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Phoca PDF ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

Phoca PDF is a Joomla! component. It enables you to set and create PDF documents in Joomla!.

The whole Phoca PDF framework contains:

* Phoca PDF component
* Phoca PDF fonts
* Phoca PDF plugins

See more details here:

* Phoca PDF requires PHP 5 version installed on your server (because of newest TCPDF library)
* You can set e.g. footer or header information with help of HTML text editor (like FCK, TinyMCE, JCE,...), but be aware because not all HTML tags and attributes, wich an editor produces, are supported in PDF
* HTML code of your documents should be valid
* You can set different parameters for your PDF document, so after setting these parameters you should test creating of your PDF documents because of possible conflicts caused by setting some extra values (e.g. setting of small PDF format x large font size x large line height, etc...)
* You can set different font types for different parts of document (content, header, footer) but be aware, because PDF stores information about font types. UTF-8 fonts are supported and after storing information about all font types the size of PDF document can increase markedly
* CREATING PDF IS NOT SO SMOOTH AS CREATING HTML OUTPUT. PDF DOCUMENT IS NOT RENDERED IF IT DOESN'T GET CORRECTLY CREATED DOCUMENT HEADER. For successfully PDF creating, the site should not render any PHP error messages or any bad encoding characters before rendering PDF. If you get blank page while PDF creating, mostly this is caused by above described problems. In such case try to see your error log or check the encoding of included PHP files.

Joomla! 2.5 Demo:

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Reviews: 6
Very rich in options: Tried with Joomla 2.5 - Nearly anything is possible. Can't wait for the version that works 100% with Joomla 3! (It is in beta as of this writing and still has some teething troubles)
Reviews: 9
After having bad experience with the Joomla PDF, this extention made my day.
Very customizable and easy to use.
I also like the function to set patterns to exclude text from the pdf document.
Thank you!
Reviews: 106
Thanks Phoca team for brining back the PDF's. I see I have a little more control over the display of the PDF's which is very nice. In my case a template over write was necessary, but at no fault of phoca pdf. It was pretty simple, and instructions on how to do this is on their website. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted joomla content to be pdf's automatically with a simple button on the frontend.
Reviews: 1
I used this extension for the first time today. Normally I have avoided using the PDF Button as Print serves my clients purposes.
It is easy to Install, very configurable. I found no problems. I have a bit of HTML/CSS but my client has none and he configured it in no time.
Reviews: 2
I have installed and used it. But what I am really looking was, the ability to convert a page which is not an article into pdf. I need to convert a custom HTML into pdf. But what this component does was no different with the inbuilt joomla pdf. What is the need for this component when pdf output is already there? Agreed that one can customize the pdf output, but i need was a code something like {phoca_pdf} URL {/phoca_pdf} that can be used on top of the inbuiltpdf
Owner's reply


in Joomla! 1.6 there is no built in PDF solution.

See Phoca documentation site and forum site to get information about the difference between Phoca PDF and built in pdf solution in Joomla! 1.5, e.g.:

- configurable PDF document (over 40 parameters in Phoca PDF plugin vs. 0 parameter in Joomla! itself)
- using of own or selected fonts possible (important for multilanguage support)
- updated TCPDF library - more features in CSS and HTML translating (the article html site is converted precisely)
- plugin system - it means, you can create a plugin for your own features and you need not to care about all the PDF creating procedures
- solving IE bug (displaying PDF in Interent Explorer)
- etc., etc.

If you need to convert something to PDF where Phoca PDF plugin does not exist yet, such plugin must be done first. This is why Phoca PDF framework includes plugin system, so the framework can be extensible. :-(

To future review makers:

Please, read exactly what Phoca PDF does, before installing and please review the features of Phoca PDF not features which you think, Phoca PDF has.

PDF is not like HTML, it is very complicated system which is not easy to setup but if it has been setup correctly it can be really helpful.

