a place and leave it there this would be great. Otherwise this is an awesome module!
Reviews: 1
Great Mod, even better support! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone looking for a mod to float content. I will be using it in the future!
Reviews: 7
Does not work with Rocket Theme Gantry based templates out of the box. Love the concept though.
Owner's reply

1) Please, read the "How to use" at:

2) You can post your problem in our support forum.

Reviews: 5
A client had seen floating social media on a wordpress website and wanted a similar thing in her joomla website.

Firstly follow the instructions. It's very easy to set up if you follow them and only takes a few minutes. I missed a bit and it didn't work. The developer was great and pointed me to instructions that I'd missed through their support forum.

Secondly I found that I couldn't get it to work with one of my artisteer templates and once again the developer came to my rescue and let me know how to modify my template.

Fantastic support and the module is free.

Mount Gambier Website Design
Reviews: 9
Excellent!. Wonderfull extension. I needed to float a module and this extensions did, with a nice effect.
Thanks you very much to developers.
Reviews: 20
Reviews: 1
This is a great little module, does exactly what it says it will. You load the module in some position; it's invisible since it's just Javascript. It gives you the option of two positions, left and right sides of the screen. You assign one or more additional modules (which can have text or pictures or whatever) to whichever position(s) you want to use, and the modules show up there as a floating block. Very easy to use (the instructions are in the hover-help in the module settings) and very easy to modify.
Reviews: 3
I'am probebly the only one who can't read your language...So..i can't download this, because i did'nt find the button..How stupid of me......
Owner's reply

On the download page, you will see the red text "DOWNLOAD:", click on the text link "" to download this extension. (Registration not required)
(See the image #3 above)