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Beautiful CK Module

Beautiful CK is a module that displays any Joomla! module in a nice way with some banner, a custom text and lots of custom styles without any required CSS knowledge.

Fonctionnalities :

- Can load any Joomla! module published in your website
- Styles CSS : gradient, border-radisu, shadow, borders, margins
- Custom text (color, size, etc) with more than 400 Google fonts
- No CSS knowledge required
- All elements can be positioned directly from the admin options
- Multiple predefined styles (glossy, banner, simple, left corner, right corner)
- Can be used with any template
- As a designer you can create your own theme
- Pack of 12 icons included

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Reviews: 7
I can't believe that an extension like this is free. Thank you for this great module.
Reviews: 19
I've been trying few other CK extensions which i liked, so i decided to give this one a try. I'm impressed from this extension!

Works great, has many functions and gives alot of styling options for customising modules appearence. It's obvious that the developers put alot of work and efforts for this module, the least i can do is saying a big thanks for offering us this great module!
Reviews: 1
Really hapy to have it in my website!

Thanks for made it free!
Reviews: 12
Once i learned about foobar, this is now one of my favourites. Thank you!
Reviews: 2
with this modul i can makes my site more colorful, and it's easy too. thank you Ced for making this great modul.
Victory for you...
Reviews: 1
This module makes your content stand out and look more professional.

Support was fantastic - custom css code advice was given within a couple of hours which is not something you even get with paid subscriptions.

Keep up the fantastic work.
Reviews: 4
Hi, It's really fantastic. I had to increase z-index to 1000 to bring forward the ribbons, however thanks to developer(s)!
Reviews: 1
this is a good extension but it just displays a published module, when i unpublish the original then this module load nothing. Anyway ? I have traveled in your forum about this problem but couldn't find the answer. The document isn't free too :(
Owner's reply

the forum is free and opened, you can ask instead of just "travelling" ...

Reviews: 4
CEd what can I say? Another absolute winner on your part!! Amazing!! Fantastic!! Well done!!
Reviews: 1
This is great extension and simple for use...
it allows user to modify lot things, margins, styles etc. that lets user to use in different ways...

many thanks...
Reviews: 1
Too bad you can not use with multilingual sites made ​​with Joomfish. For the rest easy, fast and simple. Very good!! Really recommended.
Reviews: 1
I have spent sometime modifying postheader css and some module code to be able to have different images for every module title without finding a proper way of doing it. However i ve just found this excellent module that does the trick :)
Reviews: 10
Very good and easy extension! Improve my web site in simple way.

Its hard align Text Vs Banner Positions.
Reviews: 27
Did not work for me well. Only enabled modules can be used; making the page load slower as it has to load the module twice. Very small variety in styling & themes. No free documentation.
Owner's reply

you are wrong, the module have not to be shown twice in the page, if only you had taken 2 minutes to go on the forum, you would have found the anwser to this question !
And it does not affect the page load, are you a developer ?
At the end, the module loads only once and shows only once in the page.
And you can add as many styles as you want by doing your own ...

Reviews: 1
Cedric has done a fantastic work, and responded in 10minutes time to solve a CSS issue on Internet Explorer! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Fantastic superb extension..built people are awesome.
Thank you for your job!
Reviews: 4
Very usefull module to make personal design of your module !!
Reviews: 2
Very pleased with the quality of the module. Thanks for your investment in time making such a quality piece of software. As a note I'm using it on a Joomla 2.5 website with a responsive template. Thanks again!
Reviews: 1
like it's mentioned in the name, it's a beautiful module. Cedric provided me support when needed