Thank you for understanding


Reviews: 1
I believe the reviews that this is a great application. Installed it and went through all the configurations, completely impressed. Went to my live site to check the changes and a fatal error of some kind made the entire site blank.
Scariest thing I've ever seen from an extension. Deactivating the components made it work again.

The forums report this problem, but I couldn't see an easy path out of it, so I uninstalled.
Owner's reply

Hi, if you get blank page on your site, you should enable php error reporting to get info from PHP which error caused it. On Joomla! site, many different extensions can be installed together (mostly it is not possible for one developer to check if his extension is not in conflict with 7000 other extensions). But getting PHP error is the best way to solve the problem.

PDF document needs to have clean header but if some other extension renders some error or warning, etc, the pdf document will be not rendered. Etc. Etc. So e.g. warning, bad encoding of other extension may not affect html output but it prevents from rendering PDF document. :-(

But all this should be solved in forum.


Reviews: 3
Great adon for Virtuemart PDF Invoicing!!
And it's very well explained and easy to install despite you have to hack some VM code ;-)

The only 'but' is that the email feature is not automatically included in the addon...
As Jan says: Email feauture is available for users who are regularly active in Phoca Forum, are regularly translating Phoca Extensions or have donated to Phoca Project...
Reviews: 3
Works great! I'm using together with the 'Phoca PDF VM plugin'. Perfect addon for my VirtueMart shop, i now have invoice as PDF :-) :-) :-)
Reviews: 1
This is a nice feature packed extension, however I noticed a couple of issues that prevent me giving it 5 stars.

1> PDF links can break with certain SEF settings (namely when enabling "add suffix to URLs).

2> When this extension is enabled, it is my experience that it can prevent the core search feature from working on certain searches (you get a blank white page).

The latter one is more of an issue for me, and I can't fathom why this extension would cause the search to fail for some phrases, but work fine for others.

It could be coincidence, but those failed searches worked fine when this extension was uninstalled which I did as I need my search feature working 100% more than I need this PDF extension.
Owner's reply

Hi, yes, before running the component and mostly the system plugin, the important notice of the component should be read.

Because in Joomla! 1.5 there is no option to set own link to PDF, the core PDF link needs to be found in the system and this link needs to be translated to link to Phoca PDF. And as there are numerous of SEF solutions and different link formats, it is very difficult to translate all the possible link formats. This is why the replacing is not working 100% (e.g. it can be stopped by not enough memory on the server - with fatal error)

In Phoca PDF settings you can set different search and replace methods.

If you get blank page, mostly some error is stopping the script and this should be found in errorLog or while enabling php error reporting, see:

Reviews: 10
No Title of Article, No author, No date, etc. in PDFs, we need more options ... only footer and header, very poor.
Owner's reply

Hi, seems like you have reviewed some other extension because in Phoca PDF you can display Title of Article, Author and Date, etc.

Options - the count of options cannot be called "poor":
- margin_top
- margin_left
- margin_right
- margin_bottom
- page_format
-- 4A0
-- 2A0
-- A0
-- A1
-- A2
-- A3
-- A4
-- A5
-- A6
-- A7
-- A8
-- A9
-- A10
-- B0
-- B1
-- B2
-- B3
-- B4
-- B5
-- B6
-- B7
-- B8
-- B9
-- B10
-- C0
-- C1
-- C2
-- C3
-- C4
-- C5
-- C6
-- C7
-- C8
-- C9
-- C10
-- RA0
-- RA1
-- RA2
-- RA3
-- RA4
-- SRA0
-- SRA1
-- SRA2
-- SRA3
-- SRA4
- page_orientation
-- Portrait
-- Landscape
- font_type
- site_font_color
- site_cell_height
- header_display
-- Yes
-- No
- header_display_line
-- Yes
-- No
- header_data
- header_data_align
-- Left
-- Center
-- Right
-- Justify
- header_font_type
- header_font_size
- header_font_style
-- Regular
-- Bold
-- Italic
-- Bold Italic
-- Underline
-- Line Through
-- Yes
-- No
-- Yes
-- No
-- Left
-- Center
-- Right
-- Justify
-- Yes
-- No
-- Regular
-- Bold
-- Italic
-- Bold Italic
-- Underline
-- Line Through
- footer_cell_height
- footer_margin
- pdf_name
- pdf_destination
-- Inline Browser
-- Force File Download
-- Inline Browser (Popup)
- use_cache
-- Yes
-- No
- image_scale
- display_plugin
-- Yes
-- No
- display_image
-- Yes
-- No
- sef_enabled
-- No
-- Yes (.pdf?)
-- Yes (.pdf)

