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Auto onPageLoad Popup Module


What can you do with this extension ?
✓ You can add custom HTML (iframe/video codes) and joomla articles into the popup.
✓ You can select to show the popup for specified menu items using this extension.
✓ You can also add any module like newsletter, Facebook like box or any modules to popup on page load.
✓ You can set timer for auto open delay and auto close for the popup.
✓ You can open the popup once or again and again. It has option to set the popup based on Cookie or Session.

The module is very easy to configure and comes with documentation.

Key Features of Auto onPageLoad Popup
★ Responsive Extension.
★ Can popup any module on page load.
★ Option to set delay in time of the popup (in milliseconds)
★ Option to set time to close the popup automatically (in milliseconds)
★ Loads once per user in a page
★ Define number of days for the cookie to delete.
★ Set height and width of the popup box
★ HTML text can be used.
★ Insert Videos, iframes, images and text contents into the Popup.
★ Option to enable/disable the close button of the popup.
★ Sets different cookie for multiple modules activated.
★ Joomla articles can be used to popup.
★ Popup module on page load.

Styling Settings [NEW]

★ Option to set the background color of the popup.
★ 10 different background patterns to choose.
★ Opacity of the background can be controlled.
★ 10 different close buttons to choose.
★ Text color can be changed.
★ Option to change the opacity of the background overlay.

Examples :

Fancybox Theme :

Auto Close :

Delay Open :

If you have any problems with the Auto onPageLoad Popup module or any questions regarding how to use this module then you can directly post your queries at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 1
Great extension! Easy to use. Responsive and better yet, GREAT support!
Reviews: 3
Exactly the module I was looking for to display a Pop-Up Login Box, the same as Twitter, to show Login/Register to my visitors... Very nice design, a lot of Admin options, and EXCELLENT support! They answer you very fast and are really professional... If you have interest for this product, you can buy it (low price) and I can promise you will be 100% happy...
Reviews: 53
We have used this product for a year or more and just recently renewed our subscription after migrating to Joomla 3.3.3. After doing so, we had some issues. As soon as we put a ticket in, a response happened and they and everything fixed and working within 10 minutes. As usual, it was a jQuery conflict causing issues. They still took care of the issue.

Fantastic support.
Reviews: 1
I had a small problem with the settings of Auto Popup OnpageLoad. Thanks to the online service I could fix it in five minutes. They have checked my page and gave me precise instructions for chat.
Excellent service!
Reviews: 8
It does its job, but I find this extension a little bit pricey.

I would be happy to see an "all in one" popup component from Infyways instead of 4 $35 extensions.

About the support : Just perfect, 15 minutes to give me the right answer about a jquery conflict.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. Different extensions have different functionalities and all the functionalities can't be put together inside a single extension.

People find it worth the price for the functionalities and support we provide.

Reviews: 25
What a simple but great extension. I have had it working on a Joomla 2.5 site for a while and all was great. When I migrated the site to 3.3 initially all I got was a blank screen but the support guys accessed my site, did some code mod and all is working now. Great support and a very useful module.

Well done guys.
Reviews: 1
Well.. the extension is doing exactly what is promised and fits our company's needs to the fullest!

bravo! what an extension you got there.

Besides that i want to complement the team on their extraordinary help on getting the AUTO TIMER to work on my site, even though the error was on me.

Thank you so much for hanging in there and actually supplying a solution beyond your support-abilities :)

Reviews: 1
Our website has some development issues and the extension would not work when we implemented it ourselves. I contacted support and they fixed the issues in our website. They spent hours of their time working out our problem and in the end, the extension was exactly what we wanted. They helped us customize the extension and made sure we were up and running. I gave up on trying to make it work but they stuck with and I am thankful they did. It saved our company money because we did not need to go to a development agency to fix the website and then implement the extension. Frankly, we did not pay them enough for the work they did.
Reviews: 2
The work behind this component is amazing, and the team is priceless. it worth every penny I paid. thank you for the great support and beautiful work
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and use. Great support. Highly recommended ! POLECAM !
Reviews: 2
There are only a few Auto Load Pop Message Boxes out there and this Extension is head and shoulders above the rest. It has so many features and it's so easy to use. And their Support Team is excellent. They are always available to help answer any questions and provide immediate support. Thank you for the great service and fantastic Extension!!
Reviews: 7
On our intown coffee site we needed a way to increase newsletter signups.

We used the auto onpageload popup to do it.

Worked great!

Had a couple of conflicts with the mailchimp script. Infyways support got the issue solved right away.

I will not hesitate to purchase another infyways extension in the future.
Reviews: 1
my name is Alejandro and i am from Spain .
i purchased the Joomla Pop up and needid lots of help due to my poor informatic skills.
the online asistance is great , very quick and very kind.
i recomend it.
Reviews: 2
We receive a very good support to have this extension working like we want on our site.
A great product with a great support.
A need it !
Reviews: 69
Need to add a modal popup to your site? This module makes it super easy... I had it up and running within a few minutes. The option to display it only occasionally (through the use of cookies) made it perfect for our needs.
Reviews: 1
The module is fully perfect.
Trouble occurred, but the support helped me very fast.
Reviews: 4
This module awesome, when I got a problem their giving support very fast with perfect result.
Reviews: 3
I had a long search before I found this module.
No one seems to have a responsive popup for just one single popup, they have galleries etc, but I could not find just what I wanted.
I had a little initial problem which was very promptly sorted out in few minutes after I send a ticket to the support - it was with my template. The popup works on my site and all mobile devices perfectly. Extremely friendly and efficient support - I would highly recommend. Thanks to all support team!! YOU ARE THE BEST!
Reviews: 8
Aside from the clever, useful and functional software they go right out of their way to ensure it works perfectly - period.
Always helpful, prompt and friendly support is reassuring when you're providing a site people depend on.
Reviews: 1
This modul is awesome.
Very easy to set up and use it.
The support is excellent. They solved my problem within 10minutes!
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