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Sticky Notification Module

Sticky Notification is a popop module that can be used for notifications,promo, event or anything related on left,right, top or bottom of the page . It is easy to configure. The time can be set for popup to close automatically.
★ Parameter to set at top-left, top-right, bottom-left or bottom-right of the webpage
★ Parameter to set the transition of the popup to fast or slow.
★ Can be used for promo offers or highlighting events.
★ Include Js files(Head/Body)
★ Background color of Sticky Notification
★ Text color of Sticky Notification
★ Test Mode ON/OFF
★ Cookie Expires in Days (Number of days)
★ Another module can be shown within it [NEW]
★ Option to open once per session
★ Number of days for cookie to expire can be set
★ Can popup every time user visits the page or once per user if cookie is set
★ Raw HTML support
★ Alignment - Top( Left/Center/Right) Bottom( Left/Center/Right)

If you have any problems with the Sticky Notification module or any questions regarding how to use this Sticky Notification module then you can directly post your queries at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 3
I recently purchased the Sticky Notification extension. The extension was perfect for what I needed. I had some issues conflicting with the template I was using. I opened a ticket and was amazed at how fast their support team responded. They fixed my conflict right away and I was up and running. Highly recommended this extension.
Reviews: 1
I have bought this module for an over site banner and worked like a charm. The support was very prompt with a question I had. I strongly recommend this module!
Reviews: 1
I have just purchased this super cool extension and it does what was promised.
I can definitely recommend it for your use, and the support is super great.
Thanks a lot guys!!!
Reviews: 10
This extension is perfect to have a fixed notification bar.
The module parameters are completes with especially the possibility to choose the background color.
Finally, the support is very fast. In 15 minutes, I exchanged 4 messages and they upgraded the module !