as there is no other extensions with so many options in case PDF.

To moderators - please remove this review so it will not confuse all other users.

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 1
Once again the Phoca team have really stepped up to the plate. The ability to put a custom header and footer on PDF files that are generated by Joomla is functionality that really should be core. I can't praise this component enough. If you do not download this component you are not doing your branded site any favours. Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks again!!
Reviews: 1
Was seeking to add a header to my pdfs and tried another (PrintLogo) - didn't work. This one did.

Lacked thorough documentation: had to figure out that in the config section under pdf, had to change the image option from 4 to 1 as this decreases the image sizes by a quarter otherwise!

Could download Helvetica to get a good normal font.

Sorted out sh404SEF compatibility problem - stuffed me around for half an hour (in sh404SEF -> config -> very adv -> $shDefaultParams['sh404SEF_PROTECT_AGAINST_DOCUMENT_TYPE_ERROR'] = 0; Change 0 to 1 ---this may stuff up other plugins as the notation says.
Reviews: 12
Downloaded this component,
First, installing this thingy... Worked like a charm, just upload and ready to go.
Second, Trying to add some fonts to configure my header and footer on the pdf file. Worked great to!

In conclusion: Great app!

If I can make a suggestion, It would be GREAT if I could show the PDF icon ONLY to Registered users. And not the whole or nothingprinciple: either you place the pdf-icon either you don't. On my site, it isn't all that to be handicaped like this.

HOWEVER: what I'm asking for isn't in the standard joomla either. SO: EXCELLENT APP this Phoca PDF!!!
Reviews: 3
This plug-in enables you to tailor the PDF generation capability for articles. I have used it to add my own hgeader and footer to PDFs (including for example a copyright statement and some info on the site) which the standard PDF does not let you do. I use this in a simple way and for that it is perfect.
Reviews: 6
5 stars: I need this.

1 star: It needs to be worked on, to make it reliable and stable - then I'll re-install it.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review.

If you know some bugs which are caused by script not by e.g. server, please let me know them, so I can fix them.

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 1
Good product ... a product that helped us bridge the PDF gap. A good product because a bit more instructions would be nice. Otherwise it would be an excellent product ( Forum support was good as well.)
Reviews: 1
I installed the component and the plugin on my website. I am sure its an excellent plugin, but when I activate the plugin my website goes blank. I am using PHP 5.2.9. Tried to go through the documentation but it didnt help either. Is there something else I need to do before I can start using this?
Owner's reply

Hi, this should be a question on forum. Please visit Phoca Forum so we can solve this issue.


Reviews: 4
This is a great PDF component to replace the fair Joomla PDF component. For some reason the built-in PDF couldn't handle tables and formatting, it always broke the formatting. Phoca PDF manages to keep the formatting which is really great. However, I do wish there were more fonts available or that we can install the fonts that are used on the site. Otherwise, this is an excellent component.
Owner's reply

Hi, thank you for your review. In Phoca PDF, there is a font manager and you can install every font you need (this font needs to be ready for installing under Phoca PDF, ask on Phoca Forum how to do such font package)

Thank you, Jan

Reviews: 1
PDF Documents created by this component have precious output. Good job!
Reviews: 1
This is a wonderful extension so far and I hope to see it grow! I've been waiting for this and I'm not disappointed. Thank you.