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Pop any Module ModulePlugin

Pop any module inside a fancy lightbox when an image or a text is clicked. The extension is responsive.

You can popup Newsletter Modules, Login Modules , Image Gallery Modules,Contact Us module or any modules that you wish.


★ Very easy to setup and install
★ Compatible with all browsers [Firefox 3.0 and more, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and above, Safari and Opera ]
★ Option to enable disable jQuery
★ Works on all browsers.
★ Works on iPhone and iPad.


★ Option to enable or disable jQuery.
★ Option to include js files in head or body to avoid js conflicts
★ Option to define Module ID that you want to popup .
★ You can either set image or link (when clicked will popup the module) as per your requirements
★ Option to set dimension of the popup box (Height and Width)
★ Animation effects for the popup box can be set : Fade , Elastic or None
★ Closing and opening speed of the popup in milliseconds or 'fast' , 'normal', 'slow' can be set
★ Option to add CSS in the module parameter if you would like to stylize the Link or image through CSS

If you have any problems with the extension or have any questions regarding our module, you can directly post at our Support Ticket System,

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Reviews: 8
It does its job, but I find this extension a little bit pricey.

I would be happy to see an "all in one" popup component from Infyways instead of 4 $35 extensions.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review. There can't be a all in one popup component as different extension have different features and functionality.

Reviews: 1
It is my absolute pleasure in recommending this mod. I have managed (with some amazing support from the developers) to create something I never thought I would be able to.

The mod is top-notch and the support is even better.

Its a must !
Reviews: 9
There was a small typo in the documentation so I was having trouble getting it to work. Support answered my ticket in less than one min. and my problem was resolved in less than 5 min. total from time of me putting a ticket in. Amazing support time!
Reviews: 2
As the title says, the extension is the best of its kind outhere; but the support is simply amazing.
Way to go guys!!
Reviews: 4
I think this is really the greatest pop-up module out there and i have tried many in the last years. As a webdesigner i know thats besides a great extension more importend is the support. I ran into a problem with a slideshow and they reacted within a hour and solved my problem. I wish i had the same kind and speed of support on all my extensions! If you want the pop-up module that's the best, get the pop any module.
Reviews: 16
very nice product (I agree though with other reviewers that the documentation should be better!) but also a very prompt and attentive support ! THANKS !!!
Reviews: 1
The module works perfect as well as support. Thanks!
Reviews: 3
Of course, the module works great, but the real issue is the support.
Had some problems with auto play in a combination of 3 different extensions by Infyways. The support came through in notime, and did not give up until the problem was solved... saved me lots of problems with my client and made me look as professional as can be in his eyes!!
Reviews: 7
I've been in love with this popup any module plugin and modules as this adds professional touch to my websites. In addition to that, the support is excellent and at an instant. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 10
This is really simple way to get virtually anything you want to pop up anywhere!
I had a couple of teething problems with it, but they were down to user error on my part.
Very prompt and courteous responses on both occasions quickly had me sorted.
Well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
I appreciate very much this simple and functional extension. And even more the quick and very efficient customer service, always present and very fast in answering and solving problems. Thanks guys!
Reviews: 2
This is a great extension that works very well. I had some conflicts/issues on one of the sites I was using the extension, and their support team was absolutely incredible (fast!) in helping getting it all resolved...and the issue wasn't even the extension's fault.
Reviews: 4
Thank you Guys,
I had purchase the Pop any Module extension. Implemented it but had problems I did not understand. I wrote a support ticket. and within the hour they hads it sorted. My hat off to you guys ... Thank you.
Reviews: 2
The module and the support is one of the best in the industry. As others i did had a rough time tweaking it and the support team jumped right in and fixed all the issues.
This module is a must have to make the site look more fancy. Also, it hides all the unnecessary modules and only show them when needed.
Thanks again!
Reviews: 9
This extension isn't cheap, but it works very well, and the support is outstanding. Really outstanding. Recommended.
Reviews: 1
Evaluation of the extension:
Does what it says... Modal window pop-up of any module based on ID via a syntax code, or using their module.

Documentation on website is a bit vague in terms of using the plugin but was submitted when it was purchased.

Ease of usage and deployment:
Easy to install and super simple to add the links. Worked first time without any issues.

Initially found it lacking in terms of specifying the size of the modal window via plugin syntax and requested assistance. They suggested using the module which would have been fine had I not had over 30 forms and other modules to 'pop-up'.

Level of support received:
Their support team is fantastic and even modified the plugin to add that feature. They respond in less than 10 minutes (if not sooner) and were professional and cou

Definitely worth the price!!!
Reviews: 7
I can only say that stuff is awesome, they solved my problem with conflict in no time and extension works like a charm!!
Thank you stuff.