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HD-Background Selector Module

HD-Background Selector is a simple module that allows you to apply a different background style to individual pages on your Joomla website. You can select background colours, images or repeated patterns. It can be applied to the main background or to specific elements on your site (eg. module positions, columns, headers, footers, main content box, etc).

You can also use this to apply random backgrounds, multiple overlaid backgrounds or day-specific backgrounds

Joomla's templates generally have the same background style for each and every page. By applying this module to a specific page the background can be styled individually from the others, increasing the variety of your design without resorting to using multiple templates.

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Reviews: 3

I would like to say thank you to developers for that BRILLIANT-AWSOME-FANTASTIC-SUPERB module.
Great job Guys.

I appreciate your work.
Reviews: 1
Perfect module, which does the job without a hitch... flawless installation and setup. Wroked like a charm for the very first time,!!! And it's free!
Reviews: 3
Easy to install, easy to configure, and best of all is free!

Thank you!
Reviews: 5
It is not difficult for us developers to add in some CSS to customise the background images but when the average user wants to do this themselves you need this module.

It's a great tool, a real time saver but it could be better if it supported the background-size attibute. i.e.
background-size: cover;

The fact that it allows you to add in custom CSS and edit the ID makes up for this.
Reviews: 31
Brilliant extension, thumbs up to the developers. Needed a quick fix so I could change the background colour only for my website home page, without fiddling around with messy code and styling - this is a brilliant simple, quick solution. Thanks!
Reviews: 16
I found this module excellent. Make sure you don't have a background if you use Artisteer templates.
Very simple to use and the documentation simple to understand.
Reviews: 23
I just use it to change the background colour of some pages; my template is a bit messy so to locate the right postion for the image is kind of hard. But probably this extension will do the job of showing a background image just as good as it does with changing bckgrnd colour. Footer as module position works for me, but could be template dependent
Reviews: 11
Great extension! Does exactly what i was looking for. I gave it a 'Good' rating instead of Excellent because the only downside is that you can't position backgrounds. It has to be top, left, right, center etc. I tried to do this with the additional css but that didn't work so I had to position the background image in de background self resulting in a much larger image and filesize then necessary. Other then that.. great module!!!
Reviews: 1
Is there a way to set a module suffix on this? I'm using a template that puts a rounded rectangle around parts of most modules (like titles), but they have a module suffix called _no-background that allows you to not display that rounded rectangle. This extension would be perfect if I could just get ride of that rounded rectangle bu using the suffix.
Reviews: 3
HD Background Selector does all that I did not even dare hope was possible - and it is extremely easy to use. Because I am using a customized template I had a question which I was unable to solve alone, as I am a Joomla beginner, and I got an immediate, very professional and kind response that allowed me to have my site working perfectly.
Absolutely a top product and an excellent service! Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Simple to install and configure. In a minute I have this task completed.
Reviews: 1
I took the time to register just so that I can rate this Module. Simple and powerful. I like the fine controls you've added so that I no longer have to manually tweak the CSS to get the background updated. Thank You! Thank You!
Reviews: 5
This extension does his work. There is only one downside. You can't select any classes to position the background. Hopefully there will come an update for that.
Reviews: 2
I was searching for such a module for my new project. Each page should have another background and doing it per CSS definition in the template was very complicated.
HD-Background Selector is easy to use and very helpful.
The only problem I found: there is no "Colour" field in the configuration in the version for Joomla 1.7. I'm missing something?

Reviews: 6
Perfect - cant say anymore! It works spot on! I really dont know what else to say!